New date for video shoot …and more

The next video shoot in the pool will be …in mid-August!

This time 9 hours instead of 8.

The pool rent per hour will also be more expensive then… but that’s not a surprise.

Also… I have picked a lake for a shooting in June (or July)… hopefully that will work out.

That shooting will be “smaller” in comparison as it will be a test of how it works out with such conditions.

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Without you… I wouldn’t make these videos!

Also, I am happy about the ones who are in the VIP club for a long time or return to the VIP club more or less often.

That’s a good sign for me 🙂

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Frogwomen Korra, Demi, and Kara in “Hunt for Gold” – [34th video of Project F – 5th video shoot]

So, it’s time for the fourth “Project F” video in 2024!

This is video 34 and the fourth from the 5th video shoot.

In this video, Korra is diving around to test her new FFM.

Suddenly she finds a golden coin…. and before she knows it… she gets attacked by 2 frogwomen!


Frogwomen Korra, Demi, and Kara in “Hunt for Gold”, 1080p, 07:00 minutes

Some preview pictures:

The music in the trailer is from “Tentacles”, a cheezy Italian monster movie (with a giant squid).

The music is only in the trailer, not in the video.

Feel welcome to hit the LIKE button of the video on YouTube! 😉

Video contains:

3 frogwomen, 2vs1, 1vs1, neoprene, 2 smooth skin wetsuits, scuba peril, scuba fight, modern scuba gear, FFM

surface shoot, filming with a selfie stick, 2 hoods, fins, fin removal, regulator stealing, mask ripped off


Lethal or non-lethal ending for at least one of them?

Spoiler title

Background info:

I told Korra to dive around with the selfie stick for 3-4 minutes or so… but I guess time was flying by for her.

In the end, she was diving around for over 7 minutes, I had to cut that down for the video to around 4 minutes.

It was her first time with such a FFM and she did very well and could equalize without problems (which is more difficult with such a FFM).

With the camera close by you can hear her breathing really well and don’t have the normal background breathing sounds of the camera guy (me).

I think these 2 vs 1 scenarios are quite interesting and have a lot of potential.

I am glad that the Camaro Speedskin that Frogwoman Uma wore in the very first video shoot could be used again as it fits Kara really well.

You can see how weird wetsuit sizes can be as that Camaro Speedskin is an XL and Kara normally wears M.

(more background info in the VIP section as you have to watch the video first #spoiler)


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text)


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It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money:

All that scuba gear, location rent, and the money for the frogwomen and the safety diver.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos….. I won’t be able to make new videos at some point.

I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future!

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Why are my videos not on sites like Clip4sale?

Well, Clip4sale are a bunch of cutthroats that want 40%(!) of each video that you sell.

Yes, they offer those videos to a wide audience, but I don’t wanna give someone 40% for “just” providing the platform to sell the videos.

Also, that would mean that YOU would have to pay a lot more to get the videos…

I guess I could have made more money if my videos were on Clip4sale… but well, I won’t do it.

I will check out other sites like Vimeo though, if that would be an option or not.

The future of Project F?

I will upload two more new Project F videos from this video shoot in the next weeks!

In the summer I wanna finally have my first video shoot in a lake (June?)

And there will be another video shoot this year in this cool deep pool …around August.

So, there will be many more new videos for the VIP club for sure!

Some news + Sarah Connor hosts TV show in smooth skin wetsuit

Ok, a short post for today!

Some news first:

 Video 32 is now also available in the Video Package section (one month after release in the VIP club)!

So you can get it any day you want!



I forgot to post about a certain TV event from some weeks ago…

It’s a game show in which the winner of one show will be the host of the next show.

So, Sarah Connor… the German singer… not the one from Terminator …..won one week.

So, she was the host one week later and the whole show was ocean-themed.

In the past, she already talked about her whale diving and free diving experiences.

So she decided to host the whole show in a smooth-skin wetsuit!

I guess… she might be really into wearing those 😉

It was quite hot in it for her… but she didn’t change her outfit.

3 of the other 4 in the show were also wearing wetsuits, but not all the time, and “just”… regular wetsuits.

I watch this TV show anyhow and adding Sarah Connor in a smooth skin wetsuit to it… was quite something!

Some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

Yeah, the name of the company is hidden, but I am 99% sure that is an Orca wetsuit according to the lettering (size + you can see the “a”).

Well, I think she looks really great in this outfit! I guess some folks might have gotten inspired by her outfit…

Quite some fetishy elements in a big TV show here!

I guess the ratings were quite good for that evening…

Perhaps one day a female celebrity will host such a show in a black latex catsuit.

Even then there would be a lot who would complain and rant about it 😉

You will find more pictures of her in a wetsuit on her Insta:

You can also find a lot of the show in videos here:

Don’t know if you can watch those if you aren’t in Germany… but with a VPN you can swiftly get there 😉


No new post this weekend… but…

… there will be one early next week!


But how about at least a nice picture for today?


By the way: I always post 2 videos (or picture sets) from them in the VIP club each month…. among the other content.

They have been out of business for some years already… #sadly

Frogwoman VIP Club: May 2024

New month, new content for the VIP Club here on Frogwoman!

The VIP-Club has been updated with new material, enjoy!

9(!) scubalicious videos are waiting for you this month (all can be downloaded of course):


 2 mystery videos (never shown before here)

+ 7 of my “Project F” videos:

Video 4 from Project FFrogwoman Uma in a Poseidon FFM

Video 5 from Project FFrogwomen Alice and Lucy are practicing buddy breathing. One of them has sinister plans…

Video 6 from Project FFrogwoman Uma with a drysuit and an Avon S10 gas mask!

Video 18 from Project FFrogwomen Alice and Caity in “Scuba Combat Training 1” (Full Face Mask edition) + an additional version with music and sounds from the Street Fighter video game series!

Video 19 from Project FFrogwomen Kara and Demi in “Learning Scuba”

*NEW* Video 34 from Project FFrogwoman Korra finds a golden coin and gets sneakily attacked by 2 frogwomen!

*NEW* Video 35 from Project F – Release Date: May 26

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(click to enlarge)

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*UPDATE* May 1: The list now has 336 entries and can now be found in the VIP club (will be updated regularly).


+ a Frogwoman Org trailer version with no music, but the actual sound of all the scenes


+ Scuba Fetish Stories:

7 scuba fetish stories (the complete versions)….written by myself: “Vulcan down” + “Vulcan down: Part 2 – Scuba battle” + “Catwoman – The masked scuba thief” + Vulcan down – Version 2 – Angelo VS Fiona (each at least 15 pages) + “The Scuba Avenger”: Ep 1 – James (6 pages) + The Scuba Avenger”: Ep 2 – Jessica (13 pages) + The scuba instructor (2 versions)

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