The frogwoman in rubber and the photographer

Thanks to “D.” who send this clip my way! One last post for 2018!

In this one, we have a photographer on the beach who makes some pictures. Suddenly a frogwoman in rubber appears….and well… I really can’t explain all that what follows (?). 😉


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And here is the video:

Well, I don’t really get why what happens in that clips. Do they know each other?

Why does she run away? Why does she steal his(?) car? Why does he follow her with her whole equipment?

I don’t have more footage than that….but well, we got to see a sexy frogwoman in a vintage rubber wetsuit….so nothing to complain 😉

A shame we don’t see her diving in that gear….

What do you think of that scene?

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No real info on the title of the show is available right now…..does anyone know the title?


Diving inside a mall (with a crazy criminal) – part 2

I hope you had all a fine Christmas time!

Now it’s time to return to the flooded mall, where our scuba girl was left by the villain in a room that was nearly completely flooded. She has no scuba equipment and can’t escape…

Will she be saved?


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And here is the video:

Well, drowning inside a mall would have been a rather unusual death… but as mostly the brave female lead actress can be saved.

Here is the title of the movie:


What do you think of that scene?

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There will be one more post before the year is over 😉

Diving inside a mall (with a crazy criminal) – part 1

That’s a title 😉

Thanks to the one who recommended me this one to me (sorry, don’t know who was it…)!

In this one a disaster strikes and floods (partly) a mall and the surrounding area. We have some nice folks who just wanna escape (no easy way out) and a crazy criminal who wants to get his hands on a certain suitcase that is locked away there. So, he forces the others to help him and they discover scuba gear in the mall. So, they can move through the flooded areas….


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And here is the video:

Well, that is one EVIL guy!

I don’t know why there are scuba tanks in a normal/regular sports shop, but ok, perhaps there are such shops in the US.

It is only a short peril scene but still a good one. The way he teases her with his full tank. 😉

Of course, she wasn’t in real danger, one meter below the surface…but well, she realizes that she is trapped down there without a filled scuba tank.

I will post the 2nd part and reveal the movie title then.

What do you think of that scene?

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James Bond VS a female scuba diver in a wreck [+ bonus drowning scene]

Mr. Bond had quite a lot of scuba adventures! This one was still missing on this blog, that needed to change!

In this one Bond explores a wreck of a recently sunken destroyer to find evidence…but he is not alone… 😉


(click to enlarge)


And here is the video:

Well, that’s a flying scuba diver! Looks good with that oxygen mask.

In the wreck the scene with them could be longer, it’s only a short struggle…but really well done! She looks really good in that scuba gear!

Strange how he punches the regulator out of her mouth….but effective I guess.

And the scene at the end of the movie, where he has to rescue her…not bad too 😉


In case you really don’t know the movie title:


What do you think of that scene?

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Frogwoman VIP Club 2.0 – December

                    (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)


The VIP-Club 2.0 has been updated with new material, enjoy! 11 new scubalicious videos (4  “normal” + 7 short videos)

  • 7 different (short) versions  …that focus on certain aspects in “Sanctum”! Especially great in the loop mode in your video player 😉
  • 4 mystery videos
  • 3 scuba fetish stories (the complete versions)….written by myself: “Vulcan down” + “Vulan down: Part 2 – Scuba battle” + “Catwoman – The masked scuba thief” (each at least 15 pages)

Wanna donate some bucks, help to keep this blog alive and get really good videos and fetish scuba stories in return?

In addition to the paypal option you can now pay with gift certificates!

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