2 frogwomen, a spear gun and a damaged air hose [aka How to totally ruin a scuba peril scene by total imcompentence]

I have known this one for a while and it was on the blog at some point… but can’t find it anymore.

Luckily I got some info from a nice guy and was able to get my hands on the whole episode.

Thanks for the help!

This scene is pretty special… as it is a perfect example of how you can ruin a potential great scuba peril scene with total incompetence.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Alternative link in case you can’t see it on Youtube:


Yeah… you are not dreaming… THAT really happened in that video! πŸ˜†

I don’t know where to start… #madness

Okay, purple frogwoman has a grudge against pink frogwoman for some reason.

She has the plan to sneakily kill her with a spear gun attack from behind….  ok. #unfair #unsportswomanslike

That is not so easy, especially as the tank is in the way, the target is moving and there is already some distance between them.

But ok, it’s doable…. more or less.

Here we already have these ridiculous switches between footage that was filmed in the ocean and footage that was filmed in the pool.

It’s SO obvious that I can’t believe that they thought it would be okay to do it like that.

It’s hilarious… but back to the two frogwomen:

The spear damages the air hose of Pinky… did she aim for that or was that pure luck?

It’s insane that Pinky isn’t aware at all that that happened.

She must have seen the spear that damaged the air hose and then must have passed her!

What about the noises? She didn’t hear the impact? She doesn’t notice at any time that her air hose is losing that much air? #noises

The villainess immediately flees the other way… why? She has had that spear gun, which quickly vanishes.

Immediately she gets stuck!? WHAT? HOW is this happening? Why can’t she get out?

So Pinky turns around… still not realizing all the bubbles and noises and rushes to save her murderous dive buddy.

The villainess gets rescued and immediately swims towards the surface without ever checking on Pinky. #worstdivebuddy

Then Pinky spits out her regulator, which is fully free-flowing…. why? IF the tank is empty already… which is extremely unrealistic… where are all these bubbles coming from??????

Why is she spitting out the regulator in the first place? So many questions!!!!

Ok, then the villainess is on the surface, and for some magical reason, the unconscious/dead Pinky is already on the surface as well πŸ˜†

And now the villainess is crying and all broken up about that Pinky isn’t in the best shape. #Whatisgoingon

Moments ago she tried to murder her… but ok… seemingly the fact that Pinky “saved” her ….made them best friends again….. πŸ˜†

…oh my god!

This script is so criminally insane, that it is very funny.

A real shame how they managed to obliterate a really good situation.

We have two frogwomen, and one wants to kill the other one! That could lead to a great scuba fight and some great peril moments.

But it turned into an absurd comedy.

I don’t have an IMDB link for that one.

But as far as I know, the English title is “Fiery Passion” a TV show, the episode number is 30 and it was made/aired in 1992.


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Evil frogwoman likes to drown women [Mystery movie/TV show]

I have known this scene for a while, and some weeks ago someone asked if I would know the title of the movie/TV show from which these scenes are.

Well, I don’t know the title… but hopefully, this post will solve that mystery as there must be someone out there who knows!

And then, as a next step, it would be perhaps possible to get the whole movie or TV episode in a better picture quality.

Because the picture quality is really bad, especially in the first part.

So, does anyone know the movie title (or TV episode/series title)?


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video (picture quality does get better after the first minute):

Watch the video before you continue!

With the different picture quality throughout that video, I bet it’s from different sources.

I hope that the whole movie or episode is available out there in a better quality!

I LOVE the concept here with the villainess who puts on scuba gear to let these women disappear as she drowns them by pulling them underwater!

I really must know why she is doing that… and … how she gets caught in the end (most likely).

In my version, a female detective would be after her and then you would have a dramatic scuba battle at the end where the detective finally gets the upper hand and drowns the villainess after a long struggle.

My bet is that she “just” gets arrested… but I wanna know the whole story behind these drownings. Why is she doing that?

Also, the idea that she is doing it so sneakily with her scuba gear hidden in certain places… is really cool.

I guess… IF I can see the movie/episode one day… it will be in Japanese with no dub or subtitles available… but that would already be awesome!

Then I would update this post of course.

So… again:

So, does anyone know the movie title (or TV episode/series title)?

Please leave a comment on YouTube or here.

The evil frogwoman strikes yet again…. in a DIFFERENT TV show! [2 scenes]

Hah, slightly confused by that title? πŸ˜‰

This is a very interesting case and I’m sure you will find it very interesting!

This time without preview pictures as the post contains 4 videos (2 of them new to this blog).

THANKS a lot to the guy who mentioned that episode of this show. I am quite surprised I didn’t hear about it earlier.


Remember this epic scene?

This was my post from 2013:


Now check out this scene, which can be found in another TV show made 4 years later:

Hmh, somehow it looks quite similar….even there are no underwater shots in this one and she makes it to the ladder before she gets drowned.

The attacker is basically not shown here except for the hand in rubber that grabs onto her ankle.

It’s rather odd that the evil frogwoman is able to pull her down with ONE arm while she has to fight her own buoyancy.

I mean the other woman has a solid stand on the ladder and is holding onto it with both arms.

Guess the evil frogwoman has exercised a lot πŸ˜‰


But this was only the beginning….. πŸ˜‰

Remember the ultimate highlight of that TV episode with the evil frogwoman?

My original post from back then:


Now check out this scene, which can also be found in that TV show made 4 years later:

Well…. quite odd! They re-used the complete underwater footage here!!!

The scenario is exactly the same. The detective (Ben Gazzara!) wants to meet with a woman only to be attacked by a mysterious frogwoman in rubber!

But there are some differences (despite the different actors):

Here we actually see some very short scenes of the evil frogwoman above the water.

In the original, they fight underwater and suddenly….cut….and he is in a hospital. One of the worst cuts in the history of humankind! ARGHHHHH!

In this “remake” we see him pulling the obviously defeated frogwoman to the shore, with her mouthpiece in his hand!

But then…. I start yelling at the screen! AGAIN, they don’t show the villainess anymore except for some seconds where she is already covered in a blanket.

How bizarre is that? Why have they shown only so little of her??? I would have loved to see the defeated frogwoman in her wet rubber suit on the surface! Just add a dialogue there and show her!

The murderer is finally caught and she just vanishes without saying a word!

DAMN! Really frustrates me big time! That and that the moment of him overpowering her underwater isn’t shown properly.

However the flaws, that ending… in both versions…. in one of my all-time favorites!

It’s such a unique scenario. An evil frogwoman in rubber who wants to drown a guy in this scene ….and already did drown a woman earlier in the episode!

How often do you get that in a TV show or movie? Spoiler-Alert….Basically NEVER! πŸ˜‰

Ok, it’s hard to say if the diver who actually did the diving during filming is actually a woman….since the underwater picture is rather dark… or if they used a male diver to double for the villainess.

However it is supposed to be a woman, that is 100% clear.

So, why the same scenario and the same underwater footage?

These episodes are from different TV shows but are basically identical as the script is nearly a copy (some slight changes).

With some quick research, I found out that both TV shows were made by the same company (Roncom Films) for the same network (NBC).

The earlier show is from 1964 and the “remake” is from 1968.

So they “just” re-used footage that they shoot some years earlier.

Quite bizarre that they just remade an entire episode just some years later in a different TV show.

Don’t know why they did it, perhaps they were just lazy and recycled the script πŸ˜†

In the original, the villainess is the secretary of the guy who was in love with the drowned woman from the beginning of the episode.

Here is a picture of the villainous redhead from the original (Fiona Volpe vibes):

Really a shame she wasn’t shown on the surface in her rubbery frogwoman suit. πŸ™

In the remake, she is his personal physical therapist (and less attractive)…but that is already one of the biggest changes from the original to the remake.

I guess you might wanna know now from which TV show that remake is?


(IMDB says episode 22, my file says 23… look for the title of the episode)

So, what do you think of these scenes?

Do you prefer the original or the remake?

Leave your comments below!


An actress gets attacked by an evil female scuba diver! [UPGRADE]

This was one of my earliest posts:


….and I wanna make a new post about it as this one deserves a proper post with proper text!

And by making a new post I wanna present that scene/the movie to all folks who don’t know the original post from 2013.

This one is very special for me, and I wanna explain why, but first, check out some preview pictures and the video.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, some backstory first.

The woman who walks into the lake is playing an actress in a movie…in the movie. She is the leading lady.

The villainess already killed off some folks throughout the movie with various methods (drowning (no UW footage), bow and arrow, etc.).

So, at the very beginning, you can see the safety diver who was supposed to look out for the actress in the lake already murdered (wasn’t shown in the movie).

She has the same type of wetsuit like he does, she is well prepared.

And damn, I just love her wetsuit, she looks great in that smooth skin wetsuit πŸ™‚

The way the camera moves higher on her body and she puts on her scuba mask….well done!

What is funny is the fact that her first stage is on the wrong side, her left side….and so the regulator is also wrong as it is upside-down in her mouth (the exhale on top).

Reminds me of the scuba scene with Claudine Auger in Thunderball, where the same mistake happened.

Seems like the filming crew here didn’t know much about scuba diving πŸ˜‰

Later on, as she is underwater the mistake got corrected.

The “good” woman is wearing a wetsuit and scuba socks under her coat they don’t bother in hiding it especially as she is out of the water again in the end. But I guess she was wearing that for the filming of that scene of the movie that they shot inside this movie…..quite confusing πŸ˜†


Underwater, there are two main problems for me.

The visibility is quite bad and I guess therefore the camera is very close to the two women, too close sometimes.

But I love the breathing sounds of the villainess and the fact that the other woman fights back, she isn’t totally passive like other women in other movies.

Several times she tries to steal the regulator of the villainess….. so great!

The villainess “only” needs to keep her underwater, even that would be pretty difficult in reality, as the other woman has no weights on her and is even wearing a wetsuit!

I think it would be hard to keep her from surfacing, but ok, only a small issue.

It’s also a little off that the guy does immediately find the two in a murky lake and that without a scuba mask. Yeah, there are bubbles from the regulator of the villainess, but I think it would be really difficult to find them quickly. Especially without a scuba mask.

It’s a shame that the detective was already in scuba gear and disturbs the villainess.

A shame that the villainess here wasn’t able to put up more of a fight. Quickly he yanks down her mask hard and thereby also removes her regulator. With one swift move, she is finished.

Seemingly he quickly yanks down her scuba hood as soon they hit the surface because her hood is already down as the camera shows her.

I love the way she looks as they drag her away in her gorgeous scuba outfit!


And the whole idea of having this villainess putting on that scuba gear to sneakily kill a woman in a film shooting is just brilliant and quite ….sexy….for me.

I mean it’s incredibly rare to have a frogwoman who tries to kill someone. Especially in such a sexy wetsuit!

This villainess here is one of my favorite villainesses of all time.

And even the scuba scene has quite some flaws, I will make an entry in the Hall of Fame, where you already can find a special “wetsuit cut” video of this scene!


Would have loved to see how she would have escaped from the lake in her wetsuit…

Here is the movie title:


What do you think of these scenes?

What do you think of her scuba gear?

Leave a comment below!

Meanwhile on Maskripper….

On my other blog you can find a villainess in an unusual gas mask:


Yeah, a gas mask would fit here too, but this time I decided it would fit better to the other blog since the villainess has a secret identity she wants to disguise.


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The martial arts villainess in a rubber wetsuit

First of all, thanks a lot to the friendly guy who recommended me this scene!

The scene has clearly some minus points….but for a movie from the ’90s, it has a really sexy rubber wetsuit! Yeah, I know…..it’s not really made out of rubber….very sure it’s smooth skin neoprene…but it sure looks great!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, let’s start with the negative aspects for me. It’s another movie that has scuba divers but doesn’t have one second of scuba diving in it πŸ™

In my version, the Yacht would be anchored and would have had some security frogwomen to protect it, so there would be a nice scuba fight before the bad guys enter the yacht. πŸ˜‰

And also, the villainess/henchwoman surely can kick ass, but well…..she isn’t really attractive. You can see her without the scuba hood at the very end of the video….in case you missed it.

But on the good side…. it’s great to see a woman in such a suit kicking ass! Something really rare….

It seems like she would completely do her own stunts, so I guess she is/was a stunt performer in the first place.

And also….no surprise….I love such wetsuits! You can’t come much closer to a 60’s vintage rubber wetsuit!

And it’s nice that the wetsuit is a little wet in these scenes, it surely looks better that way.

The scene with the fire extinguisher was quite odd. The villainess seemingly thought that she could use her scuba mask as she put it on before checking that closet. And instinctively she managed to kick the princess….ok, she escaped anyway but textbook villain-actor Robert Davi showed up to stop her.

But ok, it’s (supposed to be) a comedy, so I guess they thought let’s spray her with fire extinguisher foam.


Let’s end with a nice thought:

Imagine Luciana Paluzzi (Fiona Volpe in Thunderball) in that suit……… πŸ˜‰


Wanna know from which movie this is?


What do you think of these scenes?

Leave your comment below!


An evil frogwoman on treasure hunt [female Baywatch Scuba scenes in HD #16]

Still got more female scuba scenes from Baywatch!

In this one, we have a couple diving to find a certain box. In this box, there are some really nice “stones”.

I had to shorten the video a bit to make it not too long for YouTube (Baywatch videos over 5 minutes got blocked in the past).


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

And if you wanna see what happens to him….and wanna watch a short, but sexy Bonus scene with Carmen Electra in stunning boots:


A good dive scene, she looks good in scuba gear!

A little embarrassing how the very small rubber/plastic shark passed by and then some stock footage of a great white shark followed πŸ˜†

Have you noticed that her regulator changes between the beginning and the end (colors)?

Also, her blonde hair clearly looks like a wig.

However, I like her evil spirit…a shame she didn’t get into a scuba fight with some Baywatch folks.

This is the episode:


What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment below!