2 frogwomen, a spear gun and a damaged air hose [aka How to totally ruin a scuba peril scene by total imcompentence]

I have known this one for a while and it was on the blog at some point… but can’t find it anymore.

Luckily I got some info from a nice guy and was able to get my hands on the whole episode.

Thanks for the help!

This scene is pretty special… as it is a perfect example of how you can ruin a potential great scuba peril scene with total incompetence.


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Here is the video:

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Yeah… you are not dreaming… THAT really happened in that video! 😆

I don’t know where to start… #madness

Okay, purple frogwoman has a grudge against pink frogwoman for some reason.

She has the plan to sneakily kill her with a spear gun attack from behind….  ok. #unfair #unsportswomanslike

That is not so easy, especially as the tank is in the way, the target is moving and there is already some distance between them.

But ok, it’s doable…. more or less.

Here we already have these ridiculous switches between footage that was filmed in the ocean and footage that was filmed in the pool.

It’s SO obvious that I can’t believe that they thought it would be okay to do it like that.

It’s hilarious… but back to the two frogwomen:

The spear damages the air hose of Pinky… did she aim for that or was that pure luck?

It’s insane that Pinky isn’t aware at all that that happened.

She must have seen the spear that damaged the air hose and then must have passed her!

What about the noises? She didn’t hear the impact? She doesn’t notice at any time that her air hose is losing that much air? #noises

The villainess immediately flees the other way… why? She has had that spear gun, which quickly vanishes.

Immediately she gets stuck!? WHAT? HOW is this happening? Why can’t she get out?

So Pinky turns around… still not realizing all the bubbles and noises and rushes to save her murderous dive buddy.

The villainess gets rescued and immediately swims towards the surface without ever checking on Pinky. #worstdivebuddy

Then Pinky spits out her regulator, which is fully free-flowing…. why? IF the tank is empty already… which is extremely unrealistic… where are all these bubbles coming from??????

Why is she spitting out the regulator in the first place? So many questions!!!!

Ok, then the villainess is on the surface, and for some magical reason, the unconscious/dead Pinky is already on the surface as well 😆

And now the villainess is crying and all broken up about that Pinky isn’t in the best shape. #Whatisgoingon

Moments ago she tried to murder her… but ok… seemingly the fact that Pinky “saved” her ….made them best friends again….. 😆

…oh my god!

This script is so criminally insane, that it is very funny.

A real shame how they managed to obliterate a really good situation.

We have two frogwomen, and one wants to kill the other one! That could lead to a great scuba fight and some great peril moments.

But it turned into an absurd comedy.

I don’t have an IMDB link for that one.

But as far as I know, the English title is “Fiery Passion” a TV show, the episode number is 30 and it was made/aired in 1992.

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