A female diver wants to save men from a sinking ship! [Part 2 – Blog exclusive]

[Post 2 of 2 for today]

This one was recommended to me and has two pretty long scuba scenes 🙂

The first scene can be found here:


This time the female diver (and a guy) want to save some trapped diver from a wreck!



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Here is the video:


Wasn’t welcome on YouTube, even in a short(er) version.

Watch the video before you continue!

Ok, first of all… some more nice scuba scenes with her!

She does look really hot in her scuba gear.

But then… there are quite some ….bad aspects… here as well…

There are three divers down there. Two managed to get entangled in a net on the ship and another one drowned inside the ship.?!?

Well… WTF! Guess that must be a whole group of special morons 😆

But much worse: What is going on with her? Were the scriptwriters on drugs or something?

She is outside the ship seeing the drowned diver. Yeah, that is a shock for her and a reminder of the fisherman that she couldn’t save earlier in the movie.

But what happens now? Same sad flashbacks with terrible music and then she is suddenly floating unconscious outside the wreck?!?!?! ARGH!

So, what happened? Did she decide to drown herself? Did she decide to take a nap down there?

Or was she suddenly out of air and immediately drowned in some seconds without trying to swim to the surface?

None of that makes any sense….

Well, quite a bizarre ending to the movie as well…

But well…. it had some nice scuba scenes for sure!

Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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