(last update: April 17, 2024)

On this page, I will list all movies and  TV series with scuba scenes (and more) that I’m looking for.

If you know where to get them, please use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

I always prefer the whole movie or TV episode, but if it’s “only” the scuba scene, that’s ok as well.

In return, you will get free months (1 or more) for the VIP club!

And if you are looking for something that is hard to get, let me know…if it sounds interesting I will list it here!



Les eaux troubles – (2004) (aka Troubled Waters)


M Station Hawaii (TV 1980)




Oceanquest (1985)


(a better version than the VHS rip with greek subs that is on Youtube)

Kii Hanta (aka Key Hunter)


The Aquanauts (1960)


Sea Hunt ( the “remake” series from 1987)


*NEW* I do have 13 episodes… but still looking for episodes 5, 8, 13, 14, 18-22/23


Other Stuff:

Stowaway AD – with scuba gear (request by Tim Smith)

Description by Tim Smith:

It was on in the UK on ITV. Between 1978 and 1980 I Cannot remember the date any better than that.
The advert showed a woman in full vintage black scuba gear walking out of the sea and up a tropical beach, there are men fishing in the surf.
She walks past them and begins to strip off her gear( it’s a front zipper full-body rubber suit)we see her mask and regs on the sand. She then unzips a pocket in the suit and pulls out the bottle of body spray (stowaway ) we get a shot of her spraying her neck. In the next scene, she is walking down the beach in a knee-length white dress, having just ditched and abandoned her lovely suit and gear.