A villain with a magic staff …and a frogwoman in a sinking coffin

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I have known this movie for a while and never posted about it since I was quite disappointed about the very time the female lead was actually scuba diving.

But she can be seen in a gorgeous wetsuit for quite a lot of time so I decided to post about it…



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Here is the video (short version):

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>>> Here is the much longer version (I recommend this one): <<<


I tried to upload the long version to Youtube but that didn’t work. So I made a much shorter one… and that was seemingly ok.


Watch the video before you continue!

Yeah, as I said… I would have loved to see her underwater much more and was really disappointed back then as I watched the movie for the first time.

It is a German movie and I remember as I saw some promo trailer for it back in the day here on TV.

Also, I had a little crush on Bettina Zimmermann and was very excited to see her in scuba scenes.

Well, unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But, as I re-watched it now I was surprised that she actually runs around quite a lot in that wetsuit (some more scenes in the movie).

The movie is just ok, but Bettina Z. in that wetsuit is certainly a big plus point! 🙂

Would have been cool if they had put a camera in that coffin while she was sinking with it…. a missed opportunity!


Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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6 thoughts on “A villain with a magic staff …and a frogwoman in a sinking coffin”

  1. thanks for posting.

    i have seen this clip before and was always intrigued by it. love the lead actress in her wetsuit. however, i am unable to find a free to view video of it and can only buy it for £6.99, is it worth buying in your opinion or is what we see here the best part and no need to purchase it? thanks for you advice and help in advance.

  2. So far, the closest to finding this movie to watch for no cost I found was off of this Polish web site.

    It is 480p video quality with no-so-great dubbing in another language, but you can check out the good scenes. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link, but sorry, had to edit it out of the post as I can’t have links to such sites here.
      But I will send the link to the guy who asked.


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