Death is a woman! Scuba scenes including a murder…

So, it’s time for some scenes from the scubalicious movie “Death is a woman”!

And it’s the rare version in color!

A criminal diver couple is diving for some hidden drugs. But one of them doesn’t wanna share anymore….

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Guess you may wanna see the video (2 parts)?

Here they are:



Great scenes in my eyes! ๐Ÿ™‚

*EDIT* March 2022:

She really looks gorgeous and was certainly in great shape back then!

The way she attacks him from behind is portrayed rather badly, as everyone can see that she isn’t hitting him ๐Ÿ˜† and he doesn’t show a real reaction to it.

A knife with a retractable blade and some fake blood would have been great here.

I love that she then slices his air hose, even it seems to be the wrong hose?! Normally with a double hose regulator, the intake hose is the one on the left (watching at the diver).

But here no air escapes the sliced left part. Seems like the intake here is on the right side (watching at the diver).

However, it’s a great and rare scene! You won’t find many videos where a female scuba diver kills another diver! ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Death is a woman! Scuba scenes including a murder…”

  1. I wonder why she didn’t take her speargun along and shoot the frogman with it , instead of stabbing him in the back and slicing his air hose ?

    • Perhaps she wanted to see into his eyes as his air escapes from his sliced hose…or she loves knives.
      Or she thought that carrying a speargun would make him suspicious ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I think she she should of just swam along with him , and then stopped him in mid-water .pretending something was wrong and then suddenly rip off his mask and stabbed him in the chest with her knife .Then she could leisurely watch him die and retrieve the heroin from his lifeless body !

  2. I wonder why he barely reacted when she stabbed him in the back ?
    I’m pretty sure it would of been painful !
    Also he didn’t fight back when she sliced his air hose?
    All he did was wave his arms about as he died ?
    Not a very convincing way to kill that frogman but still erotic and sexy nevertheless !!!

    • Yeah, he was surprised and drowned immediately, really odd. But sometimes movies and TV shows are like that… no more air=drowning in a few seconds.

  3. I also found this pretty lame. A hot woman and the guy had a good body so plenty of potential. And any time a woman kills a man it’s pretty arousing. But they fluffed it… I wish they had been wearing wetsuits. And I would liked to see the woman stab him in the chest, just below the ribs, and leave the knife inside him so he’d sink to the bottom writhing on it and finally we’d see him lying dead on the sea floor with it buried in him up to the hilt.


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