4 female divers and one guy in a wreck dive with some action [Blog exclusive]

This TV show was on my “to watch” list for quite a while, but there is so much to watch for me with all my TV shows, that it took a while before I started this one.

But this week I finally watched the show on 4 days to check it for scuba scenes.

The scene is rather long and from a very new show and I immediately had my doubts that it would be allowed on Youtube.

The original scene is 7 minutes long and I made an edit with under 4 minutes, but even that one was blocked in most countries so I decided to upload it elsewhere.

And that way you can enjoy the whole 7 minutes.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


At first, I had a little doubt about posting it, but even they all play 15/16-year-old girls, the actresses are in fact all over 18, one is even 26, so there is no problem.

Yeah, I know an English version would have been better, but this one had a better picture quality and the 2 minutes with dialog are manageable without knowing German.

Basically it’s just… “there is the treasure, we will find it” + “we found the treasure! ….” ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s good that each girl is wearing a scuba mask of a different color, would be very hard to tell them apart otherwise.

The big problem is this scene is rather the bad guy that shows up out of nowhere and who does he attack? The only other male diver! Damn it!

This could have been a great scene where the bad guy attack one frogwoman, and manages to rip off her mask and slice her air hose…and then 2-3 more frogwomen join the fight, overpower him and save the one who got attacked.

Yeah, no luck. But a nice dive scene with 4 frogwomen is pretty rare.

When I first heard of this TV show I was very intrigued. A TV show that is called “Dive club”? Sounds great!

Then I realized it’s a TV show made with teenagers (the characters) for a teenage audience. Bummer.

Then I watched the whole season and ….well….for a TV show called “Dive club” there is only very little “dive” in it! #scubascenesareexpensive

Out of the 12 episodes….7 don’t have any scuba scenes. And except for this one, the other scuba scenes are very short (1-2 minutes) and don’t have any action at all.

So, this post will remain the only one…at least for season 1.

The season ends with a very open ending/cliffhanger, so I think there will be a second season.

Hopefully with more scuba action then.

This scene is from this episode:


What do you think of this scene?

Leave your comment below!

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Many more videos will follow!

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3 thoughts on “4 female divers and one guy in a wreck dive with some action [Blog exclusive]”

  1. Dude…what is this strange obsession with not posting any scuba content with preteen to teen girls? (12 to 17) It’s not like they are nude or doing some weird scuba porno.You Europeans, especially Germans and UK are absolutely paranoid about it lol.Chill Heinz it’s not illegal to post younger girls scuba diving.

    • It’s simple, above all, this is a fetish site and I don’t wanna present underage girls as wanking material to sickos.
      And don’t call me Heinz. Call me Fritz ๐Ÿ˜†
      Or use my real nickname.


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