The “Recommend something with a frogwoman in it” week

Today I have no video for you folks. I wanna try something. How about you recommend me some movie/tv-series…. whatever ….with a good scuba scene in it (with a frogwoman).

I know quite a lot of such movies but I am always on the lookout for new stuff! And if you have something good I may present it here to all of you.

Just comment on this article and present your suggestions!



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  1. Hi Siggi, I can think of two scenes both in T.V adverts. The first one was for a body spray called Stowaway it was on ITV in the late 70’s and showed a woman striding out of the sea on a tropical beach totally enclosed in full vintage dive gear ,black rubber wetsuit and hood as well as twin hose regs and oval mask(very sexy) while the game fishermen stand in the surf and look on, she then strides up the beach and we get a close up of her face looking almost apologetic at us through her oval mask as we hear her suit being unzipped and the next shot we see is of her in a light cotton dress spraying her neck with Stowaway( her straight black hair cascading down her shoulders) as she walks away from her dis-guarded sexy rubber dive gear and suit. I have not seen this advert for years but it would be fantastic if it could be found again.
    The second is an advert again on ITV but in the early 90’s the advert was for English Wool. In the advert we see a sexy scuba diver again head to toe in black rubber, swim to the front of a yacht and climb the anchor chain were she then (still fully geared) stealthily enters a cabin cracks a safe and steals a pearl necklace, She then proceeds to strip off her rubber dive gear to reveal she is wearing a red woollen dress under her sexy rubber suit, then puts on the pearls and walks of the ship pretending to be one of the guests. The advert was voiced over by Ian Mc Shane and was Part of the “You can trust the Wool Mark” adverts, I have seen the shortened version of this advert on YouTube.
    I really hope you can find either of these , if I think of any more I will let you know..

  2. Ok thanks for trying any way,
    I also remember an episode from the U.S. sitcom Lavern and Shirley ( spin of from Happy Days) back in the late 70’s in one episode the girls are trying to loose weight and go to ever extreme lengths to do this, in one scene I remember one of them wrapping themselves from head to toe in cling film/Seran wrap while the other one walks round the apartment in a tight full length front zipping black wetsuit and hood, it was one of the shiny black vintage types, I think she may even have been trying to walk round the apartment in fins as well but I could not swear to it.the whole look was very sexy but I think she only left it on for one scene.
    If I can remember any more I will let you know.
    Happy new year

  3. Found it on You Tube Laverne & Shirley Dear Future Models,Shirley is wearing the wetsuit and the scene scene starts around 7,33 and ends a 11.00 you see her remove her gloves at 10.26

  4. Maybe a good scene in this movie ? Emma dressed as a frogman is unexpected. Did she ever played a bad girl fighting under water ?

  5. I think that is the sexiest Emma Thompson has ever looked. this is the only time I have ever found her attractive. I hope she got a real thrill wearing all that gear during the making of that film and that it awakened something in her for her private life. coz she has to know from these shots that she looks amazing.

  6. I have just remembered there was an episode of The Man from Atlantis ( starring Patrick Duffy) in which three SCUBA Divers (two men and a woman) in full body vintage wetsuits are attacked by some sort of creature while diving, as a result they begin to transform and their wetsuits literally become part of their skin and i think thy could electrocute people by touch, but I definitely remember a scene were they are walking round a major city in nothing but there full vintage wetsuits( quite a sight) but I am afraid I cannot remember the name of the episode. Hope that’s of some use to you.

  7. There is one scene I remember from a film about 35 years ago but not the whole film.
    ( this is because I walked into the living room when it was on but was promptly sent to go and do my school work) it looked like James bond type film ( though I am fairly sure it wasn’t James Bond or In like Flint)
    It looked like a film from the 60’s.
    In the scene I remember it is dusk or night time and we see a woman ( spy /assassin) wearing a front zipping silver full body wetsuit complete with gloves hood and goggles, standing on a wooden jetty being helped into a hang-glider and a pair of water ski’s by her evil associates. She then garbs a tow line and is yanked off the jetty at high speed skimming across a lake and high into the night air by a speed boat driven by one of her associates.
    Once airborne she drops the tow line and glides silently through the cold night air looking over the town for her target of infiltration, having spotted it, she lands the glider silently inside a courtyard, skidding to a halt on her grounded water ski’s. before kicking them off and dislodging herself from under the hang-glider.
    She then walks over to a large building in the court yard ( Some sort of old hotel) and begins to climb several floors up the side of it and in over a balcony and into a bathroom I think( I remember the sight of her at this point stood in her gear took my breath away) she still looks amazing at this point.
    Once in the bathroom she begins talking through the closed door to a man in the next room ( her target) she tells him she is powdering her nose, she keeps him talking saying she wont be long she is just getting dressed, when actually she is stripping of her sexy wetsuit and hood to reveal a black lace bra and panttys complete with stockings and suspenders she has on underneath. We also see she has black hair tied up in a loose bun.
    She tells the man she is ready as she bends over and reaches into the discarded wetsuit and pulls out a small gun before opening the door and walking into the bedroom were she proceeds to sneak up behind her target ( a James Bond’ish character) while she utters seductive words towards him until she is right behind him at which point she pushes the gun into his back and we see a close up of her face as she demands he now follow her instructions exactly.
    Just as she has him were she wants him, we see another small gun placed against the side of her own head and the camera pulls back to reveal a blond woman also dressed in black underwear ( the targets companion )
    who disarms our sexy assassin and the two of them proceed to gag and tie her up and leave her in her under wear without her sexy wetsuit, before making their escape.

    I never saw the rest of the film so I do not know what it was called or if she escapes and gets back into her wetsuit or never wears it again.
    if you have any idea what this film was then it would be worth finding for this scene alone, (there may have been more.

      • I have found the film! it is an Italian spi/fy film from 1966 called Matchless and there are two versions of it available on YouTube the original Italian version (in one full length segment ) and the American version ( in about 4 parts) the scene I was talking about is in Pt 3 and begins at 12,28. Although my memory was not completely accurate ( I got the time of day wrong and its possibly a silver catsuit not a wetsuit Although cheep films often use one in place of the other and at the age of 7 I hadn’t heard of a catsuit) I have remembered it pretty faithfully. That said, the scene were she strips off her suit has been edited in both versions (I know this because I have seen stills of her stripping the suit off else were but the photos didn’t have the movie title) If you can find an unedited version you will be in for quite a treat.
        Right that’s one down, my search for the Stowaway Wetsuit Commercial (from the late 70’s) continues. I will let you know if I have any luck.

  8. no dream it really happened , thought i would give the best description i could as i have so little else information wise to go on re this film and you seem to be very good at tracking obscure vintage dive footage of some very nice ladies

  9. I don’t know if you are all ready aware of this one but there is a BSAC information film from the 60’s called When You Know How its about 20 mins long and has a woman in various types of kit as she trains up to and including a full black vintage one piece wetsuit that zips up the front ( you even see her suiting up in it ) as well as a black hood oval mask and vintage single stage twin hose regs. none of which I can assure you was dreamt up

  10. Trust me when I say that all these are remembered from my childhood, if I ever got to see the title back then I would remember that as well,( when you are really into this stuff it tends to burn into your memory) The 60’s film with the hang gliding lady in the silver wetsuit and water skis is real I just don’t know what it was called, but its out there some were. ( I too will keep on looking) Oh and thank you for the acknowledgement on TMFA that was appreciated.

  11. I was looking through your older posts and came across Another Frog Woman In A Gorgeous Wetsuit posted on the 15th May 2014. She looks amazing. what was that film called and were can I find it? As I would love to see her both in her sexy rubber suit and in normal clothes.

    • Sorry for the late reply! I haven’t mentioned in in the post back than, so here’s the title:
      Silenzio si uccide / Handle With Care [Italy] [1967]

      If you need help in finding it, send me a mail. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the input, of course I know these two πŸ˜‰
      And I don’t think the scuba scenes would qualify for the blog, not much scuba action/peril.
      But keep an eye out for more scuba stuff, Felix! πŸ™‚


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