Frogwomen Kara and Demi in “Learning Scuba” – [19th video of Project F – 3rd video shoot]

So, it’s time for the second video of the 3rd video shoot of “Project F”!

Normally I post on Sundays, but as February is pretty short I wanna give you a longer time period to get the video in the VIP club (until Tuesday, February 28).


In this video, Frogwomen Kara and Demi are doing some very basic scuba exercises to learn scuba diving.


Frogwomen Kara and Demi in “Learning Scuba”, 1080p, 60 frames, 3:38 minutes


Some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge)

+ a short teaser:

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Video contains:

2 frogwomen, 1 frogman as the teacher, neoprene, 1 smooth skin wetsuit, modern scuba gear,

1 hood, fins, scuba exercises


Lethal or non-lethal ending for at least one of them?

Well, it’s a training scenario….


Background info:

This is the only video from this video shoot that doesn’t have any scuba peril elements.

I only made one cut here as there is a scene in the middle where Sascha is demonstrating how to clear a mask…. so there is no “action” from the two for a while.

Kara has now appeared on all 3 video shoots I had so far, she has only scuba experience from these shoots so I teamed her up with newcomer Demi who had no prior scuba experience at all.

Kara is wearing an Aqualung Bali wetsuit and is equipped with a Mares Abyss regulator.

Demi is wearing an Orca Openwater Core wetsuit and is equipped with a Scubapro MK 17 regulator.

This video was basically not scripted at all as I simply filmed how the two received a scuba crash course with the most important scuba exercises.

Sascha did a great job as the instructor and agreed to appear in the video as well.

Both frogwomen did a fine job as well, as especially the flooded mask is a tricky exercise for some scuba newbies.

Finally, these wetsuits were used for the first time. Initially, the planning was that Kara would be wearing the Orca suit, but this way both suits fitted them better.

If I film such a scuba crash course next time I wanna include some close-ups as well, perhaps just using the (limited) zoom function of the camera or changing the camera position.


Here you can find some content from the Scuba instructor:


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text).


Where to watch it?

The video is available in the VIP club NOW in May alongside the other content!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:


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You can watch and download these videos in the VIP club, but only for personal use!

Don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money:

All that scuba gear, location rent, and the money for the frogwomen and the safety diver.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos….. I won’t be able to make new videos at some point.

I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future!

After all, you get all those Project F videos each month + additional content for just 12 euros (or even less per month if you get into the VIP club for more than one month).

I would say that is quite a bargain!

Also, I do hope that the amount of VIP club members will be higher with the current price as it would be with a higher price.

The rotation periods for each video will get a little longer though. When a video leaves the VIP club it will be out for at least 4 months.

But still, there will be 5-6 Project F videos in it each month 😉

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