A sunken plane, sharks …and 3 trapped passengers

Do you remember the movie “Airport ’77”?

In that one a big plane collides with an oil rig and sinks in (rather) shallow waters, leaving the passengers and crew trapped underwater.

I saw that movie as a child and it is still one of my favorite movies from the disaster genre.

Now we have another movie that has a pretty similar storyline:

A plane crashes and sinks to the bottom… leaving the surviving passengers trapped underwater.

Only in this case, it adds some sharks to it… so it is a low-budget fantasy/horror flick.

…with some scuba content!



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

I had to cut the video rather short so, it would have a chance to stay on YouTube.

Still, it has been blocked in France and its overseas provinces/islands.

*EDIT* March 18:


(in case you can’t watch it on YouTube)


In case you wonder what happens to her:

Spoiler title
She struggles to get out of the down-sliding plane and passes out (drowns?) on her way up to the surface. Seemingly she is dead but wakes up coughing after a short time. #odd

Yeah, the roaring shark who ignores her is really… cringy.

But I like that he unmasks her as the tail hits her face.

Quite surprising that the fact that she loses her scuba mask doesn’t influence her at all… seemingly.

Also, she could have recovered it… in case it isn’t broken. But for some reason, she didn’t care about her mask.

The buddy breath scenes with the guy are well done.

In case you wonder why there is a dead scuba diver inside the plane:

He was one of two of a rescue team who found the plane but the fantasy sharks quickly had them as a scuba diver “snack”.

Some guys with scuba gear were on the plane… so the three could use that gear to escape the plane (wetsuits/masks).

All in all… a nice scene, and I am grateful for any new movie material with scuba scenes.

Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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    • Yeah, agree with that + good observation. That move reminds me “Thunderball” (Domino) and “Weep no more, my lady” (the villainess) where that also happens


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