A deadly scuba fight inside a sunken airplane! [Hall of Fame]

This one is quite a blast! And I think many will like this one … a LOT! 😉

Thanks a ton for the recommendation!

This scene actually made it to my Hall of Fame as shows something very rare.

I am very happy about every new scuba scene… especially a big caliber like this one!

Let us check it out!



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

(A filter was used by me to make the video a bit brighter… it is even darker in the original)

Well…. have I promised too much? I hope not….

First, some background story as this scene is a flashback:

“The real Elliot Stanley was a diver, who Frank McDonnell hired to find a downed plane which his father had been on. His father had called him telling him he had important information to

share but had died on the plane before he could show him.

Hoping to find what was inside, Frank hired Elliot. However, Elliot had also become acquainted with Niamh Cassidy, and had travelled down to the plane with her.

While there, she handcuffed him to the plane and sliced his breathing apparatus with a knife, killing him so he couldn’t reveal the truth of what had been found there.”

(not written by me)


Ok, there are some minus points here for sure:

It’s quite a dark scene, even with some added light by me. Ok, it’s realistic as they dive down quite deep and have only their small lights.

It’s uncool that there hasn’t been any surface shot before the dive… especially as they have such cool vintage scuba gear.

Also… it’s not good that his drowning isn’t shown at all. She exists the plane and the rest is left to the imagination.


But… there is a LOT of great aspects in this one for me!

There is a female scuba diver who attacks a male diver and kills him… that is incredibly rare stuff! I know only 3 or 4 scenes where that happens in the movies or in a TV show.

The scuba hear is great. Seems like this is set in the 70s or 80s with these suits. They both have great vintage wetsuits. What is really interesting is that both divers seemingly have “armored”

air hose with some protective encasing around the regular air hose.

That is quite unusual and also … weird. I mean you can see her protector just around most of the hose while some parts aren’t protected by it.

But ok, this way only certain parts of her hose can be sliced.

Perhaps both used this extra protection as they were diving into a wreck … which often has some sharp edges.

Or are they both prepared for a scuba knife fight? 😉


It’s funny and unrealistic that his air hose basically explodes as her knife is just touching it 😆

It’s actually quite difficult to slice such a hose… as I have proven in some of my Project F videos 😉

I really like how she planned this whole thing. She ties him up first, which he realizes very quickly and then she attacks with her knife.

He isn’t helpless and also has a knife. She cuts into his arm, so his defense is down as she slices his air hose.

She is out of his reach and so he is doomed to drown in that plane.

I love all the sounds that he makes in this scene! I guess they added some in post-production, a great job 🙂

He immediately realizes that he is in big trouble and you can hear that from the start.

Also, I do love the reveal of the scuba killer!

How she walks out of the water, that she ditches some gear, and that you can only see from behind how she pulls off her scuba hood.

The audience has still no clue who that is or how she looks until the camera moves around her and shows her face in that phone booth.

A great reveal for sure!

Ok, enough from me… how do YOU like this scene?

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11 thoughts on “A deadly scuba fight inside a sunken airplane! [Hall of Fame]”

    • Well… all the reasons can be found in the post. Female diver drowns male diver… is an insanely rare thing and they did a great job with the sounds and the whole peril aspect.

      • Oh, right, you really like the “peril factor.” Even if as you say they didn’t show the actual demise of the diver on film. Thank you, Dr. J

        • The way to his demise is the most interesting thing to me. Yes, his last seconds aren’t shown, but that isn’t the most important part for me.

  1. I sent a comment asking why Hall of Fame for this clip a few minutes ago, but don’t see it. Your link to Akismet below about comment processing is so general it tells me almost nothing except that maybe my comment is under “Spam Review” indefinitely. Can you enlighten me? Thanks, Dr. J

  2. Another excellent scene, loved her vintage gear and the sight of her striding out of the sea. I would love to have seen her strip off her suit but just the hood was a good start. Thanks for posting this gem, I have never heard of it before, and I live in the IK !

    • What’s the IK? 😉 Yeah… I know what you mean.
      Yeah, more of her on the surface before and after the dive would have been great.
      But on the good side, it’s quite a surprise to see that he was killed by a woman.
      I mean here, with the brighter version you can see it pretty good underwater… but it’s a still a great moment when she strips her her hood and when the camera later on moves around to finally show her face.


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