The epic scuba battle – ALL dead/”out of action” divers – A final score

OK, I wanted to know the final score of the epic scuba battle. It’s although a gallery of the different variations of death and mayhem that happened below the surface.

In some scenes it is really difficult to keep track of the numbers. Especially in the opening spear gunfight. You can’t always know if you wouldn’t count some kills twice. Because sometimes there are floating dead divers in the background.

And I only count the divers that are killed on camera in the foreground.

But I will try my best!

You can check out the final scuba battle on these pages:

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>>>>> Page 9: The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 2 <<<<<


Killed or “out of action”-NAVY divers:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

They were not very creative with the NAVY divers. Most of them were killed with spearguns. Well, the single hoses are more difficult to cut and the SPECTRE divers didn’t have the gadgets Bond used to kill SPECTRE divers.



Killed or “out of action”-SPECTRE divers:

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So the NAVY divers win with 26:14, but without Bond, they would have lost.

26 dead (or out of action) SPECTRE frogmen, and 13 (!!) of them by Bond 🙂

Wow, he scored really big time!

And they were really very creative with the SPECTRE frogmen-deaths. So many variations 🙂


Too few SPECTRE divers before the battle!

If you check the number of SPECTRE frogmen before the battle:

… may notice that there are around 20(?) before the battle. And remember that there are at least 6 (or more) that are surrendering (underwater) at the end….so they cheated  a little.

But totally understandable. All these divers and their equipment….that costs a LOT of money.


Did I count right in your opinion?

Which was your “favorite” scuba kill?

Leave your comment below!

23 thoughts on “The epic scuba battle – ALL dead/”out of action” divers – A final score”

  1. I often wonder what do they do with the dead SPECTRE frogmen after the battle……the dead NAVY frogmen would be recovered and given military funeral but what about the SPECTRE guys…..I like to think their bodies would be recovered, maybe in a big net, like catching fish. Then stripped of their wetsuits and gear, which could be reused. The frogmens bodies would then probably either be buried in a mass grave or maybe even cremated.
    Such a waste, but life as a SPECTRE frogman is dangerous and not likely to be very long…..

    • Yeah, the SPECTRE frogmen did suffer heavy losses, but some surrendered and some were just taken out of action and survived as well.
      I need to do some research on the actual divers who played in that battle. Did they got money for that? I would say many folks would actually pay money to participate in such a movie 🙂
      And it would be interesting to know what happended to all that scuba gear after the movie was finished.

      • I seem to recall reading somewhere a long while back that a lot of the divers used in the scene were from local dive clubs…what they got paid, I have no idea…I hope the one or two guys who did accidentally get speared got compensated accordingly.

        • I heard that too with the fact that they asked around on local dive clubs, I guess on the extras of the Thunderball blu-ray.
          Didn’t know that one or two got speared. But well that would fit, there were some accidents with the stunt men on this movie. But it was worth it!

  2. Ive watched the Thunderball scuba battle 1000 times, still gets me rock hard and makes my balls dance….I love to work my cock as the battle heats up, as the frogmen begin to die my balls start to ache, I usually explode in orgasm as a spectre frogman is taken out….my balls just cant hold the cum in any longer. Like to hear what others do watching the battle….bet balls have been drained for 50 years over Thunderball….

    • I can neither confirm nor deny pumping out many a load over the years watching this scuba battle ;-)…but for some reason I find the Red Navy Divers hotter than the Spectre divers when they go down. You’ve got DeadRed Spear in the stomach doubling over and sinking to the bottom…you’ve got DeadRed spear in the chest writhing on the bottom as we listen to his garbled cries…there’s DeadReds getting hit in the chest and dramatically spinning around clutching at the spear as their bodies crumple to the bottom. Then there’s RedDiver who gets his mask ripped off and kicked in the guts….I kind of fantasize that it knocks him unconscious and he sinks to the bottom and drowns…mmmmmm. Then, a personal fav, is the DeadRed who’s been speared in the chest on the wreck and we watch as his bod slowly drifts to the bottom as all the other divers are fighting next to him. Hot stuff…gets me going every time! Definitely wish I had one of those old red suits. Thoughts?

      • Any seen where a spear penetrates the wetsuits and the meat of the frogmen is hot….when the frogmen are penetrated i loose my my load…and my balls empty.

      • i especially like the explosion in the underwater wreck that takes out three spectre men. the single flipper emerging from the slaughter tips me over…

        • I love many scenes in that scuba battle….but the emerging flipper is your highlight? Always interesting to see the different tastes….

        • oh yes, that scene tips my balls over the edge everytime…i like how Bond lures the three spectre men into the wreck, watching as their wetsuit clad bodies slip into the hold. When he knows their inside he casually swims up and primes his underwater grenade, he knows a contained explosion against men in scuba gear will be fatal. He doesnt even hesitate..dropping the grenade in and waits….then BOOM….the huge explosion…at that moment Bond knows hes destroyed three more spectre frogmen, their lives snuffed out instantly…..he casually fins away, feeling nothing. Then the wonderful scene of the lone black flipper emerging…..knowing where it came from…blown off the corpse of a now dead spectre man…makes my balls loose it everytime…


    Best of Thunderball isn’t in the movie : Paula Caplan is kidnaped by rubber frogmen emerging from water. A frogman out of water is an easy target because he’s stuck in his tight wetsuit and he walks with flippers and two heavy air tanks. I guess she can stab one of them and maybe slice his hose. Then a wounded frogman pushed into water without air provided is supposed to die.

  4. Well, a frogman in tight wetsuit who walks with his fins and his tanks is ridiculous, I guess. And Laura Caplan is beautiful in bikini. I would be so excited that she drowns a frogman in a few water on this beach. Or that she wins an underwater fight into a close combat versus a black frogman. She can bite his air hose and let down the frogman to his watery grave.

    About the link, don’t forget the “.jpg”

    I would like to see other big size pictures of this hot scene. So sorry that it is not in the movie. Do you know why ?

    Paul Caplan should had survive and kill all the frogman with a little help from Fiona Volpe.

    • “bite his airhose”? Well that would be something new, I like the idea.
      Well, there are some signs that this was just a picture for promotion. They never filmed that scene. If you check the scuba gear of the frogmen…
      The diver on the right: Taped Voit sign on the tank…even taped metal at the top of the tank…very weird.
      One of the diver has a single hose regulator….Spectre never used one in the movie (except in the submarine).
      They all have different masks…these models weren’t used in the movie.

      I will make another page for my Thunderball project on artworks and promotion pictures.
      There a lot of great promo pictures of stuff that never was in the movie (like Domino in red wetsuit and Largo in Diner Jacket adressing the SPectre frogmen)

  5. About killed Spectre divers, my favorites are :
    9 and 10, because these two frogmen are crushed by a kind of giant rat trap. A so humiliating and so comical situation, especialy if they survive. Anyway, they are heavily stuck under water and will run out of air before rescue. So cruel and scary death.
    11 and 12, because these three frogmen are catched in a kind of giant lobster trap and turned into minced food for fishes. They expected to catch and kill Bond in this cramped place but now they are only easy preys. They just understand their mistake when they see the grenade drop. No time to escape. Just time to panic before blast. A single flipper escaping from butcherie is a sadistic detail. It’s like when you see feathers after a chicken burst.
    15, because Bond strangles this frogman with his own breathing hoses. What brings life turns into a lethal weapon againt his owner. Very ironic situation. This hapless frogman can’t escape this deadly rodeo. Bond is a kind of leech stuck on his back, waiting for his suffocating and drowning. But maybe Bond breaks frogman’s neck before he drowns ?

    • About 15: I don’t think Bond actually strangles him with his own air hose.
      I would say the mouthpiece is still in place and not around his throat.
      But I think Bond squeezes his intake air hose hard to not let any air through to him.
      And finally he suffocates/drowns while Bond rides on his tanks 😆

  6. Regarding 15, you’re right. Is it the frogman hose break we ear ? Then he’s down (with a comical legs position) and air sprays out from his broken hose ?
    Did you see “Eye of the monocle” ? Movie who inspired this frogmen battle ? Very cruel battle with comical effects too. Most of the time, frogmen are ridiculous or scary in movies and I enjoy.

    • I actually don’t know what that sound is. I have been wondering about that sound for ages now.
      I don’t think his air hose rips, as there would be immediately bubbles all around.
      As the frogman is supposed to be already dead on the bottom he exhales again. I think that is just one of the many, many, many, many, movie errors in that movie.
      I don’t know any movie with so many errors, continuation errors and more.
      Ok, there isn’t any movie I have been watching more often…. 😉

  7. Navy #13 is my absolute favorite: the way he clutches his chest when getting speared and then his body arching back while tensing up in agony, bringing his crotch into focus. That really got my own crotch flooding with cum. I’d also imagine while he’s painfully dying his balls are still producing cum waiting for a release that’ll never come. Just wish the suit snug more tightly around the crotch and have his bulge even more visible, but still an beautiful shot nonetheless.

    #5 is another favorite for being a prolonged shot of him writhing in absolute agony and hear his muffled cries and his mouth visible so you see his expression, along with #7 with him keeling forward and seeing the profile of his nice round butt.

  8. Yes, No.13 is hot. An incredibly erotic way to be put out of commission, though I always imagine the men ejaculating hotly into their suits as they die.I like to think I would if it was me.


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