Female diver attacked by submarine

Yeah, that’s a sentence you don’t read every day… 😉

In this one, a female diver and her male companion are investigating something underwater….and suddenly are under attack from a mini-submarine!




This one was upgraded with this post:



2 frogwomen diving in caves with hot wetsuits…. and some monsters

Time for a new post!

I edited a video with scuba diving scenes and surface scenes where we can see up to 2 hot frogwomen in their sexy wetsuits.

The highlight of the clip starts around 6:50 (strong finish)…


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


These wetsuits are great. And the finish is really….good. Nice scene!

But the underwater action could be better with the female divers.

By the way, this is the movie:






VIP-Club – Update: May

Hey folks, the VIP-Club has been updated with new material, enjoy!

Check out support frogwoman, if you wanna join and support this blog!


I heard that there is some confusion about how to join. I improved the description on the support site. It’s simple:

Choose how many months you wanna join (1/3/6/12) and send the amount of money (8/20/35/59 Euro) to my paypal adress (frogwomen@arcor.de)
I’ll send you the password.