Frogwoman gets knocked out underwater!

I hope you had some good days in the new year!

Today I wanna post about a relatively new scene that was recommended to me by a nice user some weeks ago.

In this scene, we have a frogwoman who wants to save a submarine but gets into trouble…


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Here is the video:

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Alternative link… in case you can’t watch it on YouTube:


Watch the video before you continue!

Ok, these crappy CGI dolphins are really bad… alongside the other CGI effects.

But Flipper and his successors weren’t available as it seems. Also, he might be considered an imperialistic, evil Western dolphin by the movie makers of this movie 😉

The tank on the first screenshot looks really weird. These dents… is that tank a mockup out of cardboard? 😉

And how does she manage to get knocked out by that thing? #badreflexes

However, at least she really is diving underwater so it isn’t all CGI.

On the good side, she does wear a nice body wetsuit and there are a bunch of good close-ups of her.

And it’s a nice perilous scene once she loses the regulator.

So, all in all, it’s a nice scene for me.

Wanna know the title of the movie?

怒海浩劫 aka Deep Sea Rescue or The Wrath of the Sea or Rage of the Sea

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