Frogwoman Alice tests a vintage Technisub FFM [1st video of Project F]

So, for starters, I wanna present a video where Frogwoman Alice is doing a little test dive in the pool with my favorite vintage FFM, the Technisub FFM (aka La Spirotechnique).

The mask gets oxygen from a Royal Mistral vintage double hose regulator.

She is wearing an Elios vintage style beavertail smooth skin wetsuit with matching hood and neoprene socks…also from Elios.


Technisub FFM test dive, 1080p, 60 frames, 3:10 minutes

I have mentioned the difficulties we had to face during the shooting (lighting, camera settings, no fins possible, etc.).

So, the picture quality is okay but could be better for sure.

I will work on that for the 2nd shooting.

And I will then include more close-ups and above-the-surface shots 😉


Some preview pictures:

The picture quality in the video does actually look a little better than the screenshots

(click to enlarge)

A short trailer that also includes scenes from this video:

This was a very much improvised video that I edited together from 2 videos.

The gear that Frogwoman Alice is wearing is near perfection for me!

The Technisub FFM is an old favorite of mine in combination with the double hose regulator.

And that Elios suit is really awesome, hard to find something better in my opinion.

*EDIT December 13* Not a big surprise, but diving with such a twin hose regulator and such a mask was new to Frogwoman Alice.

She thought it was fun even breathing from such an old vintage regulator was less comfortable in comparison with a newer one.

The dampened sound you hear pretty much at the beginning of the video is my old snorkel filling up with water and then me blowing it out.

I filmed most of the time just with a mask and snorkel to avoid having my breathing sounds from a regulator in the video.

But in that one scene, I went down a little too far…

Next time I will use a newer snorkel that closes up automatically in case it goes below the surface.

How can you watch the video?

It will be available again in the VIP club in July!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:


…get the video any time you want:


You can download these videos, but only for your personal use.

Please don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money, especially on scuba gear and location rent.

A lot of my …limited… savings were used up for that.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos…..I won’t be able to make new videos.

So…. I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future.


Some background info on the video editing:

I used the video editing software Shotcut for the first time here.

The original video footage was shot in 2.7K, I rendered it down to 1080p for better file size and a picture will fewer grain effects.

I used a white balance filter to get rid of the very warm light from the pool lights, which worked really well.

I used color grading to increase the brightness in the darker sections of the video by 10% (mainly her wetsuit).

And I used an audio filter to dampen down some weird audio creaks that occurred here and there.

I experimented with a grain reduction filter for another video but as much as it helped with that grain noise….it blurred the picture. So I decided against it.

I also experimented with a sharpness filter to increase the sharpness…but that grained the picture in return 😆 ….So I decided against that as well.



7 thoughts on “Frogwoman Alice tests a vintage Technisub FFM [1st video of Project F]”

  1. Great first video! I love your scuba women and the route you’re taking with these videos. Your screenshot of your two fighting scuba babes in their black smooth skin wetsuits and hoods has really made me look forward to all of your next uploads! Very happy to be supporting you and thank you for all the detailed updates on your blog! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words and the support!
      Well, don’t expect too much from that particular action scene….as it was just an improvised “test”, I’m very happy with the result 😉
      Certainly, not something folks have seen in other videos with that kind of gear…

  2. Congratulations! It is the beginning! Well, I have seen the video and it is a bit dark, but it is not bad. I see that there is a great light far away. Maybe the solution is to film closer to that light?
    She looks great with the gear underwater. I hope I can see her out of the water with wet gear too, ha ha.
    Thanks for your effort and for your project, Siggi. I hope you keep going. Good luck!

    • Thanks!
      And this version is already considerably brighter than the raw footage.
      But I don’t want to brighten it too much as this then brings some new problems.
      Next time the lighting and camera setting will be better.
      There are two big lights on one side of that pool. We tried not to shoot in the direction of the lights as that would have been way too bright.
      But yeah, we should have stayed closer to the lights, but that would have limited the space the frogwomen could have used.

  3. I watched the clip an in my opinion it is a great job! The brightness is good enough, you can see all you have to see and it creates a “secrect-mood”.
    The sound is not bad at all, because its realistic. I remembered my first (and so far only) scuba lessons, and this is how it sounds underwater.
    The only downside is the size of the pool, wich not allows the use of flippers. But you took what you get.
    I am looking forward to the next clips, please dont let us wait too long.

    • Thanks, glad you like it!
      The size of the pool wasn’t a problem (4×8 meters), but the thick foil that is on the concrete.
      As I used flippers at my test dive the day before I realized that it damaged the foil as soon the flippers hit it.
      So I came to the conclusion that flippers couldn’t be used to prevent further damage…
      Next clip will be uploaded on Thursday 😉


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