Frogwoman Lucy in “Vintage dive” [14th video of Project F – 2nd video shoot]

So, it’s time for the third video of the 2nd video shoot of “Project F”!

This time one day early as I am away tomorrow.

As I mentioned in the previous posts the videos from that shoot will be pretty short, but action-packed as we tried some simple action scenarios.


Frogwoman Lucy in “Vintage Dive”, 1080p, 60 frames, 2:34 minutes


Some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge)


+ a short teaser:

Background info:

On the first video shoot, Frogwoman Alice dove with the Royal Mistral connected with double hoses to a vintage Techniscub FFM (video 1).

Frogwoman Uma tested the Royal Mistral double hose regulator in another video (video 9).

This time I added a vintage-style scuba mask to the scuba gear so Frogwoman Lucy would fully be in a vintage gear that looks like it could have been from the 60s.

So I created a short video with her in that gear incl. some surface shoots of her getting ready for the dive!

For me, it can’t get much better in terms of scuba gear than this combo.

And she will be in this gear in another video with action! (my favorite one from that video shoot)

In the future, I wanna include longer “getting into the scuba gear” scenes at the beginning of some videos.

Spoiler title
As you can see the mask is pretty “flat” with little room for the nose. During the shoot, I didn’t notice that the tip of her nose was pressed against the glass of the mask. That happens if you stare at the tiny screen of the camera all the time (she didn’t notice it either). Certainly, I should have checked that more carefully, but it only fully showed underwater.

Well, I learned another lesson.

Another frogwoman will wear this mask at the next shooting.

But ok, only a small issue, as this is a short video and she is only facing the camera for some short scenes.



Fun facts:

Frogwoman Lucy had no problem to also dive with this vintage double hose regulator from the 60s.

I guess you won’t find many young women like her who have diving experience with such old vintage gear. Especially since she doesn’t have a scuba certificate.



I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text).

As I mentioned before the audio here was challenging with a sound the camera picked up from the pool machinery.

I tried a lot with the audio since that sound is here more annoying than in the other videos that have more action and noise.

I edited the audio track of the underwater part to reduce the noise and stimulatingly not affect the wanted audio.

And the result is quite good I would say.


Where to watch it?

*EDIT* November 1

The video was available in the VIP club in October alongside the other content….as it is under 4 minutes of running time!

It will be available again in the VIP club in February!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:


You can download these videos in the VIP club, but only for your personal use.

Don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money:

All that scuba gear, location rent, and the money for the frogwomen….

If I don’t make enough money with these videos….. I won’t be able to make new videos at some point.

So…. I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future!

And after all, you get a LOT of videos (9 in October) and other content for just 10 Euro (or even less per month if you get into the VIP club for more than one month).

I would say that is quite a bargain! I also wanna make longer videos in the future and they will be much more expensive in comparison (but also better).

They will cost 1-2 Euro per minute, which is the “normal” rate for such videos.

I will also keep doing videos for the VIP club.

This and other “Project F” videos will be rotated out of the VIP club in November and then return in 3-4 months.

Other Project F videos will return to the VIP club in November and 2 new ones will premier in that month.

What’s next?

I will post (at least) 3 more videos from that video shoot in the next weeks.

2 more in November, and the last one in December.

And of course, there will be new material next year as well.

Don’t know when I post my personal favorite exactly…yet.

In that one Frogwoman Lucy wants to repeat what she did at the end of video 5, it has something to do with a scuba knife 😉

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