Two women and their rubber vintage wetsuits…

….can be found in this clip I prepared (edited) for you folks!

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*EDIT, April 2022:* New post with FULL HD video here:

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Great stuff! But it’s a real shame that there are so few scenes (in color) where you can see such wetsuits on a female diver underwater… 🙁

And as a little bonus (thanks to allmanzor!) here is a nice picture of them on set:





She wasn’t alone underwater… – Female scuba diver attacked!

Here we have another example of a female scuba diver in action underwater! Our lady puts on her scuba gear and gets ready to dive. As she is underwater someone attacks her from behind!

Who will win (survive)? Check out the video:

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And here is the video:

What’s your opinion on the scene?

I like the buildup, but the end isn’t so great in my eyes…

*EDIT* March 10, 2022:

My problem with the ending here is that he yanks her regulator out and she immediately drowns…. at least that is the way they show it.

A really odd ending to a scene that started really well with her sounds and struggling. As it seems he doesn’t turn off her air as he had the perfect opportunity to do so.

Then her (quick) drowning would make more as she wouldn’t have got any air even she still had the regulator in her mouth.

Here is the link to the title of the TV show:




A female scuba diver and her disconnected air hose!

That’s a title, or? 😉

Well, in this clip we have a couple that wants to scuba dive. They have an argument so the guy sabotages her scuba gear. As they are underwater he fulfills his evil plan…. What will happen to her? Will she drown? Will someone rescue her?

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Here is the full scuba action with our scuba damsel in distress:

Great scene with an interesting ending…

Looks like he had a change of heart as he didn’t want her to drown after all.

The breathing sounds are nice and I like his evil and sneaky plan 😉

Her behavior is scripted rather badly as she basically does nothing. She doesn’t ascend or is looking for help and only twists around a bit and then drowns way too fast.

But still a very good scene.


And here is the title of the movie:


Asian frogwoman – Picture set

What about some nice pictures of an asian frogwoman in sexy scuba gear? Well, here you go….

All in all you will find all 5 pictures here:

*Edit²*: Credits to “Antique Scuba”

(Link can be found on my link page)

Great gear! These black rubber wetsuits are my favorites….

And that full face mask in the first picture…. 🙂