A deadly scuba fight inside a sunken airplane! [Hall of Fame]

This one is quite a blast! And I think many will like this one … a LOT! 😉

Thanks a ton for the recommendation!

This scene actually made it to my Hall of Fame as shows something very rare.

I am very happy about every new scuba scene… especially a big caliber like this one!

Let us check it out!



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

(A filter was used by me to make the video a bit brighter… it is even darker in the original)

Well…. have I promised too much? I hope not….

First, some background story as this scene is a flashback:

“The real Elliot Stanley was a diver, who Frank McDonnell hired to find a downed plane which his father had been on. His father had called him telling him he had important information to

share but had died on the plane before he could show him.

Hoping to find what was inside, Frank hired Elliot. However, Elliot had also become acquainted with Niamh Cassidy, and had travelled down to the plane with her.

While there, she handcuffed him to the plane and sliced his breathing apparatus with a knife, killing him so he couldn’t reveal the truth of what had been found there.”

(not written by me)


Ok, there are some minus points here for sure:

It’s quite a dark scene, even with some added light by me. Ok, it’s realistic as they dive down quite deep and have only their small lights.

It’s uncool that there hasn’t been any surface shot before the dive… especially as they have such cool vintage scuba gear.

Also… it’s not good that his drowning isn’t shown at all. She exists the plane and the rest is left to the imagination.


But… there is a LOT of great aspects in this one for me!

There is a female scuba diver who attacks a male diver and kills him… that is incredibly rare stuff! I know only 3 or 4 scenes where that happens in the movies or in a TV show.

The scuba hear is great. Seems like this is set in the 70s or 80s with these suits. They both have great vintage wetsuits. What is really interesting is that both divers seemingly have “armored”

air hose with some protective encasing around the regular air hose.

That is quite unusual and also … weird. I mean you can see her protector just around most of the hose while some parts aren’t protected by it.

But ok, this way only certain parts of her hose can be sliced.

Perhaps both used this extra protection as they were diving into a wreck … which often has some sharp edges.

Or are they both prepared for a scuba knife fight? 😉


It’s funny and unrealistic that his air hose basically explodes as her knife is just touching it 😆

It’s actually quite difficult to slice such a hose… as I have proven in some of my Project F videos 😉

I really like how she planned this whole thing. She ties him up first, which he realizes very quickly and then she attacks with her knife.

He isn’t helpless and also has a knife. She cuts into his arm, so his defense is down as she slices his air hose.

She is out of his reach and so he is doomed to drown in that plane.

I love all the sounds that he makes in this scene! I guess they added some in post-production, a great job 🙂

He immediately realizes that he is in big trouble and you can hear that from the start.

Also, I do love the reveal of the scuba killer!

How she walks out of the water, that she ditches some gear, and that you can only see from behind how she pulls off her scuba hood.

The audience has still no clue who that is or how she looks until the camera moves around her and shows her face in that phone booth.

A great reveal for sure!

Ok, enough from me… how do YOU like this scene?

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Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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Frogwomen Lucy and Kara in “Surprise Attack” – [29th video of Project F – 4th video shoot]

So, it’s time for a new “Project F” video!

This is video 29 and the fifth from the 4th video shoot.

In this video, Frogwomen Lucy and Kara wanna test some scuba gear in the pool.

But things are not what they seem… and a scuba battle for survival enfolds!


I don’t wanna spoil it too much for now, but expect …something to happen… that never happened before in any “Project F” video! 😉

*EDIT* October 14:

Ok, time to reveal a spoiler: Tessie will join the fight and so there are 3 frogwomen in front of the camera… for the first time in my “Project F” videos.


Frogwomen Lucy, Kara, and Tessie in “Surprise Attack”, 1080p, 3:12 minutes (XXL cut: 4:52)


Some preview pictures:

*EDIT* October 14:

Ok, it’s time to post a picture that shows “the” actual surprise that the title of this video is really referring to:


(click to enlarge)

A third frogwoman! For the first time in a Project F video… a third frogwoman is in front of the camera at the same time!

And Tessie already has her scuba knife ready for action! What will happen?

(click to enlarge) 

(The music is just in the trailer, not in the video)

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Video contains:

3 frogwomen, neoprene, 3 smooth skin wetsuits, scuba peril, scuba fight, 1 FFM, modern scuba gear, hoods (2 of 3), fins

Spoiler title
attempt to remove FFM, tank valve closing, air hose damage, air hose cutting

Lethal or non-lethal ending?

Spoiler title

Background info (without spoiler):

First of all, there are 2 versions of this video available for you to watch!

The fighting during the recording got a little “out of control” in this one and we made several takes which resulted in a slightly troublesome editing in this case.

But now I’m happy with the final result and I’m sure you folks will like it 😉

My initial idea was to make one video and put extra footage at the end of that video as a bonus.

But I decided to make a “normal” cut, which is shorter but has no continuation errors.

The XXL cut is longer and has more footage from different recordings which results in some continuation errors. But you surely will like these extra scenes as well 😉

I leave it up to you which version you prefer.

I highly recommend watching the “normal” cut first though …and then the XXL cut afterward!

Kara isn’t wearing a hood in this one, as the combination with the full-face mask was a little tricky.

It is the first time that Kara was using that OTS Guardian mask and it worked out really fine.

The pressure equalization can be a little problematic with such a mask at first, but Kara can make that equalization without pinching her nose so that wasn’t an issue at all!

She really enjoyed using it as it adds more comfort to the diving as you can breathe with your mouth and nose and doesn’t even have a mouthpiece.


Frogwoman Lucy is wearing an awesome vintage-style wetsuit from Elios:


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text)


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Frogwomen Alice and Caity in “The Sneaky Frogwoman” – [22nd video of Project F – 3rd video shoot]

So, it’s time for the fifth video of the 3rd video shoot of “Project F”!

In this video, Alice and Caity are diving in the pool with full face masks! They pose for the camera and dive around… but one of them has sinister plans 😉


Frogwomen Alice and Caity in “The Sneaky Frogwoman”, 1080p, 60 frames, 4:21 minutes


Some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge)


+ a short teaser:

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Video contains:

2 frogwomen, neoprene, 2 smooth skin wetsuits (both beavertails, one of them also vintage-style), scuba peril, scuba fight, modern scuba gear,

vintage gear, vintage FFM, modern FFM, hoods (2 of 2), gloves, fins, scuba knife, surface shot

Lethal or non-lethal ending for at least one of them?

Spoiler title

Background info:

I thought about including more pictures of their fight, but I don’t wanna post too many spoilers 😉

Yeah, this video is over 4 minutes and still in the VIP club, consider these 21 seconds as extra bonus for free. I thought about a longer version for an individual sale, but the extra footage wasn’t making this a better video.

Then I thought to cut it just below 4 minutes… but that felt somehow wrong as then something would be missing.

When we are doing the video shoot I always feel a little bit too rushed, as the time in the pool is limited and every hour costs money.

I need to get a bit more relaxed there so that cleaning up the background (pictures 1 and 2) should be done, but I was too rushed.

So, … involuntarily… these pictures include some behind-the-scenes footage …but your focus should be on them anyhow.

The video is mainly divided into 3 parts: Some surface shooting where they strap on their masks (incl. breathing sounds), some close-up footage underwater, and then a fight scene at the end.

I used a (simple) script on this one, and it worked out quite well, the scenario is rather simple.

I want to include real storylines in the future as well, even if that makes things more complicated. Especially continuity errors can happen very easily underwater and communication underwater is very limited… even when you use simple tools.

So, the quantity of video we can film in one session will go down… but if the quality improves on the other hand, that should be a good thing.

Alice and Caity did deliver a really good performance here again and their scuba experience paid off. The vintage Technisub FFM that Alice is wearing isn’t easy to handle with the lower straps and their locking mechanism. It’s also not very comfortable to dive with, especially in comparison to the OTS Guardian that Caity is using.

There is certainly room for improvement here, but all in all, I’m happy with how the video turned out for the limited time that was available.


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text)


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The rotation periods for each video will get a little longer though. When a video leaves the VIP club it will be out for at least 4 months.

But still, there will be 5-6 Project F videos in it each month 😉


Female diver gets chased by male diver

This one is a classic that I know for a while but somehow didn’t upload.

By now a fine HD quality is available… so this scene finally makes it to this blog.

Let’s check out the scene!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

You may already know what my problems with this scene are 😉

She looks great in her bikini, even though I would prefer a wetsuit.

It’s great to have him chasing her, but of course, I (and nearly everybody else) was looking forward to a nice scuba fight scene.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen 🙁

A shame she didn’t also have a knife and confronted him.

Many might say that it’s odd that she is able to outswim him as she manages to not only get away from him, there is quite some distance between them as she leaves the water.

But I can easily accept that a well-trained woman like her can outswim an average guy.

I don’t get why he waited so long to attack her and especially since he was drawing the knife as she was watching him. He wasted the moment of surprise.

I haven’t watched the whole episode (the 2nd part of a two-parter) and the scene on the boat quite confuses me.

She swims away from him just to go back onto their boat?

He throws the knife after her (deliberate miss?) and she is quite relaxed and didn’t even grab the knife that is next to her.

What happened? He was trying to kill her and she doesn’t seem to have a big problem with that!?

From what I saw the two really liked each other and he found out that she is actually a cop and has to kill her.

But well, seems like he isn’t so motivated to do that and she has no problem with him trying to kill her.

Quite odd……. maybe I will watch both episodes one day, but this way it’s all quite confusing!


However, we do have a hot frogwoman getting chased by another diver, which is still a rare thing….so, after all, I enjoy this scene, even though it has some flaws.

In my version, they would have fought underwater and only one would have returned to the surface. 😉

Wanna know from which episode this is?


IMDB lists that 2-parter as one episode, which is quite confusing… after all, that episode would then be 90 minutes long.

What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment below!


Frogwoman VS 5 male divers! [aka How to totally ruin a great setting]

A nice guy recommended me a movie:

“…. and it involves one female diver against 4 male divers. The female diver also surfaces and fights men on a boat.”

Well, for a moment I was really thrilled! A female diver fights against 4 male divers??? Or even 5 if I’m counting right… Sounds great, sounds awesome!

But then I thought…. well, why don’t I know that scene after 900 years of searching for such scenes? And I got a really bad feeling…. 😉

Here is a preview:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video from hell:

Well….. OH MY GOD!!! Or rather… WTF!!!

Ok, you have a frogwoman heroine and several evil divers…. and they actually do fight underwater…. and THIS is the result of the filming?


I’m not sure if I should laugh my ass off or break down in tears…. or both.

A perfect example of how to totally ruin potential great scenes 🙁

Some folks (not me) are complaining that the scuba battles in Thunderball are too long and “slow” as the water slows down the action.

I also remember that the director of the Thunderball remake “Never say never again” was also no fan of underwater fights.

So, perhaps the director of this “movie” thought about how he could make these fights more intense and with more speed (in his opinion).

And his solution was seemingly to just increase the playback speed… of many action scenes (even on land).

Well, the result is laughably bad… in my opinion… and totally ruins these scenes.

The murky water is also a problem and they seemingly had no underwater lights at all…

In the end, I can’t enjoy these underwater fights at all and am really annoyed afterward.

The wetsuit of the frogwoman is uninteresting and very loose… I guess so the actress/stunt woman could do her martial arts moves. Quite a turn-off.

I’m 99% sure that these scenes were partially cut, as we don’t see the first two frogmen get hit by the spear, but well…. cut or not cut… all hope is lost here.


Oddly enough a german DVD of this “movie” is released in a few days for very little money, guess I will buy that one for the scuba collection as a perfect example on how to NOT do a scuba fight scene.

There are no more scuba scenes with her in this one.

Wanna know the title of this insane flick?


What do you think of these scenes?

Let me know and post a comment!




Two banners for Project F!

Today I wanna present two banners that a very nice and talented guy made for me and Project F:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size – these are only thumbnails)

These images do show what I would love to see in Project F (among other things)!

Take banner 2 for example: Jane Bond in her red rubber wetsuit encounters a SPECTRE frogwoman and that fight can only have one winner!

Perhaps inspired by the fight with James Bond and the frogman below the Disco Volante. 😉


Here is the link to his DeviantArt account, check it out for more gorgeous women in scuba gear:


Thanks again for these banners!

They will be put to good use in representing the Project.

The martial arts frogwoman from hungary

First of all thanks to the guy who recommended me a video from this TV show and also to Scuba Snooper who uploaded a video from it on youtube!

I asked for the title of the untitled video and not only got the title but the link for the whole episode!

Couldn’t ask for anything more….. 🙂

I checked the whole episode and found a lot more interesting scenes, so I decided to make my own version with all the female scuba scenes below and above the surface.

But enough text for now, let’s start with some pictures:


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

So, I don’t understand Hungarian (surprise!)…but from what I understand of the episode so far…some villains are searching in that lake for treasure.

One of the evil guys turns against the other one and drowns him as he finds something (a rather disappointing scene).

The dead frogman gets found by the police. For some reason, the TV show’s lead actress gets her hands on his wetsuit and starts wearing that men’s suit.

We can clearly see that it doesn’t fit her very well as she is surprised by that guy. Logically it’s pretty loose. (DAMN!)

One of the good guys has to help the bad guys in recovering the treasure (the guy in the full-face scuba mask).

They decide to get rid of him and close the valve so he doesn’t get any oxygen while being trapped underwater!

Lucky for him our frogwoman shows up just in time.

But she has to fight off the evil guy in the red wetsuit first. As she is a trained martial arts expert…she uses her elbow to hit him right in the face, seemingly breaking his nose.

Of course, there are some minus points. Her wetsuit is way too loose, the visibility is rather bad, and the a language problem. A shame the villainess doesn’t dive at the end and is only be seen exiting the water in her blue wetsuit very early on. Would have been great to have the two frogwomen fighting against each other at the end of the episode.

But this episode has a LOT to offer! Some great vintage wetsuits and nice diving scenes. Also, I like how the villains try to drown that guy, a really hideous way….

The highlight is of course the scuba fight where our frogwoman has to face the evil guy in the red wetsuit! It could have been longer, but I really like the intensity. Filming through her scuba mask for a second or two was an awesome idea! Don’t know why that wasn’t done more often.

Also, it’s great that she let out some “grunting” noises to illustrate the intensity of the fight as she has to defend herself against his scuba knife.

Guess you may wanna know from which TV show and episode this is? Here you go:


So, what do YOU think of these scenes?

Please leave your comment below!






Frogwoman in FFM battles sharks and a frogman – Deep Blue Sea 3 [Hall of Fame – Scuba fight][Blog exclusive]

Ok folks, time to make a BIG, juicy post about a new movie that deserves it! I am sure this will be one of the longest posts I made on this blog.

You all should know Deep Blue Sea (1999), certainly one of the best shark movies with a big budget (60 million $….and that was 20 years ago).

Then in 2018, there was a successor with a tiny budget, practically the same plot…..but it wasn’t good. In fact, it was quite horrible. It had a short and uninteresting scuba scene.

This June I posted about the trailer for Deep Blue Sea 3. It was promising as it had quite a lot of scuba content and the female lead had some scuba scenes as well.

This week the movie was actually released and I watched it in the hope to be entertained and, of course, to find some good scuba scenes.

Deep Blue Sea 3 has an estimated budget of 5 million $. Certainly not an A-list movie.

I don’t know if they planned (before Covid) on releasing it on cinema screens, but I guess not, especially after the 2nd one was a disappointment.

Even after watching the trailer….I certainly didn’t expect to get HYPED like this 🙂

The setting is already nice with a tiny island that slowly gets swallowed by the ocean due to climate change. Even some parts are made by CGI, a pretty impressive setting for that limited budget.

Tania Raymonde, the lead actress, looked already familiar to me in the trailer, but I didn’t know for sure. After a check on IMDB, I knew for certain: Actually, I know her since the start of her acting career as she had a small role in “Malcolm in the middle” in the early 2000s. She was also in “Lost” and “Goliath”.

After 90 seconds she appears in the movie in a black, smoothskin shorty…. and ….my eyebrows…. moved up already. 😉

Preview – scenes from before AND after her first dive in the movie:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video – scenes from before AND after her first dive in the movie:


(*EDIT January 2022*: Now on google Drive since it is suddenly not welcome anymore on Youtube)


Luckily this was only the beginning. A minute later she already starts her first dive in the movie….in this wetsuit and a FFM.


(click to enlarge)


The scene was too long to stay on Youtube (it was blocked) so, check it out here:

Tania’s first dive in Deep Blue Sea 3

(on google drive)

And that was only the beginning.

If I would post all the scenes of her scuba diving …and/or …wearing sexy wetsuits/bikinis throughout the movie it would practically be half the movie 😉

Here is a selection of her outfits that she wears both underwater and above the surface :

(click to enlarge)


The ultimate HIGHLIGHT of the movie is around minute 70.

[small SPOILERS ahead!]

The bad guys have placed an underwater mine that would not only kill the sharks but also sink the (artificial) island.

So, Tania gets into scuba gear once again and wants to defuse the mine. But the villain has sent a diver after her to stop her!

And what followed…let my lower jar drop… (+other things happened as well).


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:



(*EDIT January 2022*: Now on google Drive since it is suddenly not welcome anymore on Youtube)

Over the years I have seen quite a lot of scuba fights. Some were good, others were bad.

But DAMN! THIS is how you make a scuba fight!!!!!

Ok, there are things you can improve here….but SO many things are done realllllly good:

– It’s a little weird that he doesn’t use the speargun that he still had as the villain sends him after her. He also doesn’t have a knife, or he doesn’t wanna use it. And he also fails to use the element of surprise. She was fully focused on the mine, so he could have sneaked up from behind her and ripped her mask off, stabbed her, cut her air hose etc.. Maybe he was too incompetent, he underestimated her… or he just wanted to have a real challenge instead of a “dishonorable” kill.

– The whole time you hear her breathing sounds from that FFM. It’s thrilling to hear both of them grunting and moaning as the fight goes on. You can really HEAR the struggle! A pretty rare thing when it comes to underwater fights.

– Tania really fights back! She is not the easy victim he may suspect. I love how she tries EVERYTHING: She attacks him with her knife, reaches for his mouthpiece, beats against his mask, claws into his hand, uses her elbow to hit him as he is behind her. Pretty sure I have never seen so many different moves from a frogwoman in a scuba fight! Love the fight choreography here! Often the bad guys (try to) yank out the mouthpiece of a frogwoman to drown her and that’s it. Tania has an FFM, so he can’t do that. She struggles frantically to keep the mask on as he is trying to yank it away from her forcibly.

– The whole struggle as he yanks on her mask…..is really awesome! A verrrry intense scene! A close-up on his hand yanking on her mask would have been great, but that’s only a minor issue. My slightly bigger issue is that the white shark rescues her a little too early 😉

Would have loved to see her struggling for some time without the mask, while her mask would be spitting her precious air. However, it’s great that he did manage to rip that mask off after all the struggle. The evil frogman had no luck after he finally managed to overpower her, he had a BIG advantage…..he gets eaten… 😆


This scuba fight is one of the very best in my opinion. Certainly in my TOP 5 of all time!

It’s great that we still get fights like this one! I guess I know at least 95% of the good ones….so I am VERY happy about new material! 🙂


Fun fact with some spoilers about the ending of the movie, don’t read it if you haven’t seen the whole movie!

Spoiler title

Actually, all the women survive…and all the men get eaten/killed during the movie

I guess some trolls and other sorts of morons think that this movie is a feministic movie against men …and thereby part of a feministic worldwide conspiracy 😆



>>>>> In this VIP section of August you will get one additional scuba scene from this movie ….. and 3 more different cuts of this EPIC scuba fight! <<<<<

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I will upload some more scenes from this movie in the VIP club in September.

So, enough from me….what do you think of these scenes and the movie?

Would love to hear what others are thinking about it!

Leave a comment!



“The Scuba Instructor” [Fetish/peril scuba story]

It took some days longer than I thought, but here it is my newest scuba fetish story!

I asked you folks, last week how much sexual content (besides the fetish and peril aspects) you would be ok within such a story.

And actually, it leads me to the idea to write two different versions of the story!

Well, ok, most parts are identical, even the ending…..but depending on what you prefer… you can choose between these versions!

There is a “vanilla/peril” version with only limited sexual content.

And there is a much darker…XXX…version with more sexual content. You can choose one of them…. or read both!



It is Michelle’s last dive to get her scuba certificate with her dive instructor.

He has …special…. plans for this dive! Very….special plans!



  • Scuba peril
  • Drowning peril
  • Scuba fights
  • Frogwoman in sexy smooth skin wetsuit
  • Breathplay
  • …..and much more!

For all you folks here is the PREVIEW version, which has 7 pages:

The Scuba Instructor – PREVIEW version (some pictures included)

(PDF-File on Google Drive)

The other versions have 10 (vanilla/peril version) and 11 pages (XXX version).

What is Mike up to? Can Michelle fight back?

Who, if anyone at all,  will survive this perilous scuba adventure?

Find the answer to all your questions in the VIP section of frogwoman.org!



You find the complete story there, along with 6 other perilous scuba stories!

Also, you can find monthly scuba videos there that I won’t post on the Blog!