Claudine Auger on a scuba date with Sean Connery

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This scene is actually already on this blog, deep down on the older pages. Of course, it needs to be on the Thunderball project, it is the only time seeing a woman dive with scuba gear… 🙁 

But after the (not shown) scuba sex we do see them on the beach. And Auger wears her most famous black and white bikini 🙂 




Even in that short scene, you can find a little mistake, a mistake only divers will notice (I guess):

(Of course, non-divers can see that her air hose is changing sides too)

It would have been great to have more women in scuba gear underwater… that’s pretty much my only major complaint about this

fantastic movie.

More on “what would I change about Thunderball” on a later page.

Your opinions about this scene?


7 thoughts on “Claudine Auger on a scuba date with Sean Connery”

    • Hmh, good question. Back then in the 60’s (and until the 90’s) the bond girls were just eye candy most of the time. They needed to be rescued very often and were often very passive. In my version Domino would get much more active and would be an experienced diver..
      And of course she (among other women) would have much more diving time then just the few seconds we see her on screen in scuba gear in Thunderball. After Bond persuades her that Largo is the bad guy that ordered her brother to be killed, she would steal some SPECTRE dive gear and would search for the bombs. She puts on a tight rubber wetsuit and uses the motorboat she used before to look for the bombs. May be she found some information on the location of the bombs on the Disco Volante. She wants to prove that. Vargas (the henchman) follows her and finally confronts her underwater. He just wants to overpower her to bring her back to Largo at first. But it will become a fight to the death. They fight, they struggle trying to grab their oponents scuba mask or to cut the air hoses. That would be a rather long fight scene…He manages to rip off her scuba mask, but let’s his guard down in this moment. She cuts his air hose. They are pretty deep. He tries to steal her regulator to survive. But she manages to defend it long enough…he gets weaker and drowns.
      Later on she would join the final scuba battle at some point (and she wouldn’t be the only woman in that fight 😉 )

          • I love to imagine being in a film playing a diver in an all-male unit that gets wiped out by a female unit. So hot to be disposed of by a sexy woman in a wetsuit! Then after the battle the women finning away leaving our bodies (and a few of their own) littering the sea floor like so many pieces of rubbish…

  1. This was it… this caused my desire for diving girls. I dream about doing this scene if I ever get a girlfriend who love diving too.


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