A deadly scuba fight inside a sunken airplane! [Hall of Fame]

This one is quite a blast! And I think many will like this one … a LOT! πŸ˜‰

Thanks a ton for the recommendation!

This scene actually made it to my Hall of Fame as shows something very rare.

I am very happy about every new scuba scene… especially a big caliber like this one!

Let us check it out!



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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

(A filter was used by me to make the video a bit brighter… it is even darker in the original)

Well…. have I promised too much? I hope not….

First, some background story as this scene is a flashback:

“The real Elliot Stanley was a diver, who Frank McDonnell hired to find a downed plane which his father had been on. His father had called him telling him he had important information to

share but had died on the plane before he could show him.

Hoping to find what was inside, Frank hired Elliot. However, Elliot had also become acquainted with Niamh Cassidy, and had travelled down to the plane with her.

While there, she handcuffed him to the plane and sliced his breathing apparatus with a knife, killing him so he couldn’t reveal the truth of what had been found there.”

(not written by me)


Ok, there are some minus points here for sure:

It’s quite a dark scene, even with some added light by me. Ok, it’s realistic as they dive down quite deep and have only their small lights.

It’s uncool that there hasn’t been any surface shot before the dive… especially as they have such cool vintage scuba gear.

Also… it’s not good that his drowning isn’t shown at all. She exists the plane and the rest is left to the imagination.


But… there is a LOT of great aspects in this one for me!

There is a female scuba diver who attacks a male diver and kills him… that is incredibly rare stuff! I know only 3 or 4 scenes where that happens in the movies or in a TV show.

The scuba hear is great. Seems like this is set in the 70s or 80s with these suits. They both have great vintage wetsuits. What is really interesting is that both divers seemingly have “armored”

air hose with some protective encasing around the regular air hose.

That is quite unusual and also … weird. I mean you can see her protector just around most of the hose while some parts aren’t protected by it.

But ok, this way only certain parts of her hose can be sliced.

Perhaps both used this extra protection as they were diving into a wreck … which often has some sharp edges.

Or are they both prepared for a scuba knife fight? πŸ˜‰


It’s funny and unrealistic that his air hose basically explodes as her knife is just touching it πŸ˜†

It’s actually quite difficult to slice such a hose… as I have proven in some of my Project F videos πŸ˜‰

I really like how she planned this whole thing. She ties him up first, which he realizes very quickly and then she attacks with her knife.

He isn’t helpless and also has a knife. She cuts into his arm, so his defense is down as she slices his air hose.

She is out of his reach and so he is doomed to drown in that plane.

I love all the sounds that he makes in this scene! I guess they added some in post-production, a great job πŸ™‚

He immediately realizes that he is in big trouble and you can hear that from the start.

Also, I do love the reveal of the scuba killer!

How she walks out of the water, that she ditches some gear, and that you can only see from behind how she pulls off her scuba hood.

The audience has still no clue who that is or how she looks until the camera moves around her and shows her face in that phone booth.

A great reveal for sure!

Ok, enough from me… how do YOU like this scene?

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Wanna know the title of the TV show and the episode name?



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Diver wants to drown his wife to get insurance money!

Not in real life in this case, but in a movie.

Thanks to the guy who recommended me this Chinese movie!

100% sure that I would have never seen this one without a recommendation as Chinese movies mostly are never shown outside of China.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

I bet you are confused right now! πŸ˜‰

Well, I was too… until the guy who recommended this one explained it to me.

I would love to watch the whole movie, but since I don’t speak Chinese, that doesn’t make sense.

I hardly doubt this movie will ever get subtitles or a dub.

The overall story is seemingly that he wants to drown his wife and then get the insurance money, claiming she died by accident.

But he then gets stuck in a time loop(!) and in one version he kills her again (version 2 in the video), perhaps in others too but it isn’t shown on screen.

In the end, he gets out of the time loop (as he doesn’t kill her in version 3 in the video)… and there seems to be a happy ending.

Now to the different versions:

Version 3 is interesting as the audience thinks he will turn off her air once again, but actually, he doesn’t do it this time.

Version 1 is shot quite weirdly as big parts of the action aren’t shown properly. It’s cut too fast and she drowns nearly instantly.

Version 2 is the most interesting and best for me. It’s shown how he turns off her air, and the struggle is a little longer. She fights back a little more, but still drowns very fast. Certainly, there is a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a good and thrilling scene for me.

The title is seemingly:



My original info was:


aka “Diving day”

aka “Deep diving day”

(according to the guy who recommended the movie to me)

What do you think of those scenes?

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The murderous scuba instructor and the frogwoman [Hall of FAME – Upgrade]

Luckily a new, better copy of a certain movie showed up. πŸ™‚

This is an UPGRADE to a scene that I posted in the very early months of this Blog, in December 2013.

Most of you should know this one….if not… you surely missed something!

This scene is undoubtful one of the very best scuba peril scenes that you will ever see, so it deserves this upgrade badly. And for sure it is THE best scuba peril scene from my country (so far).

The picture quality is slightly better now and I wanna make a worthy post that fits this EPIC scene.

This scene can be found in the Hall of Fame on this Blog….together with other great scenes!

And as this is a rather small TV movie from 2000  with only 73 ratings on IMDB, I doubt that there will be ever an HD release, so this might be the best quality for this one…ever.


A young woman is on vacation with her parents. She falls in love with a handsome guy who happens to run a scuba school at the beach nearby.

She is curious and wants to dive with him. After a training session in the pool, he convinces her to make a nightly dive to a wreck.

He has special plans for her…..murderous…. plans! He has a job to fulfill!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

I envy those of you who just saw this scene for the first time!

There are some aspects, that could have been done better for sure…..but damn, when it comes to scuba peril scenes….this one is hard to top.



[watch the video first!!!]

First, the sneaky bastard lures her into a wreck, perfect for his evil plans.

He is the experienced diver and she has nearly no practice at all.

But seemingly he is too sure of himself! Early on he makes a first mistake.

Instead of a surprising, simultaneous attack on the mask AND regulator, he “just” uses one hand to attack her as he rips out the regulator. And he could easily grab her mask afterward as she is completely surprised by his attack and needs some seconds to realize that he wants to drown her.

I love the shocked look on her face as she realizes what her beloved instructor is actually up to!

But instead, he grabs her arms. Ok, if he would have been able to control her arms…that wouldn’t be a problem. Without her regulator, she would drown quickly. But she manages to escape his grip!

And again, he makes a mistake….as she is reaching for the shaft of that champagne glass he could have easily ripped her scuba mask off which would have made her pretty helpless immediately.

But he somehow just pointlessly yanks at her….what is he doing???

However, as she slams that glass shaft into his leg…. he starts to gain control over the situation again.

The way she manages to retrieve her regulator greedily sucks for air and is so close to escaping the wreck….is greatly done! Now he is in full control as he pulls her back in and starts yanking with force on one of her air hoses (I don’t think that it is actually her (main) regulator as she is breathing from it for some seconds afterward. And she could have used her second regulator otherwise, pretty sure she had one. Of course only as long as there is still air remaining in her tank.

I don’t know if you actually could rip of such a hose like that…but sure as hell, it’s a great view as her air starts gushing out with force! Especially as she reaches behind her to see if she can do anything about it.

As the evil instructor leaves her trapped in the wreck, she manages to stay somewhat calm and manages to focuses on how to escape.

She realizes that her quickly emptying tank builds an air pocket and gets the oxygen she desperately needs.

Also, she finds a method to break through that window and thereby escape the wreck.

Ok, that fact that she manages to swim up the whole way, even stopping so that he would drive away….might not be SOOOO realistic. And also if she would make it to the surface, she might get the bends as the wreck was seemingly in some depth.

But of course, for the movie to go on, the lead actress had to survive this trap…

In conclusion:

This scene has so much to offer….

A surprise attack where he rips out her regulator! A struggle! A counterattack from her!

He pulls her back in and rips off an air hose! A tank spewing bubbles! Her desperate breathing in the air pocket!

Her struggle to break through the glass! Her desperate ascend and panic attack as she reaches the surface!

>>>>>> As a BONUS for the few VIP members of this site, I uploaded 5 videos from this scene to the VIP site of this month (May).

These scenes are between just 6 seconds and 7 minutes long ….and focus on different aspects of this scene. With a little cutting….some “sexy” results showed up. πŸ™‚

If you are not a VIP right now, you may consider joining now as this is only a BONUS for the content that is already waiting for you this month!

Wanna know from which movie these scenes are? Here is the link:


What do you think of this scene?

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One of the most wicked scuba murders!

For now, I do have a real highlight for those who don’t know this scene already.

I thought about if I should post such a wicked, evil scene on my blog. Yes, I posted deadly underwater attacks before…but this one… wow!

It’s very wicked, but I must admit it arouses me big time (as a fantasy scenario)! But the ending….well, more on that after the video….

In this scene, we have a female and male diver enjoying the underwater world. But one of them has evil plans….really EVIL plans…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Ok, first let me explain some things to those who are wondering what happened to her:

After she realizes that she is out of air and that her buddy won’t help her (that bastard), she realizes that she must surface….and that quickly.

She ascends to the surface very fast…way too fast. So I would say parts of her lung rupture….

Weird aspects of this scene:

Well, her behavior (in parts). She realizes that she is out of air. Normally you would grab the “spare” (your second regulator) to try to breathe from it. In case your (first) regulator would have a malfunction. She doesn’t do that…hmh, ok. Now she turns to her buddy, she signals him that she is out of air but he won’t help her and keeps a distance from her. Ok, she could go after him and try to get his regulator….but that might get difficult.

Now, she could get the idea, that he actually wants her dead. And she could try to check her air valve for the pretty big chance that he closed it. Of course, she is out of air for some seconds but there would be enough time to reach for the valve, or take off the tank and check it. Would be very interesting to see what HE would do then…. πŸ˜‰

Well, as she doesn’t check the air valve, she has only one option left…ascending quickly to the surface.

I don’t know how realistic is what we see know. With all that (fake CGI) blood and so on…

Arousing and non-arousing aspects of the scene:

Well, I must admit. The moment she is out of air, signals him and starts the panic sounds… that is very sexy. And it is really well done.

And I know that a lot of you guys will think like that about this scene πŸ˜‰

And even the diver seems ….VERY aroused:

(find the… boner in the picture πŸ˜‰ )

…well, who can blame him?

The aspect of her forced quick ascend is… really evil. I don’t like it. Pretty brutal. And unsexy….

In my version, she would try to open the air valve again.

She would be successful, but at that moment… as she is busy with her gear …he would rip off her mask and cut her air hose afterward. She would try to grab his regulator but without her mask, she would lose the fight and drown.

And this scene is the opening of the movie, I would love to see a payback scene afterward. Where he is drowned in a fight with a female diver (maybe her sister on revenge) that wants to stop him once and for all. But sadly, it is the only scuba scene in the movie….

From which movie is this scene?


So, what do you think about this scene?

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Two frogwomen – one murderer

This old video I got for you today is strange…

There are so many questions I have about it…but check it out first:


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

So, some strange decisions by the filmmakers I would say… πŸ™‚ , not very logical and/or realistic πŸ˜‰

I don’t know the name of the movie, I only have the letters:


in the title of the file. I don’t know if that is part of the title or the name of the actress(es).

If you know more, please leave a comment (below)!

Frogwoman in danger! Classic vintage scuba scene [Sea Hunt]

I got another fine scene for you πŸ˜‰

I couple dives around as suddenly the man puts an additional weight belt on the frogwoman and rips off her mask and her mouthpiece!

Another diver witnesses the scene and tries to save her…

(click to enlarge)

And here is the whole video:

*EDIT* March 7, 2022:

The frogwoman here is handicapped (temporarily) and takes diving sessions to improve her legs to be able to walk again one day.

So, the evil diver tries to take advantage of that to drown her!

You can’t be much more evil than that….

I love that scuba gear of her! Great action…. πŸ™‚

…it would be even greater if the whole thing would be in color πŸ˜‰

Wanna know the title? Here it is:

LINK: The title to the video


Death is a woman! Scuba scenes including a murder…

So, it’s time for some scenes from the scubalicious movie “Death is a woman”!

And it’s the rare version in color!

A criminal diver couple is diving for some hidden drugs. But one of them doesn’t wanna share anymore….

(click to enlarge)

Guess you may wanna see the video (2 parts)?

Here they are:



Great scenes in my eyes! πŸ™‚

*EDIT* March 2022:

She really looks gorgeous and was certainly in great shape back then!

The way she attacks him from behind is portrayed rather badly, as everyone can see that she isn’t hitting him πŸ˜† and he doesn’t show a real reaction to it.

A knife with a retractable blade and some fake blood would have been great here.

I love that she then slices his air hose, even it seems to be the wrong hose?! Normally with a double hose regulator, the intake hose is the one on the left (watching at the diver).

But here no air escapes the sliced left part. Seems like the intake here is on the right side (watching at the diver).

However, it’s a great and rare scene! You won’t find many videos where a female scuba diver kills another diver! πŸ˜‰