A female diver wants to save men from a sinking ship! [Part 1 – Blog exclusive]

This one was recommended to me and has two pretty long scuba scenes 🙂

We have a female diver (and some guys) who want to save some fishermen from a sinking ship!



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Here is the video:


Wasn’t welcome on YouTube, even in a short(er) version.

Watch the video before you continue!

Some nice scuba scenes for sure!

It’s a rare sight when a frogwoman wears a hood and you can still see her long hair floating out of it as normally the long hair will be put into a ponytail or something similar.

The bad ship CGI was quite funny… as it is quite bad.

The dive scenes are well-made… until she reaches the ship.

I laughed hard at how her gauge was at about 100 bar and then dropped insanely fast in weird movements of the display 😆

Completely unrealistic and SO bizarre! Her tank was still half full, she had another 20-30 minutes of air.

And then as her tank is miraculously empty all of a sudden… what is happening then? Does she take a nap while he drowns?

Well, I certainly don’t know what is going on at that moment….

There is another scene in that movie that is worth posting as well.

So… stay tuned for more from this one in the near future!


2nd post here:


Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?


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