4 female divers and one guy in a wreck dive with some action [Blog exclusive]

This TV show was on my “to watch” list for quite a while, but there is so much to watch for me with all my TV shows, that it took a while before I started this one.

But this week I finally watched the show on 4 days to check it for scuba scenes.

The scene is rather long and from a very new show and I immediately had my doubts that it would be allowed on Youtube.

The original scene is 7 minutes long and I made an edit with under 4 minutes, but even that one was blocked in most countries so I decided to upload it elsewhere.

And that way you can enjoy the whole 7 minutes.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


At first, I had a little doubt about posting it, but even they all play 15/16-year-old girls, the actresses are in fact all over 18, one is even 26, so there is no problem.

Yeah, I know an English version would have been better, but this one had a better picture quality and the 2 minutes with dialog are manageable without knowing German.

Basically it’s just… “there is the treasure, we will find it” + “we found the treasure! ….” πŸ˜‰

It’s good that each girl is wearing a scuba mask of a different color, would be very hard to tell them apart otherwise.

The big problem is this scene is rather the bad guy that shows up out of nowhere and who does he attack? The only other male diver! Damn it!

This could have been a great scene where the bad guy attack one frogwoman, and manages to rip off her mask and slice her air hose…and then 2-3 more frogwomen join the fight, overpower him and save the one who got attacked.

Yeah, no luck. But a nice dive scene with 4 frogwomen is pretty rare.

When I first heard of this TV show I was very intrigued. A TV show that is called “Dive club”? Sounds great!

Then I realized it’s a TV show made with teenagers (the characters) for a teenage audience. Bummer.

Then I watched the whole season and ….well….for a TV show called “Dive club” there is only very little “dive” in it! #scubascenesareexpensive

Out of the 12 episodes….7 don’t have any scuba scenes. And except for this one, the other scuba scenes are very short (1-2 minutes) and don’t have any action at all.

So, this post will remain the only one…at least for season 1.

The season ends with a very open ending/cliffhanger, so I think there will be a second season.

Hopefully with more scuba action then.

This scene is from this episode:


What do you think of this scene?

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I re-uploaded all videos of 2021,2020,2019 and the last months of 2018 in the last weeks.

Many more videos will follow!

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Scuba Fetish: An origin story (not mine)

Today I wanna post something pretty unusual for this blog.

A scuba fetish origin story by someone else in combination with a few pictures he sent!

As I am interested in such stories…I would say some of you might enjoy them as well πŸ˜‰

“Scuba gear has long been apart of sexual pleasure. An iconic and almost cliched part of erotica . How many times has a glamour photographer used the image of a model in Scuba gear in various stages of undress to tickle our fantasies and arouse us. These kind of images are almost always vanilla in appearance and feature a topless young woman with a winning smile a divers helmet and snorkel. Yet the genre can be even more erotic to those of us who inhabit the kinky world. Add a diver’s knife and a sultry look and you start to venture into the kinky fetish and Femdom world. To me the woman becomes a sexy assassin and with a rubber top suit either undone or the zip low sling she becomes an even more dangerous as she entices her prey into her web with the prospect of sucking and fondling her breasts. Oblivious of the danger of her divers knife the hapless Male willingly falls into her trap. Lamb’s Navy model Caroline Munro was an expert at these sexy deadly poses with her series of magazine ads in the 70s for the aforementioned beverage. I was so taken with her the deadly sexy scuba Queen that such a look and such women gave me much pleasure and delevoped my fetish.

Spearguns added further dangerous sexiness to the genre and movies such as Deadlier than the Male with its speargun wielding beauties Elke Sommer and Sylvia Koscia delighted me more. Their spear killing scene in the film is one of my favourite erotic in cinema history. other films such as Thunderball built on this sexiness and has already been discussed on this blog. Some love the scuba men but for me Bond’s women in scuba gear floated my belt. The film was remade as Never say never again and features the heroine completing another sexy speargun kill.

Real life female divers added to my fixation . Valerie Taylor was a blonde frog woman goddess in the 70s and made documentaries about sea diving with her husband Ron. I have to confess that I wasn’t interested in the sea life but only had eyes for the beautiful sexy Val in her diving kit. As a budding submissive her symbolism of her spearing sharks was not lost on me. I wished Valerie would spear me or knife me whilst having sex ! Tv drama also got in on the act with kids cult series such as Primus and the Great Barrier Reef both full of diving action and sexy women.

You can’t discuss diving gear without referencing the blinding obvious links to the BDSM world. The rubber fetish world is massive and when you see people in full rubber fetish wear it is impossible not to link it with scuba and diving wear. The suits are interchangeable to the naked I. Surely many divers have a rubber fetish ! The world of BDSM features breath control as a major fetish so the link is there again with breathing apparatus.

I am an open water swimmer so wear a wet suit regularly. I find the initial restriction mildly erotic but it is not a major sensory experience for me to wear one quite pleasant but not essential. Having said that I am very attracted to the ladies in my club that wear them and I suppose that goes back to my original excitement as a child when I lusted after deadly sexy ladies in rubber wet suits !”

And some fitting pictures he did send to me:

(click on the picture to enlarge it to full size)

What do you think?

Feel welcome to leave your comment below!

2 frogwomen, a private investigator and a scuba fight! [HD]

I know about this scene for a while, even got the HD version some months ago, but never thought about posting it here.

But it is a really good scene πŸ™‚



(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

>>>>> The video was blocked in the US and Canada, so here is an alternative link for you: <<<<<

2 frogwomen, a private investigator, and a scuba fight! [HD]- Google Drive

Well, in my eyes….he is a dirty cheater πŸ˜‰

Not a fair way to end a scuba fight…and actually very dangerous too. He is the good guy in this series and with a forced quick ascend like that….her lungs could easily rip!

And they are not in a shallow depth…as it seems. (where it wouldn’t be so dangerous)

Would have been great if he ripped off her mask and/or cut her air hose, but well, you can’t have everything.

However it is rare enough such a scuba fight with a frogwoman, so I actually really like that scene. At least she had the guts to stay and fight! πŸ™‚

If you wanna know more about which movie/TV series that can be found:

IMDB link


What do you think of that scene?

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Frogwomen and frogmen in vintage rubber suits….. in an “underwater” city [Blog exclusive]

Well, these scenes aren’t interesting because of the actual “diving” but for the fantastic vintage scuba gear that is shown!

Story: A first underwater city was built on the bottom of the ocean. Soon disaster strikes and the frogwomen and frogmen have to escape…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Google Drive link

(Wanted to post that on YouTube…but no luck)

Well, ok, the movie is from the early ’60s, but nonetheless….the fake underwater scenes were the pretend to “dive” by walking around on the ocean floor…with soap bubbles emerging from their regulators…it’s pretty hilarious. And I don’t like the fact that they aren’t underwater at all.

BUT, these suits are looking fantastic! Sexy vintage rubber wetsuits…. πŸ™‚

And really funny, how the first woman to appear in dive gear in this movie of course runs into trouble in a matter of seconds and needs to be rescued (classic 50’s/60’s).

Damn, how great would it be if these frogwomen would have been actually underwater…and encountered some perilous situation in this gear?

If you wanna know the title of the movie (although it was kind of mentioned earlier):


What do you think of these scenes and that gear?

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2 frogwomen get eaten by really bad CGI (really bad!)

Yeah, a lucky guy dives with 2 sexy frogwomen around a wreck. But soon, really really really bad CGI creatures attack them!

But at least we got some nice views before that…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, they do look good in their suits and the screaming frogwoman has a nice appearance.

But besides that, there are not too many positive things you can say about it.

And that is by far the most interesting part of the movie πŸ˜†

These CGI effects….oh MAN! Even 30-40 years ago….there had been a lot of better effects.

And this is the movie…in case you don’t wanna see it πŸ˜‰ :


What do you think about it?

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Citadel below – Scuba comic – #11

So, more pictures of the scuba comic!

First of all the disclaimer:

Copyright 2014 β€œHitoshi Suzuki and JE Tanner, all rights reserved.  Download
for personal use only.  No reproduction, retransmission or alteration
permitted without the express written consent of Hitoshi Suzuki and JE


(only a small part of one page)

*EDIT*: All pictures are now included on the Citadel below page

Can’t get enough of these frogwomen…. πŸ˜‰


Frogwomen! – pictures – #9

Time for more frogwomen pictures to start 2016!

Some random frogwomen pictures and a little series of pictures on a (female) scuba instructor πŸ˜‰

Damn, my scuba instructor didn’t look like that…. πŸ™



All in all 12 pictures in full size:

(click to enlarge)

Yeah, I shall plan the next scuba vacation…. πŸ˜‰