Diving inside a mall (with a crazy criminal) – part 1

That’s a title 😉

Thanks to the one who recommended me this one to me (sorry, don’t know who was it…)!

In this one a disaster strikes and floods (partly) a mall and the surrounding area. We have some nice folks who just wanna escape (no easy way out) and a crazy criminal who wants to get his hands on a certain suitcase that is locked away there. So, he forces the others to help him and they discover scuba gear in the mall. So, they can move through the flooded areas….


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, that is one EVIL guy!

I don’t know why there are scuba tanks in a normal/regular sports shop, but ok, perhaps there are such shops in the US.

It is only a short peril scene but still a good one. The way he teases her with his full tank. 😉

Of course, she wasn’t in real danger, one meter below the surface…but well, she realizes that she is trapped down there without a filled scuba tank.

I will post the 2nd part and reveal the movie title then.

What do you think of that scene?

Feel welcome to leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Diving inside a mall (with a crazy criminal) – part 1”

  1. Good scene, but something doesn’t make sense.
    I get why she would ditch her tank and regs if they were empty but if you are then going to hold your breath and swim under water, why would you take your mask off and put it round your arm? Clearly it’s important that you you are unable to see where your swimming on one lungful of air while trying to navigate the hidden hazards of a flooded shopping mal.

    • Yeah, that is really strange indeed!
      Perhaps she is secretly a mermaid and don’t really need the mask underwater… 😉
      Or she likes to be disorientated…


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