The frogwoman in her anti-shark suit and evil divers in business suits

I know this scene for a long time and never really thought of making a post about it.

Last year a nice guy recommended me this one again and mentioned that there was a longer cut of this movie that contained much more scuba scenes than the standard cut.

I checked it and still wasn’t sure if I would make a post about it. I mean the overall tone is just very goofy.

The downside is that the extended cut isn’t available in really good quality, at least to my knowledge. But better to have more scuba scenes here 😉

The scuba scenes here are very long and mostly focused on the male main character.

So, I decided to make a video with all her scenes, a frogwoman cut of the scenes 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

I included some scenes with her out of her anti-shark suit as you can see.

All in all some nice scenes, especially like the scene where the evil diver yanks off her mask to steal the little tank from her (that contains something everyone is after).

A shame that this whole tone is so goofy and that there is never any real danger (for the good guys) as this here is basically more a comedy than everything else at this point.

The scene where Jackie Chan uses her (and her suit) as a shield against the bad guy with the huge knife is quite nice as well. Certainly a unique scene.

Pretty hilarious that he kicks her then and she “flies” some meters through the water 😆


*EDIT* Thanks to a nice user and his comment I wanna post the picture right here in the post:

(click to enlarge to full size)


Yeah, she looks quite stunning in her wetsuit and bikini….

Wanna know from which movie these scenes are?


What do you think of these scenes?

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A female scuba murderer? [+BONUS scene]

Now to a mysterious TV episode!

We have 3 divers and a scuba murderer!

But who was it? That’s the question!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the episode before you continue!

Ok, I watched the whole episode of this TV show. But in the end, I was pretty confused….

But let’s start at the beginning.

At first, I was sure that she was the killer! She smiled somehow triumphantly as she entered the boat after the dive. She had gloves, unlike her boyfriend….and the killer was wearing gloves.

Later on in the episode, another murder like this happens, it is just the same…. a surprise attack with a rock from behind.

Then a guy is presented as the potential killer. But did he kill both scuba divers? The ending of the episode is so confusing, that I’m not 100% sure who actually killed these 2 divers.

Well, I’m 90% sure that this guy was the killer (he was on another boat nearby)….but I like the idea of her being the villainous murderer 😉

And the murderer in the picture above looks rather slim for a guy…

But perhaps someone who watched the whole episode also can enlighten us!


What is really annoying for me is that all the divers in this scene are wearing basically the same gear in the same colors.

I hate it when that happens as you then can only guess who is who….especially when there are no closeups to the face underwater.

But ok, here it is used to confuse the audience so that you would suspect either one, the woman, or her boyfriend to be the murderer.

Yeah, I know they can cover a lot more ground with 3 divers in different areas, but it’s very irresponsible that everyone here is diving alone.

But ok, the murder was only possible this way…

*EDIT*, February 14:

As a BONUS for the folks who visit the blog, here is the 2nd scene I was talking about…


So, who was the murderer?

I leave that up to your fantasy…or maybe one of you has the answer after watching the whole episode….

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


What do you think of this scene?

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