Project F Update – Maintenance costs + a link

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I wanna share something about my Project F videos here.

Yeah, with making these videos you also have some juicy (maintenance) costs, some examples:

– Delivered 4 tanks to the scuba shop this week so they get checked and certified again (every 2 years here in Germany).

So… at least another 170 Euros on that.

– Send a package with 2 vintage regulators to a guy who can check them and make minor repairs.

My skills aren’t good enough for that and most scuba shops don’t know how to handle vintage regulators (seemingly).

Let’s see what he can do and what that will cost.

– Bought a second GoPro as a backup/second camera and to use it for a 1st person perspective from a frogwoman

Another 200 Euros.


– Also I still am on the lookout for additional gear/suits/props etc.


So, the money some of you guys spend for the VIP club or the video packages… is well spent… as a good part of it is needed for the gear.

Plus …there is also the rent of the pool and the wages of the frogwomen for the next video shoot on March 10.


I do post about Project F videos quite a lot in my own section on this forum:

Added this one to the Links section.

Feel free to post your ideas/comments there!


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