The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 2


…..the EPIC scuba battle continues! Bond leads three SPECTRE frogmen into a wreck and has a plan to finish them off:

Wow, all these scuba fights in the second phase of the battle. In the beginning, the spear gun was the most used weapon to kill the other ones.

Now the fights are mostly really close combat. And they were pretty creative….

And damn, there are a lot of great fights. In combination with the perfect scuba gear that is shown…. let’s say I would need to bite in my hand if I would watch the movie with other folks 😉

Or I would need something like a pillow in front of my crotch… and all that without one woman in scuba gear. That would be even more fantastic… 🙂

But now I wanna focus on the many many many scenes in here!


Interesting/weird/funny/strange aspects of this first part of the underwater battle:


1) Hit by an underwater grenade!

Well, that wasn’t very nice of Mr Bond 😉

But ok, they behave not too smart…follow him like lemmings. And they needed a reason for Bond to leave his tank and his engine behind. Now he can present another gadget:


2) The tiny breathing device

Well, actually that “toy” didn’t work. Just a gadget for show…. but some folks believed it did.


3) Bond rides on a SPECTRE frogman!

That scene is so great, sexy and weird at the same time!

Riding on his tanks, squeezing his air hose, toying with it. Really sexy! I guess there was a good reason why he dove away without showing his midsection 😉

But as he finishes him, what sound is that???? Never understood the meaning of it…what has happened? Or is it just a weird sound effect? The “finishing”-sound? (as he pulls hard on the air hose…and let him float to the bottom afterwards).

Well, the SPECTRE frogman seems dead, drowned….he sinks to the bottom like a puppet…where he starts breathing again!? Guys, tell the diver to stop exhaling if he plays a dead man! 😆


4) The disappearing spear and the self-repairing scuba mask!

That scene is pretty famous! A SPECTRE frogman gets killed by a spear that gets slashed into his scuba mask (and his head). Very nasty kill.

You see the spear smashing the scuba mask…one second later it is gone and the mask is brand new. Oh man…

And the SPECTRE guy’s crotch strap blasted open…


5) Better keep your regulator in your mouth! (Flooded mask?)

Well, he seems so shocked about his lost scuba mask…. that he loses his regulator! Not good…. now his chances are pretty slim.

And there are no bubbles from his mask as it was ripped off…was it already flooded? Perhaps to reduce the bubbles on screen in this scene?



6) Better safe than sorry!

Another “sexy and weird” scene!

They start in classic struggle position….the Navy diver rips his mask off, the SPECTRE diver seems to be completely frozen…. loses his regulator, and the excited Navy diver wants to be on the safe side and stabs him…twice.


7) Rapid oxygen loss!

Really fantastic scene! Very creative as well. Destroying his breathing apparatus with a spear. And the SPECTRE frog is out of action….but alive I guess. A really great scene, never seen that in any other movie….


8) The staff folks on camera and the shark

I guess that these divers (picture in the middle) are crew members that released the shark to swim in a certain direction. Heard about that….and they ended up in the movie as well…

It looks very real, how the shark got hit. But honestly…I don’t care at all if one or two sharks died or got injured for such a movie. Thousands of sharks die every year just for their fins…that’s a shame. This scene, real hit or not…..looks great! It was worth it.


9) Bond saved by the Navy divers

That was close for Bond. After Largo has ripped off his mask, Bond is nearly blind. But Navy divers approach and Largo wants to escape quickly.

Otherwise, he would have had really good chances against Bond. He could have ripped that breathing thingy out of Bonds’s mouth….


10) The “mother of all connection errors”-scene

This is really funny! If you wanna explain what a connection error in a movie is….this scene is the perfect example 🙂


Your opinion on these scenes?

You are welcome to leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “The EPIC final scuba battle – Part 2”

  1. I love the whole underwater battle, those smooth suits coating their bodies, shiving off the divers best side never leaves me unaroused. I often imagine myself among them (spectre). Bond riding the frogman is among my favorites, the dominance over the other diver must be a great feeling, their wetsuit packed bodies rubbing against one another. Bond squeezing his airhose so hard that the diver is unable to breathe and suffocates with his airhoses still intact, very sneaky in a way.
    The errors, like the mask getting shattered and being mend again, the diver bond suffocated srtill breathing etc are sometimes rather obviosu, but it still is an epic battle und a great movie shot which is still unbeaten in quality and length for my taste. If there had been some females it would surely have added to the scene, but I think it was the intention that they didn’t. Oh well, there’s that Deviantart project with all those nice renderins, recreating the battle with only female divers! Awesome!
    The only downside is that the evil guys didn’t win (again) but at least they gave the navy divers a really hard time. And that hard time was also given to some of the viewers, literally 😉

    • Thanks for the comment!
      Yeah, it is indeed pretty arousing to see all that underwater fighting. No matter if you love scuba, sexy rubber wetsuits, underwater combat or if you are “just” gay (or all of that).
      And in the mid 60’s it wasn’t the right time already for women in such a underwater battle. You did see the first movies with women diving before Thunderball, but such an action scene with women? Not in the 60’s….
      In the remake we saw the Fiona “replacement” dive with bond. Fioana Volpe in the Spectre wetsuit…diving around. That they could have done…even in the 60’s.

  2. Some of the best scuba kills are in this part of the battle, lots of hot spectre frogmen turned into lifeless corpses. I have masturbated so many times to the spectre deaths….it drains my balls every time!

  3. Love the scene where the spectre frogmen and the navy divers are desperately knife
    fighting and thrashing their legs and flippers about on the wreck.
    The agonized look on the spectre frogman’s face as his goggles are ripped off his face and he panics and looses his mouthpiece and is stabbed twice and slammed into the wreck on his back !!!


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