15 thoughts on “Another Frogwoman in a gorgeous rubber wetsuit!”

    • The name of the movie is:
      silenzio si uccide

      But there are no other scenes of frogwomen in that movie… 🙁
      I would have posted them in the past 😉

  1. She looks amazing in that wetsuit. From the way it wrinkles and bulges in the close ups it looks like she has normal clothes on underneath the suit ( very sexy) I would love to see the rest of this film if only to see her before/ during and after her rubber suit transformation.

    • Yes, she looks great! Well, I had the movie somewhere, I will try to get it again and check if I could make a little video with her before she puts on the suit. As I remember, she only wears at in the scenes in the clip. But I’ll check that.

  2. Thanks. I have looked at an old photo still of this film and there is a shot of her in a boat wearing the full suit and a mask and snorkel while she throws a body into the sea . It’s very small picture and not great quality but it’s there on the net.

    • I will check the movie about that. But, as you will know, not every scene from a promotion picture is really in the movie. 😉
      Endless examples for that kind of “fraud”…

  3. Oh tell me about it! ( I am talking to you Orca Killer Whale with your shots of Charlotte Rampling that did not appear in the film)
    Any way , rant over
    It would be great if you could splice together a before/ during and after her rubber suit scene.


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