7 thoughts on “Your favorite weapon in a scuba fight?”

  1. I’ve always liked the scene from the Spy Who Loved me where the two scuba divers are on scooters armed with explosive harpoons even though they were no match for Bonds Lotus Esprit I would have loved to have seen such weaponery in a scenario against other scuba divers.

      • I think the idea was the bad guy Stromberg employed a small team of scuba divers to guard his undersea lair from unwanted guests but failed to take into account a scenario where his divers would be ill equipped such as dealing with a car that can go underwater and is armed with multiple weapons. I particularly like the bit where Bond takes out the first diver who fires an harpoon which misses the car and fizzles out without exploding and Bond retaliates by blowing the guy up with a torpedo.

  2. The most effective weapon for UW-CQC*, is a hard rubber or silicone fin.
    It takes just a little training.

    Grab your opponent’s arm and kick the edge of the fin into their neck, or gut, or gonads.
    They will feel it.

    Put one of your fin’s in your hand, use it like a shield, a knife cannot get past it.

    It’s not so good against a speargun, but that is not CQC.


    *Under Water-Close Quarters Combat.

    • It seems like you put some serious thought into it. Thanks for the comment!
      It sounds very effective…but not very….sexy. (in my opinion)
      Maybe I whould have asked the question like that:
      “Which weapon you would like to use in a scuba fight?”

      But ok, that might be the most effective one in many people thoughts…as well.

    • That sounds great, you could probably break the enemy frogmans neck, or into his gonads and severely damage his balls and cock. I prefer the dive knife myself, you can slit his throat, gut him or even knife him in the balls…..nasty stuff, but when you are fighting to the death you need to do whatever you have to, to take your frogman opponent down!


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