A female diver wants to save men from a sinking ship! [Part 1 – Blog exclusive]

This one was recommended to me and has two pretty long scuba scenes 🙂

We have a female diver (and some guys) who want to save some fishermen from a sinking ship!



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Here is the video:


Wasn’t welcome on YouTube, even in a short(er) version.

Watch the video before you continue!

Some nice scuba scenes for sure!

It’s a rare sight when a frogwoman wears a hood and you can still see her long hair floating out of it as normally the long hair will be put into a ponytail or something similar.

The bad ship CGI was quite funny… as it is quite bad.

The dive scenes are well-made… until she reaches the ship.

I laughed hard at how her gauge was at about 100 bar and then dropped insanely fast in weird movements of the display 😆

Completely unrealistic and SO bizarre! Her tank was still half full, she had another 20-30 minutes of air.

And then as her tank is miraculously empty all of a sudden… what is happening then? Does she take a nap while he drowns?

Well, I certainly don’t know what is going on at that moment….

There is another scene in that movie that is worth posting as well.

So… stay tuned for more from this one in the near future!


2nd post here:


Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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A female and a male diver are investigating a wreck

I was away last Sunday and will be away next Sunday also… so, you get a new post today!

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this one!

In this one, we have a guy and a gal who are looking for a certain wreck…


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Here is the video:

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If you can’t watch the video on YouTube because you live in France… here you go:


Watch the video before you continue!

Yeah, sadly… no real action or peril in this one… but we do have a hot frogwoman, and some nice dive scenes incl. some good close-ups!

Honestly, I don’t know the storyline behind this, since I haven’t watched the whole thing.

All in all, it’s a solid scene… and I wish there would be more of her in such scuba scenes in this TV show.


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A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Or whatever you do or don’t celebrate… have a good time 🙂

I will make one more post before the year is over.

4 female divers and one guy in a wreck dive with some action [Blog exclusive]

This TV show was on my “to watch” list for quite a while, but there is so much to watch for me with all my TV shows, that it took a while before I started this one.

But this week I finally watched the show on 4 days to check it for scuba scenes.

The scene is rather long and from a very new show and I immediately had my doubts that it would be allowed on Youtube.

The original scene is 7 minutes long and I made an edit with under 4 minutes, but even that one was blocked in most countries so I decided to upload it elsewhere.

And that way you can enjoy the whole 7 minutes.


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And here is the video:


At first, I had a little doubt about posting it, but even they all play 15/16-year-old girls, the actresses are in fact all over 18, one is even 26, so there is no problem.

Yeah, I know an English version would have been better, but this one had a better picture quality and the 2 minutes with dialog are manageable without knowing German.

Basically it’s just… “there is the treasure, we will find it” + “we found the treasure! ….” 😉

It’s good that each girl is wearing a scuba mask of a different color, would be very hard to tell them apart otherwise.

The big problem is this scene is rather the bad guy that shows up out of nowhere and who does he attack? The only other male diver! Damn it!

This could have been a great scene where the bad guy attack one frogwoman, and manages to rip off her mask and slice her air hose…and then 2-3 more frogwomen join the fight, overpower him and save the one who got attacked.

Yeah, no luck. But a nice dive scene with 4 frogwomen is pretty rare.

When I first heard of this TV show I was very intrigued. A TV show that is called “Dive club”? Sounds great!

Then I realized it’s a TV show made with teenagers (the characters) for a teenage audience. Bummer.

Then I watched the whole season and ….well….for a TV show called “Dive club” there is only very little “dive” in it! #scubascenesareexpensive

Out of the 12 episodes….7 don’t have any scuba scenes. And except for this one, the other scuba scenes are very short (1-2 minutes) and don’t have any action at all.

So, this post will remain the only one…at least for season 1.

The season ends with a very open ending/cliffhanger, so I think there will be a second season.

Hopefully with more scuba action then.

This scene is from this episode:


What do you think of this scene?

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2 frogwomen, a dolphin, a sunken plane….and Navy frogmen!

The new(er) Flipper series has still some quality scuba scenes in store that I will continue to post here.

As this episode has 2 long scuba scenes I divided them into 2 videos as well, as very long videos on Youtube can be trouble.

In this episode, two frogwomen dive to find evidence that a plane was shot down so the one frogwoman can rehabilitate her father’s name.

But the Navy isn’t too thrilled about it and sends Navy frogmen after them….

Preview, scene 1:

 (click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

They were nearly out of air and are diving into a dangerous wreckage of a plane….

My first thought was immediate that one of them would get stuck there….but, as that scheme gets too predictable….I’m glad that it didn’t happen.

And here comes scene 2!


 (click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, if I hear about Navy frogmen I immediately think about my favorite movie of all time 😉

Well, here no scuba battle breaks loose…..damn! But ok, as the divers in the plane were the good guys…. there was no real chance of having a scuba battle against Navy divers.

After all the guys didn’t work for SPECTRE 😉

But it was nice to have the Navy frogmen in the scene, it was nice how the one guy did hold onto the tanks of both frogwomen. Just for a second, I thought about he might turn off their air supply 😉

I do enjoy seeing these Interspiro Divator masks on the frogwomen, it’s a great, good-looking scuba mask for me.

Wanna know from which episode these scenes are?


What do you think about these scenes?

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James Bond VS a female scuba diver in a wreck [+ bonus drowning scene]

Mr. Bond had quite a lot of scuba adventures! This one was still missing on this blog, that needed to change!

In this one Bond explores a wreck of a recently sunken destroyer to find evidence…but he is not alone… 😉


(click to enlarge)


And here is the video:

Well, that’s a flying scuba diver! Looks good with that oxygen mask.

In the wreck the scene with them could be longer, it’s only a short struggle…but really well done! She looks really good in that scuba gear!

Strange how he punches the regulator out of her mouth….but effective I guess.

And the scene at the end of the movie, where he has to rescue her…not bad too 😉


In case you really don’t know the movie title:


What do you think of that scene?

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Female diver stuck in wreck [rare TV show]

Hey folks, how about a nice scuba clip from a rare TV show?

Not so rare is the scenario:

A couple dives into a wreck, and surprise….soon they are stuck….and of course already nearly out of air 😉 ….of course, he can free himself, but she is trapped.

Can she be rescued?


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, this scene offers nearly all cliches….but still, it’s a good scene.

Very practical that all the salvage gear was still lying around.

Of course, the picture quality is pretty bad since it is a pretty unknown TV show from the early ’80s.

She handles herself pretty good actually, no panic.

What is pretty odd….how are they speaking with each other? I don’t see any device for that….. 😆

This scene is from this TV series:


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The frogwoman, the wreck and the shark

In this clip, we have a frogwoman and her male buddy that uses a mini-submarine for a dive. They wanna explore a wreck. But something is wrong…. something evil is waiting for them!


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Here is the video:

If you wanna know the title of the movie: