Frogwomen Rachel, Lucy, and Alice in “Scuba Combat Training 7” (incl. 2nd camera on frogwoman) – [33rd video of Project F – 5th video shoot]

So, it’s time for the third “Project F” video in 2024!

This is video 33 and the third from the 5th video shoot.

In this video, Rachel, Lucy, and Alice are testing their scuba combat skills in 5 rounds of scuba action!

Yeah, I know… I already made several videos with this scenario in the past, but this one is… very special 🙂

For the first time in my Project F, a second camera was used to film from a POV perspective of one of the frogwomen.

So… actually, you will get 2 videos (A + B) here! Ok, they show the same action… but from two different perspectives!

In video 33A you will have the normal perspective from the camera that I used as I filmed the action.

In video 33B you will have the special perspective from one of the frogwomen with a camera that was mounted on them!

That means that you will get very close to the other frogwoman and that you will hear the breathing of each frogwoman much better than before.

You might wanna consider which video to watch first 😉


Frogwomen Rachel, Lucy, and Alice in “Scuba Combat Training 7” (incl. 2nd camera on frogwoman!)

1080p, 3:50(A), and 3:43 (B) minutes … 7:33 minutes in total

Rachel is participating in all 5 rounds, Lucy in rounds 1-3, and Alice in rounds 4-5

2nd camera is mounted on Lucy’s head in rounds 1 and 2, and on Rachel’s chest in rounds 3-5


Some preview pictures:

(click to enlarge) 

The music in the trailer is from “Thunderball”.

Originally there was music in the whole trailer, but there was already a copyright issue with the 29-second length.

The music is only in the trailer, not in the video.

Feel welcome to hit the LIKE button of the video on YouTube! 😉

Video contains:

3 frogwomen, neoprene, 3 smooth skin wetsuits, scuba peril, scuba fight, modern scuba gear,

2 hood, fins, fin removal, regulator stealing, 2nd camera mounted on frogwoman as POV camera


Lethal or non-lethal ending for at least one of them?

Well, it’s a training scenario….

Background info:

I invested the money to buy a second GoPro before the last video shoot as I wanted to use 2 cameras simultaneously in a video.

Especially I wanted to test how it would look (and sound) when you would mount a camera on one of the frogwomen during the fight.

In rounds 1 and 2 I tested the head mount as the camera was strapped to Lucy’s head in these two.

I don’t know how I came up with the brilliant idea to mount it on her hood instead of under it… 😆 #fail

It doesn’t look good filmed from the view of the main camera and also the camera can be dislocated unintentionally… as you can see at the end of round 2 😉

However, I think that this camera angle might be the better one in comparison as it follows the head movement of the frogwoman.

In rounds 3 to 5 we had the camera mounted/strapped on the chest of Rachel where it was blended in well with her black suit.

Certainly an interesting perspective as well, even that doesn’t follow her.

In video 33B you will sometimes see Alice (as safety diver) or myself (with camera) in the background. 

I thought about cutting out these parts or blurring the two of us… but I think it’s better to leave that unedited.

I added the info with the round number for the length of both videos so it would be easier to know which round is currently running.

Especially in comparison with videos A and B.

In the future, I might also try a video where 2 cameras are mounted on one frogwoman…

…and then I could use the best footage from each camera for a video that is completely shown from her perspective.


Frogwoman Lucy is wearing an awesome vintage-style wetsuit from Elios:


I used some filters (10% more brightness in gamma and gain, text)


Where to watch it?

This video will be available again in September in the VIP club alongside the other content!

Here is a quick overview of the content of this month:


…get the video any time you want (this video will be available there on/after May 21):

You can watch and download these videos in the VIP club, but only for personal use!

Don’t share them with anyone…. anywhere!

It’s pretty simple, I had to spend a lot of money:

All that scuba gear, location rent, and the money for the frogwomen and the safety diver.

If I don’t make enough money with these videos….. I won’t be able to make new videos at some point.

I hope you appreciate these videos and want to see more in the future!

After all, you get all those Project F videos each month  + additional content for just 12 euros (or even less per month if you get into the VIP club for more than one month).

I would say that is quite a bargain!

Why are my videos not on sites like Clip4sale?

Well, Clip4sale are a bunch of cutthroats that want 40%(!) of each video that you sell.

Yes, they offer those videos to a wide audience, but I don’t wanna give someone 40% for “just” providing the platform to sell the videos.

Also, that would mean that YOU would have to pay a lot more to get the videos…

I guess I could have made more money if my videos were on Clip4sale… but well, I won’t do it.

I will check out other sites like Vimeo though, if that would be an option or not.

The future of Project F?

I will upload another new Project F video from this video shoot every 2 weeks from now on…. 6 in total!

In the summer I wanna finally have my first video shoot in a lake (June?)

And there will be another video shoot this year in this cool deep pool …around September.

So, there will be many more new videos for the VIP club for sure!

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