Here you will find links to some great sites! Only quality pages! – Last updated: 16.05.2023 – (day/month/year)


The other sites of Frogwoman:

Frogwoman on Youtube (where you can see the public videos – please SUBSCRIBE!)

Frogwoman Org on Instagram

*NEW* Frogwoman Org on Twitter

Frogwoman on Dailymotion (a very small channel)

You can find me on Facebook under “ScubaMask1”, as my fetish profile is named “Siggi Siggurdson”

Also, I’m now also on Discord, my profile is: Siggi80#9391

Frogwoman Org (aka KingSiggi) on Deviant Art

My other blog and Youtube channels:

MaskripperMasked women in movies, tv-series, comics, cosplay, and the internet

Maskripper on Youtube


Women in sexy boots and/or pantyhose:

SexyLeg on Youtube


*NEW* Vicky Devika on Clip4sale

I already presented several videos of her on my blog. She has a sexy latex catsuit and has a great range of scuba gear, incl. double house regulator and even gas masks.

Gear Girls International

A good, new forum about women in all sorts of gear incl. wetsuits, latex, rubber, cosplay, leather, space suits


Antique Scuba

Wanna see frogwomen in great vintage rubber wetsuits? You may like that page 😉

Chatting with Mark Stise

The youtube channel of a real scuba enthusiast with a lot of great videos


Great pics of frogwomen in a big variety of sexy scuba gear!



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