No new post this weekend… but…

… there will be one early next week!


But how about at least a nice picture for today?


By the way: I always post 2 videos (or picture sets) from them in the VIP club each month…. among the other content.

They have been out of business for some years already… #sadly

5 thoughts on “No new post this weekend… but…”

  1. Agreed. Encased in smooth, skintight rubber and armed with a high-powered speargun. Gorgeous and deadly…

  2. Sometimes a really wish aquawomen was still around, they made rally good content from what I was able to see. I’m still somewhat sad, that I didn’t have a chance to see some of the full photo sets (I didn’t have my own income back then, so I couldn’t subscribe)

    • Yeah, I subscribed sometimes back in the day but was very picky about what I would download.
      I do have quite a lot of the videos, but not many photo sets.
      Wish I would have grabbed much more.


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