Some news + Sarah Connor hosts TV show in smooth skin wetsuit

Ok, a short post for today!

Some news first:

 Video 32 is now also available in the Video Package section (one month after release in the VIP club)!

So you can get it any day you want!



I forgot to post about a certain TV event from some weeks ago…

It’s a game show in which the winner of one show will be the host of the next show.

So, Sarah Connor… the German singer… not the one from Terminator …..won one week.

So, she was the host one week later and the whole show was ocean-themed.

In the past, she already talked about her whale diving and free diving experiences.

So she decided to host the whole show in a smooth-skin wetsuit!

I guess… she might be really into wearing those 😉

It was quite hot in it for her… but she didn’t change her outfit.

3 of the other 4 in the show were also wearing wetsuits, but not all the time, and “just”… regular wetsuits.

I watch this TV show anyhow and adding Sarah Connor in a smooth skin wetsuit to it… was quite something!

Some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

Yeah, the name of the company is hidden, but I am 99% sure that is an Orca wetsuit according to the lettering (size + you can see the “a”).

Well, I think she looks really great in this outfit! I guess some folks might have gotten inspired by her outfit…

Quite some fetishy elements in a big TV show here!

I guess the ratings were quite good for that evening…

Perhaps one day a female celebrity will host such a show in a black latex catsuit.

Even then there would be a lot who would complain and rant about it 😉

You will find more pictures of her in a wetsuit on her Insta:

You can also find a lot of the show in videos here:

Don’t know if you can watch those if you aren’t in Germany… but with a VPN you can swiftly get there 😉


3 thoughts on “Some news + Sarah Connor hosts TV show in smooth skin wetsuit”

  1. Oh my god ! She look phenomenal!
    This is an inspired choice of outfit, fair play to herb, she must have been roasting in that suit but she didn’t break a sweat !
    This really needs to become a thing on Saturday night TV in the UK and Germany!

    • Yeah, I guess the makeup-guys had to dry up her face here and there when the camera wasn’t looking and in the commercial breaks.


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