Frogwoman Lucy and Freedivers Rachel and Alice in “The Trap” – [31st video of Project F – 5th video shoot]

So, it’s time for the first new “Project F” video in 2024!

This is video 31 and the first from the 5th video shoot.

In this video, Frogwoman Lucy wants to test some new scuba gear in the deep pool!

Rachel and Alice are also there to train their freediving skills and they have a sinister plan in mind… What will happen?


Frogwoman Lucy and Freedivers Rachel and Alice in “The Trap”, 1080p, 4:30 minutes

(incl. 20 seconds of Bonus footage)


Some preview pictures:


(click to enlarge) 

(The music is just in the trailer, not in the video)

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Video contains:

1 frogwoman, 2 female freedivers, neoprene, 3 smooth skin wetsuits, scuba peril, scuba fight, freediving, modern scuba gear, hoods (2 of 3), fins, surface shot

Lethal or non-lethal ending for at least one of them?

Spoiler title

(will add such info on the other videos as well in the next weeks)

Background info (without spoiler):

I think the video turned out pretty good and has a lot of aspects I really love and you hopefully will love as well!

Frogwoman Lucy got the new Elios wetsuit I got some weeks before the video shoot.

I think it looks quite spectacular! You don’t see many red wetsuits as that color is a little “problematic” as I explained in the unboxing video.

As I am a huge Thunderball fan I love the red/orange wetsuits that Bond and the Navy diver wore in that movie.

And this wetsuit has a very interesting red that changes quite a bit with the overall lighting!

I really like scenes where Frogwomen film themselves as the camera is close by all the time and you don’t have any breathing sounds of me on it (when I am operating the camera).

Rachel and Alice are experienced Freedivers in real life so it was the best choice to let them play these roles in the video.

It’s the first video with Rachel in it! #debut

Lucy has only the limited scuba experience she has from the 4 (of 5) video shoots in which she participated but again, she performed really well!

From retro perspective, it would have been good to have done some more takes of some of the action scenes at the end with better instructions from me.

But, that is always the problem with very limited time. Perhaps I will add 1 or 2 hours to the next video shoot, even if that costs … even… more money.

This video is a good example of how continuity errors find their way in movies and videos as you may already see in the pictures above.

Lucy did a first dive with the all-black mask but water got into it… so she got another mask to use in the video.

But I just didn’t think about the fact that meant that we had to re-shoot the surface scene as she there had the all-black scuba mask…. yeah, not my best moment.

In the video, I built in two short explanations for gear changes as I think that was the best way to now deal with them so they are not a problem.

Also… an extra thanks to Rachel and Alice as they brought their own freediving fins to the video shoot! (they got a little extra for that)

I do have several pairs of normal scuba fins…. but no long freediving fins in my gear collection…. so far.



Frogwoman Lucy is wearing an awesome vintage-style wetsuit from Elios:


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text)


Where to watch it?

The video is available again NOW in June in the VIP club alongside the other content!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:


…get the video any time you want!

You can watch and download these videos in the VIP club, but only for personal use!

Don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money:

All that scuba gear, location rent, and the money for the frogwomen and the safety diver.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos….. I won’t be able to make new videos at some point.

I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future!

After all, you get all those Project F videos each month  + additional content for just 12 euros (or even less per month if you get into the VIP club for more than one month).

I would say that is quite a bargain!

Why are my videos not on sites like Clip4sale?

Well, Clip4sale are a bunch of cutthroats that want 40%(!) of each video that you sell.

Yes, they offer those videos to a wide audience, but I don’t wanna give someone 40% for “just” providing the platform to sell the videos.

Also, that would mean that you would have to pay a lot more to get the videos…

I guess I could have made more money if my videos were on Clip4sale… but well, I won’t do it.

I will check out other sites like Vimeo though, if that would be an option or not.

The future of Project F?

I will upload another new Project F video from this video shoot every 2 weeks from now on…. 6 or 7 in total!

In the summer I wanna finally have my first video shoot in a lake (June?)

And there will be another video shoot this year in this cool deep pool …around September.

So, there will be many more new videos for the VIP club for sure 😉



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