– The movie that started my scuba passion –


Some Thunderball easter eggs can be found in my free “Project F” video IF you are worthy πŸ˜‰

R.I.P. Sir Sean Connery!


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The trailer for the THUNDERBALL project:


I don’t know exactly when I first saw the Bond adventure Thunderball for the first time (I guess around 1990), but it was really exciting to see all that action underwater! In total the movie has around 30 minutes of underwater scenes in it. And the images I saw there….

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….really fueled my enthusiasm for scuba (and other ….interests)!

I don’t know how often I watched that movie since then (and especially certain scenes), but it is my favorite movie!

Bond movies in general are mostly great movies. I love the action, the beautiful women, the evil villains, and the great locations all over the world. What a job James Bond has….



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>>>>> Page 1: Bond VS the Spectre diver under the Disco Volante at night <<<<<

(aka: a shot that doesn’t fit in the movie)




>>>>> Page 2: Claudine Auger and Sean Connery on a SCUBA date <<<<<<



>>>>> Page 3: James Bond against the Spectre frogman (or frogmEn?) in an underwater cave <<<<<

(aka the Spectre diver that was cut out of the movie)



>>>>> Page 4: James Bond saves Domino from drowning <<<<<

(the woman with the most irresistible bathing suit)



>>>>> Page 5: The real Derval gets gassed….and the imposter takes over!

[+ Fiona Volpe and her stunning cleavage] <<<<<




>>>>> Page 6: The imposter gasses the Vulcan bomber crew! <<<<<


>>> Page 7: Largo cuts the air hose of the (imposter-) pilot! <<<<<

[My favorite scene!]


>>>>> Page 8: The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 1 <<<<<


>>>>> Page 9: The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 2 <<<<<



>>>>> Page 10: A rocket bike and a smoking hot villainess in leather! <<<<<


>>>>> Page 11: Domino gets caught and tortured by Largo! <<<<<


>>>>> Page 12: The epic scuba battle – ALL dead/”out of action” divers – A final score <<<<<  


>>>>> Page 13: The Disco Volante escapes + Bond VS Largo <<<<<


>>>>> Page 14: Bond joins SPECTRE! <<<<<


>>>>> Page 15: Thunderball videos from Mark Stise <<<<<


>>>>> Page 16: Posters, magazines, toys, storyboards, and promo pictures from Thunderball <<<<<



Stay tuned for updates!

And please get involved! Leave a comment, discuss the movie in general… or certain scenes.

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14 thoughts on “Thunderball”

  1. Great movie. Maybe too long in minutes, but interesting. Sadly there are no female divers πŸ™‚
    In the unofficial 1983 remake, Never Say Never with Sean Connery again, there were scenes of female divers in shortly wetsuits.

  2. I love the frogman battle, and have jerked off to it hundreds of times…I know many others who are also excited and aroused by the massive underwater frogman hunt!

    • Yeah, there are not sooo many movies with such a scuba battle πŸ˜‰ ….and none with a scuba battle of this quality.
      A really epic final!

  3. I would like to think of how a ‘modern’ version would be but knowing Hollywood they would mess it up big time; especially with the on again/off again release dates of the latest Bond movie. I would think of tighter suits, more modern gear and maybe, hopefully more fights under the water. The final battle was and still is my favorite part of the entire movie. Too short imo but considering SCUBA was still in its infancy, probably the best they could do. I have read the stories of how the shooting of the scenes went where it was just one tank after the other with barely any breaks.
    I would like more scenes to have SPECTRE be more evil; maybe going after younger divers who see the Vulcan and they just shoot them and have them sink. Just to say, hey these are the bad guys they aren’t messing around.
    Maybe a few female naval and SPECTRE divers to throw in a few melee battles before the big clash at the end.

    • Well, of course, I would like it as well if the final scuba battle would be longer, but I think it has a good length.
      And assembling that many divers and equipment, shooting all those scenes was and is incredibly expensive. Shooting an underwater fight with 2 divers already cost some serious money…and on such a scale….it’s really expensive.
      The budget for this movie was bigger than all the three previous Bond movies combined and all the scuba action was a big part of that.
      A remake of that battle with at least 10 frogwomen in it would be my ultimate Scuba dream. Besides a new Sea Hunt series with a female lead πŸ˜‰


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