Father and daughter make a wreck dive…. and find a guy with a spear gun! [80s Sea Hunt]

So… three weeks ago I made a post about an old Sea Hunt episode from the late 50s.

So, how about a scene from the newer Sea Hunt TV show from the 80s?

In this scene, Mike Nelson and his daughter are exploring a wreck… until a guy points a spear gun at them!



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Yeah, a solid scene!

I’m not the biggest fan of such ’80s wetsuits… but I know many like them.

Her peril scene is pretty short and she isn’t in any real danger at that point… but it’s a nice little bonus.

The guy with the spear gun adds some thrill to it… even though he is “just” pointing it at them and there is no fight.

I included the surface scene so you can see her… unmasked.


Wanna know the episode name?

To my research, it is episode 10, “Danger, Mines Ahead!”… even the title doesn’t really fit the episode…

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2 frogwomen, a spear gun and a damaged air hose [aka How to totally ruin a scuba peril scene by total imcompentence]

I have known this one for a while and it was on the blog at some point… but can’t find it anymore.

Luckily I got some info from a nice guy and was able to get my hands on the whole episode.

Thanks for the help!

This scene is pretty special… as it is a perfect example of how you can ruin a potential great scuba peril scene with total incompetence.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Alternative link in case you can’t see it on Youtube:


Yeah… you are not dreaming… THAT really happened in that video! 😆

I don’t know where to start… #madness

Okay, purple frogwoman has a grudge against pink frogwoman for some reason.

She has the plan to sneakily kill her with a spear gun attack from behind….  ok. #unfair #unsportswomanslike

That is not so easy, especially as the tank is in the way, the target is moving and there is already some distance between them.

But ok, it’s doable…. more or less.

Here we already have these ridiculous switches between footage that was filmed in the ocean and footage that was filmed in the pool.

It’s SO obvious that I can’t believe that they thought it would be okay to do it like that.

It’s hilarious… but back to the two frogwomen:

The spear damages the air hose of Pinky… did she aim for that or was that pure luck?

It’s insane that Pinky isn’t aware at all that that happened.

She must have seen the spear that damaged the air hose and then must have passed her!

What about the noises? She didn’t hear the impact? She doesn’t notice at any time that her air hose is losing that much air? #noises

The villainess immediately flees the other way… why? She has had that spear gun, which quickly vanishes.

Immediately she gets stuck!? WHAT? HOW is this happening? Why can’t she get out?

So Pinky turns around… still not realizing all the bubbles and noises and rushes to save her murderous dive buddy.

The villainess gets rescued and immediately swims towards the surface without ever checking on Pinky. #worstdivebuddy

Then Pinky spits out her regulator, which is fully free-flowing…. why? IF the tank is empty already… which is extremely unrealistic… where are all these bubbles coming from??????

Why is she spitting out the regulator in the first place? So many questions!!!!

Ok, then the villainess is on the surface, and for some magical reason, the unconscious/dead Pinky is already on the surface as well 😆

And now the villainess is crying and all broken up about that Pinky isn’t in the best shape. #Whatisgoingon

Moments ago she tried to murder her… but ok… seemingly the fact that Pinky “saved” her ….made them best friends again….. 😆

…oh my god!

This script is so criminally insane, that it is very funny.

A real shame how they managed to obliterate a really good situation.

We have two frogwomen, and one wants to kill the other one! That could lead to a great scuba fight and some great peril moments.

But it turned into an absurd comedy.

I don’t have an IMDB link for that one.

But as far as I know, the English title is “Fiery Passion” a TV show, the episode number is 30 and it was made/aired in 1992.

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Rubber frogman VS female diver with spear gun [Blog exclusive]

Time to post about another scene from this early TV show!

More here:


Youtube didn’t like videos from that show so I won’t upload it there.



(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


Watch the video before you continue!

What I would give to have that scene in color…..

There are 4 seasons of this TV show. 3 of them were filmed in color. Sadly this is also from the first season 🙁

A really nice scene, even though I would have preferred for them to switch roles and gear.

She in that rubber wetsuit and the male diver pointed the spear gun at her.

And the fight would then last much longer.

However, it’s really nice to see the underwater fight! She made a rookie mistake: When you have a ranged weapon…. don’t get too close to your enemy 😉

But ok, she isn’t trained in scuba combat like the hero of the show.

I will post another scene from this episode.


*EDIT* July 16:

More of her in action here:


Wanna know from which episode this was?


What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment here!

4 heavily armed gangsters VS 2 frogwomen!

Thanks a lot to the guy who recommended me this one!

It is a rather unusual one, but it has some interesting elements for sure.

4 heavily armed gangsters on boats are fighting against 2 (submerged) frogwomen! Who will win?


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

I don’t know the background story behind this as I only watched the first episode of the first season 2 years ago.

If someone knows the background story… feel welcome to leave a comment!


Let’s start with the negative aspects… in my opinion.

There is some rather bad CGI involved. The whole scene with one of the frogwomen firing her two flare guns looks pretty cheap.

It looks weird and the sound of the guns is a little off. I so much prefer when they are shooting for “real” with blanks. Looks and sounds much better!

Quite a miracle that the 4 didn’t manage to score any hits on the two with these weapons.

*EDIT* Well, thanks to a video a nice user provided (check the comments) I now know that these bullets are actually already harmless after just a few feet of water.

Yeah, they can’t see them, but they see bubbles and they must have hit them with some luck with all these weapons.


On the good side…. I really like this scenario, very unusual stuff! The closeups with the frogwomen are good and it’s nice to have such an action scene, even if they are just fighting over distance.

A shame that the bad guys didn’t have some scuba gear to join the underwater action 😉

I edited these scenes and cut out all the stuff that happens on the boat. There is a pregnant friend of them there who is about to give birth….

The eye patch is a nice aspect as well, pretty unique. Interesting that she has a different one for scuba diving than she has on land.

They are running around in their wetsuits for a long time but I wanted to have a video under 3 minutes since videos from Netflix shows get quickly banned on Youtube… if they are too “long”.

But I included the end scene here to show them “unmasked” without hoods and masks, sort of a reveal at the end 😉

Wanna know from what episode of which show this is?


(+ the following episode)

What do you think of that scene?

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Ordered some additional gear earlier this week.

4 Frogwomen will be there, and 2 of them will be in such videos for the first time.

One frogwoman will be on standby if one of the others will get sick or have second thoughts.

There will be new “Project F” videos in February.

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Frogwoman VS 5 male divers! [aka How to totally ruin a great setting]

A nice guy recommended me a movie:

“…. and it involves one female diver against 4 male divers. The female diver also surfaces and fights men on a boat.”

Well, for a moment I was really thrilled! A female diver fights against 4 male divers??? Or even 5 if I’m counting right… Sounds great, sounds awesome!

But then I thought…. well, why don’t I know that scene after 900 years of searching for such scenes? And I got a really bad feeling…. 😉

Here is a preview:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video from hell:

Well….. OH MY GOD!!! Or rather… WTF!!!

Ok, you have a frogwoman heroine and several evil divers…. and they actually do fight underwater…. and THIS is the result of the filming?


I’m not sure if I should laugh my ass off or break down in tears…. or both.

A perfect example of how to totally ruin potential great scenes 🙁

Some folks (not me) are complaining that the scuba battles in Thunderball are too long and “slow” as the water slows down the action.

I also remember that the director of the Thunderball remake “Never say never again” was also no fan of underwater fights.

So, perhaps the director of this “movie” thought about how he could make these fights more intense and with more speed (in his opinion).

And his solution was seemingly to just increase the playback speed… of many action scenes (even on land).

Well, the result is laughably bad… in my opinion… and totally ruins these scenes.

The murky water is also a problem and they seemingly had no underwater lights at all…

In the end, I can’t enjoy these underwater fights at all and am really annoyed afterward.

The wetsuit of the frogwoman is uninteresting and very loose… I guess so the actress/stunt woman could do her martial arts moves. Quite a turn-off.

I’m 99% sure that these scenes were partially cut, as we don’t see the first two frogmen get hit by the spear, but well…. cut or not cut… all hope is lost here.


Oddly enough a german DVD of this “movie” is released in a few days for very little money, guess I will buy that one for the scuba collection as a perfect example on how to NOT do a scuba fight scene.

There are no more scuba scenes with her in this one.

Wanna know the title of this insane flick?


What do you think of these scenes?

Let me know and post a comment!




The frogwoman that saw too much (+bonus scene)

Here are 2 brand-new scuba scenes from a new TV episode.

And these scenes do contain some serious action 😉

I won’t tell you more to not spoil you too much, check out the video!

Preview, Scene 1:

(click to enlarge)

Preview, Scene 2:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video with both scenes:

Hmh, as much as I appreciate new material with scuba action and peril…..this could have been done much better.

Some remarks on the scenes:

-The bad guys were strange suits…. pretty ironic/weird/unusual that they were completely white(!!!) 😆

-I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think someone would immediately die from such a hit with a spear gun in that region of the body, but she was doomed as she was hit for sure

-The bad guys not only seem to have reserve spears (pretty unusual) they know how to reload them real quickly while chasing after someone…..odd….

-In the 2nd scene they show up again and fire and the good guys…but what happens then? Are they too slow to follow them? How did they not hit them with their spearguns?


However, the first scene is pretty unusual as it shows a frogwoman getting killed by a spear gun. That is extremely rare!

In my version that would have chased her without spear guns. They would have had a rather short battle and one of them would have sliced her air hose and drowned her

Later in the episode, the other frogwoman and the detective would have battled them in a long scuba fight. 😉

In the end, the frogmen would get what they deserve….

Wanna know from which TV show or movie this was taken?


What do you folks think about these scenes?

What do you like and dislike about them?




Frogwomen in combat! [Fan Art]

Today I wanna present another artist from Deviantart!

This wanna specializes in frogwoman in combat.

Well, most of them get stabbed or speared, which isn’t really something for me, but I know it is interesting for some of the visitors here 😉 .

And he made some really good pictures with frogwomen in sexy suits and perilous situations.

Here are my favorites:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

If you want to see more from him, visit his DA-site:

Sandfin on DA

What do you think of these pictures?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!




The Thunderball scuba battle with FEMALE divers! – [Fan art by blacksuitedspectre]

I always missed female divers in the epic Thunderball scuba battle. This guy is remaking that battle with female divers instead of male divers!

And the result is really great 🙂

Here are some selected pictures:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

Well, isn’t that really great art? These sexy women in their sexy gear fighting each other… just great!

I especially like the scenes with air hose cuts….

You should check out his DeviantArt site to enjoy the whole battle, more than 100 images are waiting for you (and more to come):

Blacksuitedspectre on DA

These pictures really fuel the imagination 😉

Damn, I really need the lottery money to bring these pictures to life…. 😆

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