A deadly scuba fight inside a sunken airplane! [Hall of Fame]

This one is quite a blast! And I think many will like this one … a LOT! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks a ton for the recommendation!

This scene actually made it to my Hall of Fame as shows something very rare.

I am very happy about every new scuba scene… especially a big caliber like this one!

Let us check it out!



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

(A filter was used by me to make the video a bit brighter… it is even darker in the original)

Well…. have I promised too much? I hope not….

First, some background story as this scene is a flashback:

“The real Elliot Stanley was a diver, who Frank McDonnell hired to find a downed plane which his father had been on. His father had called him telling him he had important information to

share but had died on the plane before he could show him.

Hoping to find what was inside, Frank hired Elliot. However, Elliot had also become acquainted with Niamh Cassidy, and had travelled down to the plane with her.

While there, she handcuffed him to the plane and sliced his breathing apparatus with a knife, killing him so he couldn’t reveal the truth of what had been found there.”

(not written by me)


Ok, there are some minus points here for sure:

It’s quite a dark scene, even with some added light by me. Ok, it’s realistic as they dive down quite deep and have only their small lights.

It’s uncool that there hasn’t been any surface shot before the dive… especially as they have such cool vintage scuba gear.

Also… it’s not good that his drowning isn’t shown at all. She exists the plane and the rest is left to the imagination.


But… there is a LOT of great aspects in this one for me!

There is a female scuba diver who attacks a male diver and kills him… that is incredibly rare stuff! I know only 3 or 4 scenes where that happens in the movies or in a TV show.

The scuba hear is great. Seems like this is set in the 70s or 80s with these suits. They both have great vintage wetsuits. What is really interesting is that both divers seemingly have “armored”

air hose with some protective encasing around the regular air hose.

That is quite unusual and also … weird. I mean you can see her protector just around most of the hose while some parts aren’t protected by it.

But ok, this way only certain parts of her hose can be sliced.

Perhaps both used this extra protection as they were diving into a wreck … which often has some sharp edges.

Or are they both prepared for a scuba knife fight? ๐Ÿ˜‰


It’s funny and unrealistic that his air hose basically explodes as her knife is just touching it ๐Ÿ˜†

It’s actually quite difficult to slice such a hose… as I have proven in some of my Project F videos ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really like how she planned this whole thing. She ties him up first, which he realizes very quickly and then she attacks with her knife.

He isn’t helpless and also has a knife. She cuts into his arm, so his defense is down as she slices his air hose.

She is out of his reach and so he is doomed to drown in that plane.

I love all the sounds that he makes in this scene! I guess they added some in post-production, a great job ๐Ÿ™‚

He immediately realizes that he is in big trouble and you can hear that from the start.

Also, I do love the reveal of the scuba killer!

How she walks out of the water, that she ditches some gear, and that you can only see from behind how she pulls off her scuba hood.

The audience has still no clue who that is or how she looks until the camera moves around her and shows her face in that phone booth.

A great reveal for sure!

Ok, enough from me… how do YOU like this scene?

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Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?



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5 tech divers and a deadly scuba accident!?! [Post 1 of 2] + News on Video 25 of Project F

I know about this movie for quite a while since I stumbled upon the cover of the German Bluray.

And as I found out that the main character of the movie is a (female) police diver… I got very thrilled to watch/buy this one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, it’s finally time to make the first post about it!

Another one will follow…

Kiki (a female police diver), her brother and parents, and a close family friend wanna get a new dive record. But something goes horribly wrong!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

This is from the German TV airing of the Belgian movie. Don’t know if there is an English dub for it.

I added the second scene to help to clear some of the confusion as it tells some very important facts about the fatal dive.

First of all, it’s a shame that the actual scuba fights/murders aren’t shown at all in the movie.

You have to imagine it with the clues from the later scene which is in the video above.

Kiki and her brother are already at their own record depth and can’t dive any deeper to (potentially) save their parents.

Both ascend too fast, which is no wonder after what they have been through. But they survive… unlike their parents.

Spoiler title
Cezaire who was the fifth guy had some serious issues with the parents of Kiki and he is the killer.

All in all, it’s a nice peril scene, even though most of the action isn’t shown.

Seeing Kiki diving with that gear is a nice treat though!

I will make another video with 2 underwater/dive scenes with her, not much action there… but they are interesting as well!


*EDIT* July 2:

More scenes with her:


Wanna know the movie title?


The whole movie is available to watch for free here… for now (if you are in Germany):


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Video 25 of “Project F” has to be postponed, sorry! It may be released in July, but right now I think it will be in August.

All those who are in the VIP club in June (but not in July as well) will receive an additional email with the link, so they can watch it even if they are not in the VIP club in July anymore.

An intense scuba figth to the death! [Imagine ifโ€ฆ][Blog exclusive]

As promised I wanna show another scene from the same TV show as in the last post:


Out frogwoman who was stuck in the net in that post is in this video as well, but only short as this post isn’t really about her.

I just included her in the video so that you can see her again ๐Ÿ˜‰

This post is rather from my “Imagine if…” series.

We have a pretty long and intense scuba fight with two frogmen. Damn, I wish there would be such a long scuba fight between two frogWOmen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check it out, I bet you will like it ๐Ÿ˜‰


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Wow, pretty much every way on how to kill an enemy diver is included in this fight…

They try to stab each other, strangle each other, a mask gets ripped off, kick each other, and try to kill the other one with rocks(!) and one tries to smash the other one’s head against rocks.

The scriptwriter was pretty creative for sure! Only a harpoon and a sliced air hose were missing ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the way the good guy finishes the villain (actually Rutger Hauer!) is quite sinister.

I mean I never liked these inflatable vests, especially on frogwomen…. as they obscure the view, but is there no way to stop the inflation once the mechanism was “activated”?

Would like to know if such a “pull cord” had a safety mechanism or so…. I mean I can’t imagine that one unintentional pull on that thing would mean certain death if you are below a certain depth.

I mean, if an enemy diver can be killed with one pull on the inflation mechanism… it’s a very easy method.

Perhaps someone here can explain how these old inflatable vests worked and how “safe” they actually are. Seems like there were quite some potential risks with these vests.. at least regarding misuse.

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


IMDB lists 13 episodes, to my knowledge the show has 6 episodes!?!

Seemingly the show was televised with different long episodes/formats (my guess).

This scene is in episode 6 of 6.


What do you think of these scenes?

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A female scuba murderer? [+BONUS scene]

Now to a mysterious TV episode!

We have 3 divers and a scuba murderer!

But who was it? That’s the question!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the episode before you continue!

Ok, I watched the whole episode of this TV show. But in the end, I was pretty confused….

But let’s start at the beginning.

At first, I was sure that she was the killer! She smiled somehow triumphantly as she entered the boat after the dive. She had gloves, unlike her boyfriend….and the killer was wearing gloves.

Later on in the episode, another murder like this happens, it is just the same…. a surprise attack with a rock from behind.

Then a guy is presented as the potential killer. But did he kill both scuba divers? The ending of the episode is so confusing, that I’m not 100% sure who actually killed these 2 divers.

Well, I’m 90% sure that this guy was the killer (he was on another boat nearby)….but I like the idea of her being the villainous murderer ๐Ÿ˜‰

And the murderer in the picture above looks rather slim for a guy…

But perhaps someone who watched the whole episode also can enlighten us!


What is really annoying for me is that all the divers in this scene are wearing basically the same gear in the same colors.

I hate it when that happens as you then can only guess who is who….especially when there are no closeups to the face underwater.

But ok, here it is used to confuse the audience so that you would suspect either one, the woman, or her boyfriend to be the murderer.

Yeah, I know they can cover a lot more ground with 3 divers in different areas, but it’s very irresponsible that everyone here is diving alone.

But ok, the murder was only possible this way…

*EDIT*, February 14:

As a BONUS for the folks who visit the blog, here is the 2nd scene I was talking about…


So, who was the murderer?

I leave that up to your fantasy…or maybe one of you has the answer after watching the whole episode….

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


What do you think of this scene?

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The scuba killer, the VIP and a pool

First of all:

I posted a little update on Project F:

Project F

(scroll down to update on September 26)

So, this one is a little….”cheat”, but I decided to post it anyway as this scene is very interesting!

Let’s start with some pictures (without showing the killer):

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Yeah, I know, no female diver in this one….but there are some interesting aspects to this one.

Ok, first of all, I would like the scene even better if the killer would be a woman. But female scuba killers are an extremely rare breed….

The scene itself is done pretty well with close-ups of him and her. He holds her down by controlling her arms, that’s very efficient.

She tries to escape his grasp but fails, so she is doomed without help from the outside.

The scuba dude is a stone-cold killer the way he drowns her without any emotions.

I wish he would get drowned himself in the end….but that doesn’t happen….even he would have deserved it.

His blue outfit is quite odd, never seen a wetsuit like that, odd fabric. But it makes a lot of sense to fully disguise himself in complete blue so he wouldn’t be easily spotted in the pool.

But…..I think she should have seen him anyway….unless he was in a spot where he couldn’t see him from the position where she entered the pool.

However, since he is using a normal regulator she should be able to spot his bubbles! Well, unless he was able to not exhale from the time she came near the pool.

Guess that is possible.

The next question is…where he was as the agents searched the garden? If he would be already in the pool….they should have seen or heard him! Perhaps he sneaked into the pool after the search, guess that is also possible.


In my version, the killer would be a frogwoman in black rubber (screw the disguise ๐Ÿ˜‰ who sneaked into the pool as her victim was already swimming there. The swimmer would fight back, struggle hard, steal the regulator of the diver, but would be drowned in the end after she nearly finished off the diver.

Or she would pretend to be dead and then attack the frogman from behind, stealing his regulator…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wanna know from which TV episode this scene is?


What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment below!

The frogwoman that saw too much (+bonus scene)

Here are 2 brand-new scuba scenes from a new TV episode.

And these scenes do contain some serious action ๐Ÿ˜‰

I won’t tell you more to not spoil you too much, check out the video!

Preview, Scene 1:

(click to enlarge)

Preview, Scene 2:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video with both scenes:

Hmh, as much as I appreciate new material with scuba action and peril…..this could have been done much better.

Some remarks on the scenes:

-The bad guys were strange suits…. pretty ironic/weird/unusual that they were completely white(!!!) ๐Ÿ˜†

-I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think someone would immediately die from such a hit with a spear gun in that region of the body, but she was doomed as she was hit for sure

-The bad guys not only seem to have reserve spears (pretty unusual) they know how to reload them real quickly while chasing after someone…..odd….

-In the 2nd scene they show up again and fire and the good guys…but what happens then? Are they too slow to follow them? How did they not hit them with their spearguns?


However, the first scene is pretty unusual as it shows a frogwoman getting killed by a spear gun. That is extremely rare!

In my version that would have chased her without spear guns. They would have had a rather short battle and one of them would have sliced her air hose and drowned her

Later in the episode, the other frogwoman and the detective would have battled them in a long scuba fight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the end, the frogmen would get what they deserve….

Wanna know from which TV show or movie this was taken?


What do you folks think about these scenes?

What do you like and dislike about them?




My favorite female scuba fight! โ€“ Part 3 โ€“ (HD)

And now the big finale of my favorite female scuba fight! Time for payback?!

(click to enlarge)

And here it is, the video in all its HD glory:

My opinion? Just WOW! Great struggle, well made… ๐Ÿ™‚

It was time for this payback!

The title of this scubalicious movie:


Female diver attacked by male diver! [scuba fight]

So, instead of showing you a scene from the episode “the amphibians” from “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” (thanks to Fox – wasn’t allowed on youtube) I present you an even better scene!

A female diver investigates a sunken crate and takes some pictures.

But someone seems to have a problem with that….a scuba diver approaches at full speed to attack her!

So here is the video:

I love how she fights back, even if her knife attack isn’t very…..good.

Great scene in my eyes with one evil killer!

Wanna know the title of the episode and series?


*EDIT* March 23, 2022:

Time for a proper text!

I love the setup, she takes pictures of something she is not supposed to see and some evil frogman is there to keep that secret.

And he is really determined to stop her the way he swims, it looks like he wants to break some records.

He has to be in really good shape.

The way they struggle is well done even there are opportunities where it seems that they could have gone for the mask or the regulator of the opponent, as that would be the most logical thing to do if you don’t have a knife in your hand.

It’s a little odd that he didn’t attack her with a knife, but well, in that case, the fight would have been over very soon.

It looks good the way he pulls on her leg to get her close even he might have had the chance to surprise her from behind and then could have yanked out her regulator and/or yanked off her mask.

I like that she takes initiative and attacks him with her knife.

But well, it looks really odd the way her knife doesn’t hit him….. what happens here???

A smart move from him to pull her around so that he is behind her.

He grabs her regulator from behind and is now totally in control of the situation.

What is a little odd here is that she nearly drowns immediately.

Yeah, they cut away from her, but she is only out of air for a few seconds before she drowns, and that isn’t realistic at all.

However, this scene is an absolute classic when it comes to scuba fights, especially with a female diver involved as there are only very few of that.

Sadly there is no other scuba scene with a female diver in that episode.

If I remember correctly the camera makes some pictures of the fight as it hits the ground and therefore there is evidence that he is the killer so he gets what he deserves in the end.



Female Scuba Diver gets drowned by divers

As the first post, I wanna present you with a nice scuba fight! A female scuba diver spies underwater as she investigates a Russian ship. But her action is spotted by the Russians and they send some scuba divers to take care of the problem.

They attack her and grab her life-giving mouthpiece…

  (click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

*EDIT* Quality upgrade can be found here:


Great scene in my opinion! Well made action and a hot peril scene…