The “Recommend something with a frogwoman in it” week

Today I have no video for you folks. I wanna try something. How about you recommend me some movie/tv-series…. whatever ….with a good scuba scene in it (with a frogwoman).

I know quite a lot of such movies but I am always on the lookout for new stuff! And if you have something good I may present it here to all of you.

Just comment on this article and present your suggestions!



A frogwoman trapped… a net!

Our frogwoman today explores the deep blue sea as suddenly she gets tangled up in a net…. What will happen to her? Has someone placed that net on purpose to catch or kill her? Can she rescue herself? You will see:

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video for you folks:

This one will get a quality upgrade soon!

*EDIT* Here is the new post:

And I even have the title of that movie/tv-series:

LINK: Title