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What will you find in the VIP club this month (June 2023)?


In the Frogwoman VIP-club 2.0, you will get:

Project F” videos + additional videos + all the scuba-fetish stories that I wrote (check the link above for details)

Also, you will find BONUS content like an Excel list with details of all videos of this blog (2013-now) and the trailer without music, but the original sound.

Once you donate you are a member of the VIP club and get an email with the password to access it.

You can use Paypal, a credit card (see below), or an gift certificate (see below)


>>> Enter the VIP club <<<

(….if you have the password for this month)


There are two ways to get into the VIP club on Frogwoman:

1) People who donate at least 10 Euro with PayPal, credit card, or Amazon gift certificate code (details below)
2) People who recommended (quality) movies, tv-series or websites with female scuba content that is new to me (which is not easy – details below)

You just donate once, there is no automatic renewal!

(of course, you can always make another donation to extend your stay in the VIP club or to gain access again to it)

>>> How much does it cost to get into the VIP club? <<<

—> 1 month: 10 Euro

—> 3 months: 25 Euro (8,33 Euro a month)

—> 6 months: 45 Euro (7,50 Euro a month)

—> 12 months: 79 Euro (6,58 Euro a month)


For example: If you donate 25 Euro in January for the blog, you will get the passwords for January, February, and March.

The current password can be used as long as the (calendar) month lasts.

If you have donated for more than one month you will then also get a new password as soon the VIP club gets updated (normally on the first of each month).


You can also always extend your VIP club membership while it still lasts. I will then just add the month(s) to the membership.


Wanna know how much 10 Euro are in YOUR currency?

Check out this site for example:

(…. will be a little worse with Paypal as they wanna earn a little)

>>>>> How can you pay to get into the VIP club? <<<<<

1) Paypal

2) Credit Card (even if you don’t have a Paypal account)

3) Amazon digital gift certificate


>>>>> Paypal/ Credit card: <<<<<

A) You can use the donate button below, as it is configured with the correct mail address and the correct currency (Euro)!

Also, if you don’t have Paypal….you can (also) use a credit card after clicking on the button donate button below.


Just enter the amount you wish to donate + make sure it goes to (no typo error).

Don’t make it a monthly donation ….as it would be more expensive for you (in the long run).


B) Or you can send the money with Paypal “manually”:

Send it to      with the fitting amount in Euro.

As soon as you donated, I will get an email from Paypal.

When I see this email I will send you an email with the password for the current month (check your SPAM folder as well if haven’t got an email).

This may take one minute or several hours, depending on when I have the chance to check my emails.

>>>>> Amazon gift card: <<<<<

I am now accepting digital gift certificates for and for and as well!

How does that work? Go to the site of your choice and buy a digital gift certificate (or buy an “analog” gift certificate in a shop)!

Just buy the digital gift card and send me the code after you received it from Amazon.

Just use the contact form on the Contact site to get in touch with me.


I do prefer gift codes for (Germany), but and are fine as well.

You can display the site in different languages as well, so you won’t have any problems there.

If you buy a digital gift code for or

Make sure to choose a fitting equivalent to the Euro sum you wanna donate in Dollars or Pounds then.



Recommend me female scuba scenes and get a free month (or more) in the VIP club!

How does that work?

1) The scene has to be unknown to me, which is difficult…. but possible 😉

2) The scene has to be interesting for me and others… so it would be potential material for this blog

I love sexy wetsuits (like vintage beavertail wetsuits or smooth skin wetsuits), and I love underwater action and peril scenes!

Scuba fights are especially interesting for me, as scuba fights with women are … sadly… very rare.

Also, peril scenes where a female diver runs into trouble are always interesting as well!

If you think you know a scene that may be unknown to me:

Use the contact form on the Contact site to get in touch with me.


Any questions?

Also…. use the contact form on the Contact site to get in touch with me.