Female diver is searching for a body….and the killer finds her!

This one is some classic german scuba movie… A diver drowns people in a lake and a woman tries to investigate on her own.

In this, she is looking for a body in the lake….alone…not her best idea.


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Here is the video:

Strange scene…but a nice scuba peril scene 😉

I’m on the lookout for better picture quality, but it is from a 15-year-old TV movie, so that will be difficult.

Here is the title:




September Storm #1 – Female diver in vintage scuba gear

I just read that there is a Blu-ray release of the September Storm movie from 1960! It has a lot of scuba scenes and I only had some crappy VHS recording so….this blu-ray release is a BIG upgrade.

Here is the first scenes with a female diver in great vintage scuba gear….underwater and above the surface:


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And here is the video:



Good scenes, I love that equipment. Of course, she should have a black scuba suit…but perhaps next time.



Female scuba diver attacked from behind in a lake

Slowly, I’m running out of new titles 😉

This one is new to me, I only saw this material today and after it, I started editing it, so you guys can see it.

For a 70’s not-so-well-known tv-series the quality of the picture is really great. It seems that it was recorded only some months ago in HD.

In this video, we have two scenes.

In the first one, two female divers are searching for some mining equipment on the bottom of a lake.

In the second scene, one of them is attacked from behind by a male diver! Who will win? And how?


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And here is the video:

*EDIT* February 2022:

A very strange fight. He has the moment of surprise but somehow fails pretty miserable!

Don’t understand why his tank(?) suddenly is losing air and why he seemingly dies within seconds 😆

However, it’s a very rare scene as a frogwoman actually kills a male diver….. you won’t find many movies/TV shows where that does happen!

In case you wanna know about the title of the show: