2 guys, a submarine, a female diver, and a lot of sharks! [Blog exclusive]

About one month ago I made a post about a certain movie:


Now it’s finally time to post about the long finale of this flick!


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And here is the video:

2 guys, a submarine, a female diver, and a lot of sharks! [Blog exclusive]

(not on Youtube since I had bad experiences with this one on that platform)

Ok, let’s start with the positive aspects here for a change.

She looks gorgeous, her FFM is quite nice and the scene is pretty long.

It’s cool that she rescues the guys here and also distracts the shark from the one guy.

In terms of scuba peril, there isn’t that much as the possibilities are quite limited in an action scene with a shark.

My sharks in my movie would rather be trained to bite into the air hoses…instead of eating the divers 😆

I mean when you go for weird sharks that behave so weird, you could easily do that scenario as well 😉

The negative aspects here are primarily for me the bad CGI and the roaring sounds that these sharks make. That is so laughable!

Sharks can’t make such noises and they are trying to surprise their prey… and such a roaring would be really not helpful 😉

I mean that is like making a movie with goats and they would just start to fly around.

But well, it’s a fantasy movie after all, so… with sharks behaving like that.

Also, quite odd that they attack the sub but then stop and let the divers swim around without attacking them… are they on a break? 😉

But all in all a solid scene in my opinion.

Wanna know the title of this movie?


What do you think about this scene?

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Female diver gets chased by male diver

This one is a classic that I know for a while but somehow didn’t upload.

By now a fine HD quality is available… so this scene finally makes it to this blog.

Let’s check out the scene!


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And here is the video:

You may already know what my problems with this scene are 😉

She looks great in her bikini, even though I would prefer a wetsuit.

It’s great to have him chasing her, but of course, I (and nearly everybody else) was looking forward to a nice scuba fight scene.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen 🙁

A shame she didn’t also have a knife and confronted him.

Many might say that it’s odd that she is able to outswim him as she manages to not only get away from him, there is quite some distance between them as she leaves the water.

But I can easily accept that a well-trained woman like her can outswim an average guy.

I don’t get why he waited so long to attack her and especially since he was drawing the knife as she was watching him. He wasted the moment of surprise.

I haven’t watched the whole episode (the 2nd part of a two-parter) and the scene on the boat quite confuses me.

She swims away from him just to go back onto their boat?

He throws the knife after her (deliberate miss?) and she is quite relaxed and didn’t even grab the knife that is next to her.

What happened? He was trying to kill her and she doesn’t seem to have a big problem with that!?

From what I saw the two really liked each other and he found out that she is actually a cop and has to kill her.

But well, seems like he isn’t so motivated to do that and she has no problem with him trying to kill her.

Quite odd……. maybe I will watch both episodes one day, but this way it’s all quite confusing!


However, we do have a hot frogwoman getting chased by another diver, which is still a rare thing….so, after all, I enjoy this scene, even though it has some flaws.

In my version, they would have fought underwater and only one would have returned to the surface. 😉

Wanna know from which episode this is?


IMDB lists that 2-parter as one episode, which is quite confusing… after all, that episode would then be 90 minutes long.

What do you think of that scene?

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And the 2nd shooting….

….didn’t happen 🙁

Well, at least ….not today…. as it was planned.

The last 2 weeks were quite frustrating.

As you may remember I was away for a short trip ….and on my return day, I was already sick.

After some days it got better and I felt fine for some days….but now I’m sick again (still no Covid so far). Don’t know what is going on since I left the country for that trip. 🙁

Especially since I basically wasn’t sick before at any time in the last ….YEARS.

The whole gear was packed already and ready for action.

I just informed everyone involved in today’s video shooting and I will try to get a new date for that location.

Hopefully, it will be possible to have another time slot like today in the next weeks/September.


Regarding anyone who donated this month …until now….to get the 1-2 new Project F videos that I promised… you will get them + an additional video.

Sorry for the delay…

Wanted: Rescue diver for video shoot

Sadly, my rescue diver/cameraman can’t make it to the next video shoot on Sunday anymore, so I am forced to look for a new one.

I’m looking for someone:
– who is a rescue diver (or has a similar training)
– can give a short crash course on diving for folks who have no diving experience so far
– can help with the scuba gear
– who could operate a GoPro camera in some scenes (which is very easy)

The video shoot is this Sunday in Bremen (Germany) and is scheduled for 5 hours (10 AM-3 PM).
Payment is 25 Euro per hour.

I don’t think that the chances are very high of finding someone on this site, but it’s worth a try.
(I am looking on several sites).


If you are interested… use the Contact page.

*EDIT* Problem solved, I found someone 🙂

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