I would like your opinion on some topics!

This week I would like to get your opinions on some scuba-related topics!

I created a whole page for that, please check it out:


It would be great if you can spare a minute to answer, that would be great!

(just multiple choice answers)

*EDIT* May 3rd: Added 3 more questions!

Thanks for the answers so far!


*EDIT* May 7th: Added another 3 questions!

Thanks for the answers so far! 🙂

The quest for the frogwoman trailer! Vote!

Just today the Frogwoman org Youtube channel reached 5000 subscribers.

I uploaded the first 4 (slightly) different versions of a trailer.

In these trailers, you can find my favorite peril and wetsuit scenes from the movies.

Scenes from more than 50(!) movies and TV shows are included to have a fast-paced trailer with around three and a half minutes.

I hope you appreciate the effort it took of putting this together.

From now on you can VOTE for YOUR favorite version! Check out this page (trailers aren’t on public Youtube):

Videos A,B,C and D

(videos E,F,G and H will follow in the 2nd week of March)

More info can be found on that page….

I hope you enjoy these videos with the different scores.

How much sexual content is ok for you in a scuba fetish story?

Ok folks, after half a year I decided to write another scuba story and have started writing on Monday.

It will be rather short (no more than 8 or 9 pages) and of course, with a lot of scuba peril, fighting and so on 😉


Now I wanna check on how much sexual content is ok for you. I have different ideas on how the story will develop in the middle section and would like some feedback from you.

I know scuba peril is one thing and scuba sex, perhaps even with “hardcore” elements is another.

This poll will only open until Friday evening, so hurry and VOTE!

Of course, you can also leave a comment to express your opinion in a more detailed fashion 😉

The story will be published on Sunday! A full version will be available in the VIP section.

A shorter version will be available to all.


How much sexual content is ok for you in a scuba fetish story?

  • Not much. Complete focus on the UW peril and sexy scuba gear. (17%, 9 Votes)
  • Some sexual content, but nothing where someone is forced (26%, 14 Votes)
  • No limits at all! (57%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 53

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*EDIT* Poll is closed now….


P.S.: I just want to get a general opinion on how you folks think about it.

How much I will follow the result of the poll….well, don’t know yet.

The underwater Vulcan scene in Thunderball…. a poll!

Most of you know the epic underwater scene with the Vulcan Bomber in Thunderball!

Here is my post in the Thunderball section of this Blog.

In my two stories that I wrote about it, I had one woman in each of those versions. One time the pilot was a woman (that gets attacked), in the other version, the scuba diver was a woman (Fiona Volpe).

Now I wonder, which “gender setting” would you prefer?

Please leave your vote!

And feel free to leave a comment as well!

Which "gender setting" would you prefer in the underwater Vulcan Bomber scene?

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