Female diver knocked out by bomb blast! Will she survivve?

This one is a classic and for some reason… I didn’t post about it earlier.

Time to change that!

Sorry for not posting on Sunday as normally, I tried to get my hands on a rather rare 1080p source in the last days… no luck so far.

This TV show was shown in HD on German Pay TV in the past… so I still hope to make a juicy picture quality upgrade in the future.



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

A really good scene, she is knocked out and has lost her regulator, she is in BIG trouble!

I love the detail that her air hose is damaged from the blast… even I’m not sure how realistic that is.

That adds a nice extra layer to the danger even though it might take quite a while to empty her tank with that damage.

But ok, that isn’t her biggest problem as long she is unconscious and without the mouthpiece in place.

A shame that there isn’t a surface scene with them before they hit the water.

She is lucky to be alive in the first place after the bomb blast and even luckier to get rescued in time by the others.

By the way: Near the very end of the episode there is a male scuba fight with 2 good guys VS 2 bad guys.

Nothing brilliant, but certainly worth watching as well.

A shame that there were no female divers involved in that one… 🙁

Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?

IMDB link

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2 thoughts on “Female diver knocked out by bomb blast! Will she survivve?”

  1. A really nice lengthy scene with lots of scuba peril but also cliche ridden – the unseen explosive – getting tangled in weeds etc

    Also not quite sure why the male divers wear full wetsuits while the female diver only wears a thin swimsuit – although

    she does look nice in it !

    I managed to find that other scene on you tube – some great scuba action there !


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