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Hey folks, I’m Siggi and this website is dedicated to my interest in female scuba divers in ACTION!

That means scuba fights, perilous situations, and great pictures of female divers in their gear!

My scuba-related interests:
– scuba diving
– dive gear (especially (60’s) vintage dive gear)
– scuba fights/combat (especially with women)
– drowning peril, “out of air” peril (especially with women)
– THUNDERBALL (my favorite movie)


On this site, I wanna share stuff that I collected over all the years of scouring the net in my passion for female scuba divers.

I try to post new stuff on a regular basis to fill the pages with sexy, new material.

If you find some spelling/grammar errors…well, I’m no native English speaker, but I will try my best.

It takes a lot of time to make the post, edit the videos, and most important: It takes much time to know about these interesting scenes in the first place!

Sometimes I get recommendations and find stuff online, BUT it is a lot of research!

And that takes time….and a lot of it! There isn’t a lexicon with links to all the great scenes.



What motivates me to run this blog (and the Youtube channel)?


– Feedback on the posts/videos  (getting in touch with folks with the same interests)

—- You can comment here on the site with the comment function at the bottom of each post

—- You can comment on Youtube, leave a “Like” and subscribe to my channel there (Frogwoman on Youtube)

—- You can contact me more directly by using the contact form down below on this page.


– Recommendations for scenes I don’t know

—- That way I learn about new stuff (for me at least), and that is very satisfying! I do know many, many scenes/movies/TV series, but there are always scenes that I don’t know yet.

I know it is tough to recommend me stuff, and not everyone has free money to donate.


Subscribing to my Youtube channel and clicking on “Like” if you actually like the video, is rather easy! And it doesn’t take much time…

If nobody would give feedback, recommend or donate anything….well, there would be no reason for me to spend that much time running the site and Youtube channel.

So, I just wanna encourage the folks, who did nothing of that….. to be a little active! Don’t just lurk around the internet. 😉



Wanna support this blog and get a lot of interesting videos in return?

Then join the VIP club!

Check out the first post of the current month to see what content you can find in the VIP club this month.


In the VIP club, you can also find my videos from “Project F“.

A project in which I have started to produce scuba-fetish videos myself 😉

On this page you can see the videos I created so far:




You are a webmaster? Or do you have your own blog? Feel free to link my page on your site!

I will do the same if your content is somehow related to my blog (if you have a literature blog for example…it wouldn’t fit so well)



Questions? Or a recommendation?

Contact me by using the form below!

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