James Bond VS a female scuba diver in a wreck [+ bonus drowning scene]

Mr. Bond had quite a lot of scuba adventures! This one was still missing on this blog, that needed to change!

In this one Bond explores a wreck of a recently sunken destroyer to find evidence…but he is not alone… 😉


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And here is the video:

Well, that’s a flying scuba diver! Looks good with that oxygen mask.

In the wreck the scene with them could be longer, it’s only a short struggle…but really well done! She looks really good in that scuba gear!

Strange how he punches the regulator out of her mouth….but effective I guess.

And the scene at the end of the movie, where he has to rescue her…not bad too 😉


In case you really don’t know the movie title:


What do you think of that scene?

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9 thoughts on “James Bond VS a female scuba diver in a wreck [+ bonus drowning scene]”

  1. Good scene, it’s amazing how he could sky dive so precisely onto the wreck but hey he’s James Bond.
    She is a lovely looking lady and though she is regrettably not in vintage dive gear she does look great in her scuba gear and suit. It’s good to se they made an attempt at getting the science right and breathed out most of the way to the surface ( though they may still have whisked the bends. I agree there should have been more scenes of her both in and out of the water in her frog woman suit.

  2. I enjoyed the scuba scene. its a shame she had to take off the gear in order to resurfaces. makes her look hotter with the wetsuit and mask.

    • I like the idea of the “have to get out NOW” scene, but it should have more suspense by having two (or more) parties in the death ship at the same time.
      For example, one group arrived to ensure the missiles are secure, out of enemy hands. The other has come to obtain those very missiles for their dastardly plans. The two groups begin to battle it out inside the ship, when suddenly, everything starts to shake, and both the audience and the two groups realize the ship is now a death trap, pulling anyone unlucky enough to be caught in it to certain death.
      Yet instead of making common cause and deciding to fight another day, the two groups try to use this opportunity to eliminate their rivals. Over the remainder of the scene, divers on both sides try to escape while also seeking to eliminate the opposition. Inevitably, some of them escape, while others are dispatched by their foes or trapped within the wreck, meeting a cruel fate.

      • Nice comment!
        Well, yeah, to have a serious scuba battle is never wrong 😉
        But at least in this Bond there is a frogwoman in an action scene, a thing many other bond movies with scuba scenes can’t offer.


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