2 frogwomen in full face scuba masks!

I edited a “scuba cut” of this movie, and now you can enjoy it!

2 men and 2 women are scuba diving at night. But it isn’t just a dive…


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And here is the video:

I love these full-face scuba masks on frogwomen!

It adds some mystery to the scene… 😉

If you wanna know the title of the movie:

LINK: Title

The (near) perfect frogwoman outfit!

…well in my opinion 😉

In this clip, you will see one brilliant outfit for a frogwoman! It’s a shame there are so few scenes like this with an outfit like this (in color).


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And here is the whole clip:

It doesn’t get much better than that!

The suit and the double hose regulator are just awesome! 🙂

What I would give for some underwater peril or a scuba fight scene with a frogwoman dressed like that.

I imagine Fiona Volpe in that gear fighting against Navy frogmen in the final battle in Thunderball 😉

Your opinion?

And here is the title of the show:

IMDB link


Citadel below – Scuba comic – #11

So, more pictures of the scuba comic!

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Can’t get enough of these frogwomen…. 😉