3 gorgeous women in awesome vintage rubber wetsuits! [Hall of Fame]

I stumbled upon this one a few weeks ago and it’s now finally time to post it here…

Yeah, no underwater scenes in this one… BUT… there are three gorgeous women who try to get into tight vintage rubber wetsuits!



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

Yeah, as I said …no underwater footage… plus the colors of this print are really bad.

This was filmed in full color in 1969 but seemingly there is no print with a better quality available so far.

But now to the great aspects of these scenes!

We have three beautiful women in perfect vintage rubber wetsuits!

And seemingly the producers of the show inside this show have selected some mighty tight-fitted wetsuits 😆

The start is….well…. insanely erotic! What do we see there? I mean ….there is a guy pressing himself(!) onto the back of that frogwoman while yanking hard on her wetsuit!!!

And seemingly it’s his “job” to do that with all three women. Even we can’t see that part with the other ones….damn!

Having such scenes would be my dream if I would be in his position!

Even it would be …challenging… to do that in front of a film crew…. for…. reasons 😉

Would love to know how the two actors who actually filmed that… felt about it.

It’s a shame that there aren’t more scenes with these wetsuited women in that episode, especially as they are talking about other fictive scenes.

I added this scene to the Hall of Fame here on the blog.

Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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A female scuba diver who filmed her own murder! [TV show][Blog exclusive]

Thanks to a nice guy and his help I can present this one today 🙂

We have a female scuba diver who films her own murder in an episode of a TV show!



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


The video had to be moved as the YouTube video got blocked…

Watch the video before you continue!

Hah, I bet you are confused right now! 😉

First of all… I did include all the underwater footage from that episode in the video.

The actual moment when she dies isn’t actually shown in the episode…

Czech isn’t in my language portfolio but I got some info about the story:

He wanted to kill her for money and sabotaged her tank and gauge so it was empty much sooner than it was supposed to be.

He initially had her camera but was forced to ditch it quickly so the police wouldn’t find it.

But they discovered she had a camera so the female police diver was sent to retrieve it.

And there on the footage, the police guys can see that he isn’t doing anything to help her and is waiting for her to drown.

Well, what do we learn from that? If you wanna murder a scuba diver… make sure he/she isn’t filming it 😆

It’s quite a shame that the decisive moment wasn’t shown in the episode… really weird.

But I like the storyline and we have two solid scuba scenes with female divers and some nice wetsuit footage from the surface.


In my version, the evil guy would battle the female police diver at the end.

She would follow him to the camera and then a marvelous scuba fight would be the showdown of the episode 😉

After a long struggle, she would finish him off (air hose slice, regulator snatch) and he would thereby get what he deserves…


I find it highly amusing how …unsuccessful … the producers here try to hide the company names on the wetsuits 😆

Wanna know the title of the TV show?


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The two divers and the deadly net

Thanks to a nice visitor of this site I can present this one today, thanks for the reco.!



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

Yeah, sadly the video quality is rather poor. Hopefully, a better quality will be available in the future.

This scene follows the classic “trapped in a net” storybook for a while.

She gets stuck in the net (why the hell there is no one with her? #Buddy), and she can’t get out + of course… her air is completely depleted already?!?

Wow, she/they don’t follow many rules for safe diving 😆

She gets rescued but doesn’t care about her rescuer at all until she is on the boat… #nextbuddyfail

Then he gets stuck also in the same net… how did he manage to do that? Where is his knife?

Why does he lose his regulator? So many questions…

In the end, it all is just a bad dream of hers… maybe that’s why the two behave so recklessly/dumbly.

On the good side: Her stressed, rapid, loud breathing sounds as the camera gets so close are really well done!

All in all a solid peril scene in my opinion.

Wanna know the title of the movie?

That scene is from episode 1 of Life is Beautiful, a South Korean TV show

As of now… you can find the whole episode on YouTube, but there are no more scuba scenes in it.

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Frogwoman gets knocked out underwater!

I hope you had some good days in the new year!

Today I wanna post about a relatively new scene that was recommended to me by a nice user some weeks ago.

In this scene, we have a frogwoman who wants to save a submarine but gets into trouble…


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Alternative link… in case you can’t watch it on YouTube:


Watch the video before you continue!

Ok, these crappy CGI dolphins are really bad… alongside the other CGI effects.

But Flipper and his successors weren’t available as it seems. Also, he might be considered an imperialistic, evil Western dolphin by the movie makers of this movie 😉

The tank on the first screenshot looks really weird. These dents… is that tank a mockup out of cardboard? 😉

And how does she manage to get knocked out by that thing? #badreflexes

However, at least she really is diving underwater so it isn’t all CGI.

On the good side, she does wear a nice body wetsuit and there are a bunch of good close-ups of her.

And it’s a nice perilous scene once she loses the regulator.

So, all in all, it’s a nice scene for me.

Wanna know the title of the movie?

怒海浩劫 aka Deep Sea Rescue or The Wrath of the Sea or Rage of the Sea

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Something new for the next video shoot… [Unboxing video]

I posted about this video last week on the VIP club, now it’s time to move it to the regular blog!

For the next video shoot in early March, I got something new:

(the video is unlisted on my YouTube channel since it doesn’t show any frogwomen)

Sorry for the minor audio issues, I was a little sick in the days before…


More gear of Project F here:


It’s not easy to get a fully red (smooth skin) wetsuit since that color is the first one that “vanishes” underwater at some meters depth already (without extra lighting):

But that won’t be a problem in the pool, even if it’s a deep one with up to 4 meters… like in this case. 🙂

Even I am a little confused as I was thinking that red wetsuits would look like orange at a certain depth. (#Thunderball)

I wanna use that suit in a scenario where a frogwoman in red meets a frogwoman in black, I think that would look really good in contrast.

Especially as it reminds me of the wetsuit color pattern from a certain movie 😉

Even the suits of the good guys mostly appear to look orange underwater…depending on depth and lighting.

The suit is quite thin with 1,5mm.

Here is a picture of the suit from the Elios website (edited):

An interesting color, looks very “normal” red here with certain lighting it looks like a mixture between red and pink.

Looking forward to using that suit in the next video shoot!


Suit from:


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Frogwoman VIP Club 2.0: January 2024 + VIP club news

Happy New Year folks! I wish you a great new year!

New month/year, new content for the VIP Club here on Frogwoman!


   (The picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)

The VIP-Club 2.0 has been updated with new material, enjoy!

 >>> As announced in the months before… New prices now! <<<


8(!) scubalicious videos are waiting for you this month:

 2 mystery videos (never shown before here)

+ Video 1 from Project FFrogwoman Alice tests a vintage Technisub FFM (+Elios wetsuit)

+ Video 13 from Project FFrogwomen Ruby and Lucy are fighting over some treasure!

+ Video 15 from Project FSwimmer Kara has to fight against frogwoman Lucy!

+ Video 23 from Project FFrogwomen Alice and Caity training their scuba combat skills!

Video 24 from Project F Frogwoman Kara gets attacked by evil Demi as she takes spy pictures underwater! (+additional version with Thunderball OST)

Video 27 from Project FFrogwoman Kara and Lucy go on a dive together. One of them has evil plans!

(click to enlarge)

Previews for all the videos of Project F can be found on this page:



+ Another little Bonus for VIP club members:

An Excel file for every video I uploaded to this blog! Incl. the movie title or TV show name (+episode number), a short description, my personal rating, the title of the post, and a link to that post. Basically, it’s a directory if you are looking for a scene from a specific movie. Or the description gets you interested so you can check it out 😉

*UPDATE* January 1: The list now has 324 entries and can now be found in the VIP club (will be updated regularly).


+ a Frogwoman Org trailer version with no music, but the actual sound of all the scenes


+ Scuba Fetish Stories:

7 scuba fetish stories (the complete versions)….written by myself: “Vulcan down” + “Vulcan down: Part 2 – Scuba battle” + “Catwoman – The masked scuba thief” + Vulcan down – Version 2 – Angelo VS Fiona (each at least 15 pages) + “The Scuba Avenger”: Ep 1 – James (6 pages) + The Scuba Avenger”: Ep 2 – Jessica (13 pages) + The scuba instructor (2 versions)

+ The freediving instructor (9 pages)

Here is the site with the preview versions of my stories


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Some news about the VIP club:

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– Prices for the VIP club did go up today (January 1)

The content of the VIP club has grown a lot in quality and quantity over the past years.

Especially since I published my “Project F” videos there.

Now you have up to 8 videos from “Project F” each month + the additional content.

So… the prices went up around 20% in January (from 10 to 12 Euro for one month, for example).

I think the prices are …still … pretty low in comparison to what others demand for their videos.

Yeah, the videos are often rather short, and there is room for improvement for sure… but still you get quite a lot for what you pay… I would say 😉

With the (still) rather low prices I hope to continue to attract a wider audience… hopefully that will work out.


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