A female scuba diver trapped underwater [A new dive movie you MUST see!]

Remember this movie/ blog post?


Well, that Swedish/Norwegian movie was made in 2020 and filmed in Norway.

And now, just 3 years later, we have a German(!) remake that was filmed in Malta.

As a German, I am always happy when there is a new German movie that isn’t a crime movie, drama, or a comedy… because it feels like 99% fit in these genres 😆

Quite odd that there is a remake just 3 years later, but I guess since “Breaking Surface” wasn’t filmed in English… maybe they thought that this new movie, which was filmed in English …has a better chance of making money?

If you have seen “Breaking Surface” (what you should have/do!) then you know practically the whole storyline of this new movie as well.

The remake is mostly verrrry close to the original.

So, is there any point in watching the new one when you have seen the old one?

Yes, quite a few!

The main differences are:

– 2 new actresses (obviously)

– The cold water (Norway) scenario was now swapped with warm water (Malta/Mediterranean)

– The dive gear is now different:

Breaking Surface has drysuits and Ocean Reef FFMs while the new one has normal wetsuits and FFMs where you can see the full face (brand?)

– Some minor story changes incl. (even) less backstory in this one

But enough text for now…..


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


(You have to watch the video directly on YouTube this time, embedding it here wasn’t allowed)

I thought the video would be completely blocked on YouTube but it was “only” blocked in a handful of countries.

But over 90% of you guys should be able to see it.

Maybe I will add a Google Drive link later on… if that seems necessary.

Well, most of all I am intrigued by the fantastic breathing sounds in this scene!!!

Wow, they had either a great UW mic for that and/or did an awesome post-production job!

I guess I never heard how a scuba tank was sucked completely empty…that clearly.

Also, the whole mask switching scenes are also very exciting/thrilling as well.

The movie itself has around 90 minutes (nearly 10 minutes longer than the original) and the majority of that time is spent underwater.

For that aspect alone you should watch the whole thing!

And then you have all the scuba peril elements in it… 🙂

Perhaps I will post another scene from this one. But as the movie has so much UW time, it will always be pretty incomplete.

The story remains the same as in the original: Two sisters go diving, one of them gets trapped underwater and the other one needs to rescue her in time.

I wonder if there will be a US remake in another few years from now on.

I wouldn’t mind a remake set in the ’60s with some vintage rubber wetsuits and double hose regulators…

Wanna know from which episode this scene is?


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